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About the Director

Annette Cunado

A Child Care industry veteran, Annette has been working in the field since 1975. Working in Child Care Centres, with the Queensland Government and then starting her own management company. Annette has always been passionate about children and their importance on our future.
2001 / 2017

Boutique Child Care Management

Many Child Care companies have come and gone in the years. Most choose Child Care hoping for large dividends. At KAL, we got into Child Care for another reason.
When KAL first started, there was a lack of Quality options in Queensland. Only one major company was present in the industry, and finding a quality, family owned, caring centre was a difficult task. We wanted to change the landscape in Queensland.
We believe we made a difference, by focusing on the following key differentiators:
  • Family Owned Centres
  • Hands On, Individual Owner
  • Quality, Government Regulated Care
  • Small Team of Dedicated Support Staff
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Quality Staff

All KAL Centres have dedicated, nurturing, friendly staff.

Educational and Fun

Quality, fun and educational programming to nurture your little ones 😊