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August Newsletter 2017

Welcome to the August newsletter.A big hello to all of our new families we hope you enjoy your time with us.We have been trailing the provision of morning and afternoon tea over the last few weeks. We are ironing out a few little hurdles, but all and all it's been going well. If you have any feedback for us we would love to hear it.As the weather is getting warmer (winter never visits us for long in QLD) please ensure that your child has their hat either left at Kindy or in their bags.Over the next few months you will see a facelift for the centre. Please be patient, as this will involve exterior painting.

Congratulation to Leo's family, on the arrival of their baby boy, and the Sinclair family on the arrival of their baby girl. Also to Layton's family who has a new baby sister.


Photos are on the 8th August 2017. The session times are on your child's room. I would ask that if you are coming in especially for photos please remain out of sight from your child's vision, as this often interrupts the photo taking procedure. Money must be paid before or on the day of the photos being taken. They are accepting no credit cards payment on the day. This is to be done prior, through an online process. Details are on the envelope.

Centre disco

The centre is having a disco during the day. The date will be Tuesday 15th August 2017. You are able to dress your child funky, or in any disco related costume.Each room will have the disco in their own rooms.

Until next month

Take care Tracey


It's been a big month in the nursery. Lots of milestones being met. A huge Happy Birthday to Matthew. We are really enjoying your daily conversations, smiles and giggles with your ever developing self.

Layton! What an exciting time for you. You're very expressive with your friends and enjoying socialising and playing with others. Especially outdoors where you find your very fast running legs and chase your friends around the yard. You have now become a big brother to your baby sister Amelia.Both Chase and Madison have been transitioning onto toddlers beds from the cot room. What a massive milestone for both children. Chase and Madison have been having long sleeps in the toddler room amongst their Toddler friends. Mahurangi has been showing us his ever expanding dancing moves. Along with his developing speech and cleaning skills. Yes that's right! Mahurangi's favourite toy at the moment is the toy vacuum cleaner .

All steam ahead for Kevin, climbing climbing everything. If there're any levels left unclimbed Kevin will find it.Our mornings and afternoon have been quite chilly. If your children are attending the centre at these times please ensure they have labelled warm clothing and enclosed shoes on or in their bags. Coming up we have disco Tuesday 15th August. Please look out for more information regarding this.

Positive thoughts Miss Sharon and Miss Alana .

Junior Kindy.

A big hello again to our families and a big shout out to our new families. We welcome 3 new children into our room Claire & Finn, also from another new family Ceara. We are all enjoying to get to know one another.Tahlia and Deja from Miss Sharon's roomhave both settled into the room very well. Miss Alana and myself would also like to welcome Jessy's new baby sister and a big congratulations to Shae & Kerry on their new arrival.

The children interests over the past few weeks have been transport, as you can see around the room. Sustainability and personal hygiene has been a focus also, with the children finding these experiences very much a part of their daily routine.

A reminder that we require children in junior kindy to please supply labelled bedding for rest time and drink bottle, as so many children have the same items. Thank you.

Until next time

Kind regards Miss Donna and Miss Alana.

Snr Kindy

A big welcome to Hayley and Harsehaj who have recently joined us. We have been concentrating very hard on our alphabet, numbers, shapes colours and first name recognition over the last month. We will continue this again this month.

Learning to interact with others with care, empathy and respect is another ongoing focus in our room. We achieve this through promoting and reinforcing positive altitudes with sharing turn taking and learning to cope with frustration in positive ways. The chidren have recently been showing an interest in life in the garden. This has ranged from butterflies, ants, bees, bird and all little creatures. Over the next few weeks look out for our art work.

We would also like to remind parents to please name the following items for your child: jumpers, hats and drink bottles as some children have the same items.

Until next time

Mr Rob.


Firstly I would like to welcome Isabella and Andy into the Preprep room. They have both settled in well. For the last month we have been focusing on transport as well as following directions. The children have enjoyed transport, making hot air balloons, collaging cars and talking about road safety. We are also focussing on letter and number recognition, and looking after our own belongings. Little big sport and Hey Dee Ho are very much enjoyed by the children each week. In the next month we are focussing on sequencing and matching pictures. This helps with auditory processing (following instructions) and visual perception. We will also be focussing on numbers and counting to 20.

We have had a very busy month of learning and look forward to the next month of activities and learning. Please remember – hats-drink bottles –rest sheets in a pillow case (for hygiene)- spare clothes. PLEASE NAME ALL ITEMS.

Take care

Miss Tracey and Miss Carol.



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