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February Newsletter 2018

Welcome to a new year. I hope you all had a great New Year break. This year the rooms are as follows:Miss Alana babies' room

Mr Rob -toddler's room

Miss Carol - kindy room

Miss Donna & Miss Tracey --- Prep- room

The kindergarten programme will be run on Wednesday and Thursday. Miss Donna and I will be in the room on the kindergarten programme days. There are subsidies available for those families on a Health Care Card. Please bring in your card so I can photocopy it and arrange for the subsidies. There is also a form which has to be completed in the pre-school families' pockets.This form is a government regulation and must be completed, when you have completed please leave it on my desk.

Commonwealth Games

These take place from the 04/04/2018-15/04/2018. As most of you are aware one of the main locations is situated in Beattie Road. Beattie Road will be closed during this time. To get to the centre you will have to travel through Lorenzo Dr, or down Foxwell Road. During this period the centre will be open, however for those who do not attend your fees will be 'nil fee', there will be no out of pocket charge to you.If you are unable to have time off the centre will still operate during this period. There will still be staff to provide quality care for your child during this period.

ELLA Programme

In the pre-prep room we also have the Ella Programme which is a programme which incorporates Spanish into the learning environment. The children get to play games etc on a tablet in Spanish therefore familiarising themselves with the Spanish language.

Public Holiday

Friday the 26th January is Australia Day and the centre will be closed.

House keeping

Please ensure that your child supplies a set of sheets in a pillow/bag labelled. These are to be taken home at the end of every week, washed, and returned for the new week.

Drink bottle and hat also labelled. Please also do not put lunch boxes in the fridge only refrigerated food (labelled) is to go into the fridge. And last of all please supply sunscreen for your child's protection .

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Until next month take care



I would like to welcome all families back to a new exciting year. I am super excited to be in the nursery as lead educator. I have been with the centre for nearly 10 years and have had plenty of experience throughout all age groups. The nursery is definitely one of my favourites. Wow! you have all grown so much over the Christmas holidays. So many new tricks and talents you have mastered over the Christmas break.

Looking forward to strengthening our bond and exploring our learning environment together with plenty of support and encouragement and of course plenty of cuddles along the way.

I aim to provide high quality care and education to your children and secure a foundation for learning in an encouraging, loving and nurturing environment, where there is an equality of opportunity and support for all. Where staff and parents/ carers work together and are recognised for the valuable contribution to your children's learning through taking part in stimulating activities that foster social interaction self- confidence and self- worth. Please feel free to approach me with any questions, concerns, updates or new interests your child  may have.

Miss Alana.


Pre-prep news

A big hello to all our families. I will be working beside Miss Tracey throughout the year. I will have the pleasure of getting to know your children, their likes, dislikes, interest and strengths. This will be my first year with the pre-prep group and I am looking forward to the challenge. We will be on the learning journey together. I will be acting senior educator throughout the weeks and Miss Tracey will be responsible for the implementation of the kindergarten programme on the nominated days of Wednesday and Thursday. We will both do our upmost to assist your children and yourselves to transition into their new class, any questions or ideas about the programme or room please don't hesitate to see myself or Miss Tracey.

I am excited about the new year and looking forward to working with your children on this their final stage of early childhood education.

Miss Donna & Miss Tracey

Senior Kindy

Hi everyone and welcome to senior kindy 2018! First of all I would like to introduce myself to you all. I am Miss Carol and have been in early childhood education for over 25 years. I am married and have four children and 3 grandchildren and one on the way, my life is full.

For the first term we will be focusing on routines, self-help skills and having lots of fun learning about different things around us. I will also be seeing where each child is up to and so as to extend their learning.

Just some housekeeping – please ensure each child has a drink bottle, enough food for the day, hats, sheets in a pillow case or bag ( so they can be stored for the week) please only foods that need to be refrigerated to go in the main kitchen fridge ( no lunch boxes) and everything named. Looking forward to helping each child learn, grow and have confidence in themselves. If you have any questions don't hesitate to talk to me anytime.

Miss Carol


Hello and welcome to a new year. We have started the year by learning the room limits and routine. Our learning focus has been shapes. The shape boxes further develop our hand eye co-ordination, fine motor and shape awareness. We have started to create a colourful wall mural with squares, circles and triangle collaging.

We have been learning 3 songs, Wheels on the bus, Heads and shoulders, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear as part of our group time each day. We have fun singing and doing the actions to these rhymes with our friends. We are getting more confident outside during playtime learning to walk and balance on the obstacle course, crawling in tunnels and using the push and pulls and ride and push.

Please do not forget to label all your child's items

Thank you Rob .



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