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Happy 25th Birthday to us!

Wow! this has been a busy month, with the birthday party and the on again/ off again, and on again Jumping Castle saga!  So welcome to the July Newsletter! Can you believe we are half way through the year already?  I wonder what the remaining part of the year has instore for us...

A huge thank you to all who donated to our PJ day. A special thank you to the McArdle family who 'topped up' the difference in the funds. This enabled us to purchase the new Trampoline. The kids love it! 

Starting from Tuesday28th  - Thursday 30th July 2020, Mr Rob and I will be holding mid year parent teacher talks. If you would like to discuss your child's progress and school readiness, both I and Mr Rob will make time to discuss this with you.  The start times will commence at 8am and go through until 3pm, these conversations will last for approx. 15 minutes each. This is a great time for us  to share information about your child, and detail where your child is at with regards to attending school in 2021. If this is something that would interest you then please let us know.  

When arriving at kindy can you please ensure that your child arrives in a fresh nappy.  I know that often this is unavoidable and is many times out of anyone's control. Morning arrivals are often very hectic. Some children are unsettled and in need of settling by the educator.  There are often parental discussions that need to take place as well. When a child arrives at the centre with a soiled nappy and obviously needs changing, it's sometimes very difficult for the educator to do this especially if attending to another child. Sadly the child is left in discomfort. This can be avoided by knowing your child's routine. It may simply mean leaving 5 mins later, or making sure he or she is changed before arriving at kindy.  If accidents happen, and we all know they do, then we are quite happy for the parent to change them at kindy (if possible). Your support in this situation would be greatly appreciated. 

Our Birthday Party
A huge thank you to all the children who came in dress -ups for our 25th Birthday party .  It was a fun day and the children had a ball. Hopefully next year we can share it with families. 

First Aid training.
The staff will be doing first aid training on Thursday 30th July. Due to Covid 19 restrictions we have had to start this course at 4:45. It would be greatly appreciated if you could ensure that your child is collect by this time. Thank you for your support. 
Until Next Month 
Stay Safe and be kind to each other.

In the nursery, The babies have been exploring their surroundings, and they are always discovering various ways of moving around the room. The ball pit has been extremely popular!! They have been expanding on their interests, and taking part in lots of messy, sensory activities. We love to make a mess! Babies' social and emotional development is of  paramount importance to me , so we have been spending time with the toddlers, interacting and playing, which will help us as we continue through our kindy years. Please don't forget to provide a jacket/jumper for your child  now that the weather is cooler. This is also the time for runny noses and coughs, if your child displays either of these symptoms, please keep them at home. This supports us to maintain a healthy environment for all. 
See you soon 
Miss Nicki :) 


We had a blast celebrating our recent Birthday!
We are very focused on growing more and more independent with our self help skills. We are consistently practising toileting, personal hygiene practices and caring for our belongings as well as self regulating our emotions.  We are also encouraged to attempt challenging tasks for ourselves before receiving assistance, which encourages independence which builds our confidence. 
We are also continuing to focus on language development and social skills. This is often done through interactive songs and games such as musical chairs, musical statues and counting songs during group times. We have been exploring science experiments and discussing our findings which has been exciting.
See you next month
Miss Carina 

Hello again in what has been a strange few weeks and months.  Due to the cooler weather in the mornings and afternoons, could you please ensure your child is dressed for the cooler climate. We encourage jumpers and closed shoes for the chilly weather. Please remember to always label your children's items. This makes it easier for staff to locate and return items to their rightful owners. We ae continually working towards school readiness in all learning activities through the kindergarten programme. Children have been working really hard in areas such as literacy, numeracy, colours and shapes  This  month we have been working on number sequences and short additions. Our other focus have been on the alphabet. Some of us are becoming more confident at tracing the letter of our names too. We are also going through some sounds that our letters make. 
'CN2.5 Begins to understand letter sound relationship and concepts of print'. 
Over the upcoming months we will be moving through our foundation skills of learning. We will be focusing on ' ready to learn" skills. Sitting down, listening, watching, talking/discussing and engaging  during group time. These are skills that children will need in order to retain information and develop their understanding of concept and new ideas at school next year . 
see you soon 
Mr Rob & Miss Tracey 



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