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July News 2021

Hi all! 

The playground equipment is finally finished. We are having the soft fall redone that as well. This is a relative small job to complete. Thank you for your patience  and understanding during this process. I am sure you will agree it was worth the wait.  The children love it ,which is what it's all about.  We are still in the process of having the centre painted as well. This should be completed in a few weekends  👌. 

Just a reminder that the centre closes at 6:00PM. This means that the staff have to be out of the centre by this time. Please when signing out you sign out at the correct time. Please do not change the signing out time as this will effect staff ratios. 

As the weather is cooler now ( for a short while at least) please dress your child appropriately. 

I had the pleasure of attending a Yarn session last week. The main focus was reconciliation and the steps we all need to take to achieve this. I found this meeting very informative and uplifting. We have a long way to go ,but hopefully the future will be brighter for our First Australians.  

Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

The Department of Education Skills and Employment (DESE) advised on the 30th of June that CCS and Annual caps would be resetting on the 12th of July. Child Care Subsidy (CCS) rates are adjusted at the start of each financial year based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Annual Cap - Families earning more than $190,015 and under $354,305 will have a subsidy cap of $10,655 per year, per child. Families earning under $190,015 will not have their CCS capped. Allowable absences - have now been reset to 42 for the financial year as of the 12th July.

Families seeking additional days now that their CCS and Annual caps have been reset are encouraged to do so. We have availability in most rooms. Please contact the office for more information on available days.

Visitor Sign in / Out

Visitors are required to sign in and out of the service using the QR code in the reception area. Please use your mobile phone to fill in all the required details.

Families DO NOT need to use the QR Code. Please continue to use the kiosks as per normal. 

We have set up the QR code for Check in Qld. The code to check in is available at the front counter and at the kiosks. Please ensure you are doing your bit to help the contact tracers by signing in and out. We have seen this in action and all appreciate all that ARE checking in. Lets all do our part in keeping our community safe.

As a lot of you may know the farm next door to the centre has been sold. The farm has been in the Beattie Family since 1864 This decision was very difficult for the Beattie Family and comes with a lot of emotions.  It will be a few years before construction is complete. 


The centre photos are on Tuesday  24th Aug 21. The link to order is below 

Below is a link to order photos https://orders.littleimages.com.au/orders/preorders/new?utf8=%E2%9C%93&order_id=x3d3v&commit=NextThere is also a bar code you can scan on the notice board in the foyer for orders 


Mr Rob will be away until 2nd August,  Miss Tracey and Miss Sophie will be the educators in the preschool room.

Until next Month 

Take care Tracey

Hello to our Jnr Kindy families

I have been very proud observing how lovely our class is getting along and has welcomed our new friends Armani and Aailyah J. Aaliyah is in Nursery but will be joining us on Thursdays. We have been staying busy with varied cognitive activities challenging our problem solving skills, concentration, memories, mathematics and social skills Our room is freshly painted and we have had several new resources added recently. We are excited for our new play space in our yard which should be completed very soon!  We have been joining Mr Rob's 3-5yr class on occasion for a play on their new equipment as well which has been very popular. We have been spending time with their class and will continue this to form friendships and learn more about room ready for next year.  As always, thank you all for your continued support. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to speak to Miss Carina or Miss Nikki.

Miss Carina & Miss Nikki.

In the nursery...

The babies have been very busy over the past few months. We are continually exploring sensory activities and expanding on our gross motor skills. we are

definitely becoming more confident moving around the environment. It has been lovely to watch the babies interacting with each other and forming friendships.

Our program always includes a strong focus on social and emotional wellbeing in the nursery. As the weather is a bit cooler, please ensure to pack a jumper

and warm clothing for any outdoor play, and a hat for sunny days. We would also love your assistance with applying sunscreen to your child arriving at Kindy, and any insect repellent that may require. We will reapply these in the afternoon. If you have any concerns or questions about anything then please let us know. As always , we welcome parents input into our program, and love to hear about any weekend and family experiences. See you all soon....

Miss Nikki & Miss Carina 


The children loved having the chickens. It became a morning ritual to count how many eggs had hatched. The chickens all went to a good home on a farm. The

last month has been very busy. We have had many discussions on First Australians, Māori's. Canadians, and English people. We are learning words from the

Yugambeh language and some word from the Maori language. a huge thank you to Paimon's mum for bringing in stories and words which enabled us to do this.  The children have been learning about Dreamtime and customs from different cultures. We would love parent input into topic. 

It is already half way through the year and our preschoolers are well into their school readiness program. A lot of the focus in on self confidence and self

esteem. It is not enough just to know the answers ,you have to have confidence to be able to voice them. Transitions statements will start to roll out near the

end of September. If you have not enrolled your child in to school next year, you should think about doing it now, as places fill up quickly. The focus of the last

month was the Birthday Party.  The centre is 26 years old. It has seen many changes over the years. The prep playground in now almost complete. The children

love the trampoline and the climbing structure. Risk management strategies are in place to avoid any major incidents.