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It's our 23rd Birthday on the 11th July and we are having a Christmas in July Birthday party. Come dressed in your Christmas clothes. We will have cakes and party food to eat. It will be a fun day for all to enjoy.There will be Christmas activities and food to create. We ask parents to please bring a plate of food for the children to share among themselves.

A big thank you to everyone, all parents have updated their details on MyGov and have all transferred over to the new childcare package system. As with all new systems there have been a few hiccups. Thank you for being patient with me as I too am learning my way around the new system.

A big welcome to Scarlett, Indiana and Heidi who have joined our family centre. We hope you have heaps of fun and laughter on your journey through your early childhood years with us.

As most of you know we rented out spaces in the car park during the Commonwealth Games as a fundraiser. The money raised has been spent on new furniture for the pre-prep room. The furniture arrives on the 16th/ July/ 2018.  We are all very excited to see it. Please have a look next time you are in the centre. 

We want to wish Miss Alana and family a big congratulation on the birth of her beautiful baby boy Lachlan Leslie who was born on the 22nd of June. Both baby and mother are doing well. Hopefully they will visit us soon.

Miss Nicky and Miss Tracey attended a professional development workshop last Friday 29th .June.2018. The focus for the workshop was children with Autism. It was a very informative and interactive workshop. Both educators developed a greater understanding and awareness. 

We have collected a wide range of shoes which are displayed at the front door. If any of them belong to your child please collect them. Please ensure all belongings are labelled so they cannot get lost or mistaken for some other child's.  

As we have entered the winter months please do not forget to pack warm clothes and closed in shoes for your little ones, especially if they attend early in the morning or are here later in the afternoon. 

We have a healthy eating policy at our centre. Please ensure that you provide healthy food choices for your child: . fruit, yoghurt, sandwiches are all good choices for your child. We try and discourage chocolate, biscuits, lollies, chips, custards, and cakes ( except for special occasions).