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June 2021

Hello to everyone again. We can now confirm that the farm has been sold . Below is the press release  


Over the weekend, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported that the Beattie family has sold their 59 hectare cane farm at 78 Beattie Road which has been owned by the family since 1864.

Whist we don't know what the final plans will be, a development application was lodged in 2018 for the site which includes medium density residential homes and much of the site retained as wetlands.

The Gold Coast Bulletin reported that the master planned estate will include 445 homes, a neighbourhood shopping centre and 6 hectares of public parkland.

The centre has not been sold and is not part of the development. We will be trading as usual .  On a personal note, I feel quite sadden by the sale of the farm. This decision was not made lightly by the Beattie Family. I do however totally understand the reason behind the sale. If you have any concern in regards to this or any thing else  please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Tuesday the 13th July is our 26th Birthday. We are celebrating by having a dress- up party. There will be cake!. If you are wishing to swap days so your child may attend please let me know . 

Friday 23rd July is national Pj day.  Comes dressed in your favorite pajamas .  Plus it will keep you warm :) 


The playground is almost finished. We have installed a mud kitchen in the prep yard. The trampoline is now able to be used. It is coming along, albeit slowly.  


The chickens leave us on Friday the 9th. The children have loved having them here. It great that they get to see them hatched and nurture  them into life. 

Until next month take care and stay safe

Cheers  Tracey