Dear Parents and Caregivers


Cannot believe we are in the middle of the year already! The last month we have been concentrating on routine, self-help skills and writing skills. The children are really enjoying soccer and Hi Dee Ho. They all look forward to the days in which the kindergarten programmed activities are on.

The children are working well together in small and large groups and are listening and conversing with one another each other's ideas which is great to see.

We have been learning about reptiles and what each reptile needs to survive either as a pet or out in the wild. We have talked about turtles, snakes and, at the moment frogs. We are learning about the life cycle of a frog and how they become frogs and tadpoles.

We have also had group discussions on our pets from at home and what we do to keep them happy and healthy. If you could all bring in a picture of your pets and a family picture of each child that would be wonderful so we can place them on the wall in our room for all of us to see and talk about.

We are practising tracing our names using textas and laminated name sheets. They are all doing a great job at writing their names with improvement on concentration and correct pincer grip. If you could all please remind your children at home about the Peter Pilot you will see that they change their grip to the correct grip.

Puzzles and sorting have also been popular with the children with lots of them concentrating on completing puzzles on their own. These activities help with mathematics and problem solving.

Home corner has been a big hit lately with the children looking after their babies, cooking food and also setting the table to eat. They really love all the crockery in home corner.

Please remember the following each day (Ensure they are named)

  • Rest sheets in a pillowcase or bag
  • Drink bottle with water
  • Fruit for morning tea
  • Extra change of clothes
  • Hats
  • Jumper (the mornings and afternoon are quite cool now)
  • Shoes and socks
  • If you could also bring in a family photos of your pets please so we can display them in our room that would be muchly appreciated. 

Thank you Miss Tracey & Miss Carol


What a busy month with all the babies growing at such a rate.. Language development and the children engaging in lots of shared learning experiences has been a big focus.. Touch and names with books - talking about the things that our child touches helps them learn the names of the things they find interesting. Why is this so important?? - You can follow your child's lead and give them information about the pictures they notice in a book..By naming the things they touch or point to, you are talking about something that already has their interest. Later he can show you he/she knows the names of the pictures by pointing to them when you ask...

The children have gained secure attachments with all our educators at our centre and through such caring learning experiences and familiarity they continue to grow in a positive responsive way of Belonging... LO - L1.3 Senses and responds to feelings of belonging. The children respond to all the the parents as they arrive or leave each day and this makes for really close relationships between childcare and home which allows the children to become strong in their social and emotional well being.

The new interest this week has been the Turtle that Miss Leanne found under the preschool window, Madison, Chaise can now say the word turtle. The children have really enjoyed the hands on involvement with nature first hand...Please look at our learning journey wall you can see all the wonderful photo's of your child's day and shared play explorations.

We encourage any parent idea for our program each week and love all the photo's of your child and family events to extend on your child's interests.

Until next month...Positive thoughts
Miss Sharon & Miss Alana :)


Hi Parents/Caregivers

Children have been learning new toileting/hygiene skills. We are all learning to wipe our own noses with assistance as well as putting on our own sunscreen. Stamps have been a wonderful incentive :) 

Colour recognition have been incorporated into parachute/air play. Shape recognition we have used flash cards and chalk drawing. We have learned some new songs such as "follow the leader" "Tiny Tim" and "Two little hands" These songs all help to get our wriggly worms out before rest/quiet time. 

Educators have also been focusing on the Abecedarian approach where we encourage children to use their ever expanding verbal skills. We have had exciting tales and stories during activity time told from the children using their creative imagination.

As the weather is cooling down please remember to provide labeled warm clothes and shoes. If your child is toileting a couple of spare change of clothes is also encouraged. :)

Thank you

From all the Staff in the Toddler Room :)

Senior Kindy

Wow we are half way through the year already!! We'd like to say a big hello and welcome to Jackson, Charlize and their families who have recently joined us. 

We hope you enjoy your time here at Beattie Road. Miss Leanne and i are encouraging the children to use their self help skills and working together as a group. They have been doing very well with this. We do a lot of reading, counting, making our own beds to develop confidence and helping each other. We will be engaging the children in recognising their first names and the letter it begins with. With numbers we will be extending our counting to 15 as we are now getting confident with counting from 1 -10. 

Winter time is here so could we please ask you to pack warmer clothes for your children. We need shoes and socks, jumpers, long pants. Please ensure they are labelled as it will help us to know what belongs to which child. 

Any unwanted paper, art/craft material to would be very welcome. Please feel free to speak to myself or Leanne if there are any concerns and we would like input of any activities your child enjoys at home that we could put into our weekly program.

Until next time

Mr Rob & Miss Leanne