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November / December 2021

Welcome the November/December Newsletter for

Some of our families are leaving us. I want to wish them all the best and thank you for choosing us  to share part of your child's journey through their Early Years. 

If any of our families are looking for additional days, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can assist you as vacancies are filling for next year. Please keep in mind that we require 2 weeks written notice if your child is finishing up or you are changing your booked days.

The centre is  closed on the 23rd December2021 and re-open on the 4th January 2022. You will not be charged for the period we are closed. Booked days will commence from the 4th January 2022 and fees will apply accordingly. 

Rooms  next year 

Miss Nicky, Miss Carina and Miss Sophie    Nursery Room     0-2

Miss Carina                                             Toddlers' Room     2-3

Miss Luna                                               Kindy/ Prep Room 3-5 

Mr Rob                                                   2IC/float/ relief /ASC

Staff Holidays 

Mr Rob                                   20th December 2021 -  4th January 2022

Miss Tracey                             23rd December 2021  -  17th January 2022

Miss Nicky                               10th January 2022    -   17th January 2022

Miss Carina                             17th January 2022    -    27th January 2022.

Fee Payments –If your direct debit fails at any time, you will be expected to pay the missed payment via Bpay prior to your child's next day of attendance. In situations of difficulty paying your fees you may be able to enter into a Payment Plan Agreement, pending approval on a case-by-case basis by the service. If you are planning to take holiday's, you may be eligible for a holiday discount rate, and you will still be expected to keep your account in advance. This will ensure your continuity of enrolment.

Hats, drink bottles and sunscreen – Please remember to bring your child's hat and drink bottle in each day and apply sunscreen to your child's skin before or on arrival at the centre. This will ensure that your child is ready to play and explore when they arrive for the day.

Medical Information – Please remember to inform us of any changes to medical or dietary information so we can keep the children's records up to date? Please note that asthma and medical management plans must be updated at least every 12 months.

Absent for the day or arriving after 10.00am – If your child will be away for the day or will be coming in to the centre after 10.00am can you please phone and let us know. This would be greatly appreciated to assist with staffing allocations.

Christmas / Graduation 

The Christmas party is being held on the Thursday 9th December at 3:30pm. Can you please bring a paper plate of food to share for the party after the graduation? There will be a present for each child on the day. I will let you know the cost of this after they have been purchase, (at a later date). The nursery will not be having a concert, however if you wish to come along you can collect your child's profile book and have some nibbles. Due to Covid 19 restrictions no child can have more than 2 people attending at a time. There is limited space in the centre.

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

I want wish all our wonderful families a happy and safe Christmas and New year. Thank you for supporting us.

Kind regards Tracey 

Seasons Greetings Junior Kindy families 

Not long now until our Christmas party. We have been busy rehearsing to songs for you and have recently added in a third song that the children have been requesting every day. Our songs will be followed by enjoying shared food and play with Snr Kindy/Prep. 

Dress code for the Christmas party is anything Christmas themed or Christmas colours. 

I've been putting together your children's Portillos which will be handed out/sent home on the day of the Christmas party. They certainly show case all the fun and learning we've had 

Now that our time in the Junior Kindy room is coming to an end . I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and loyalty this year. I have had so much fun, as I hope your children have. It's been an amazing journey we've had together with so many laughs and special moments. 

I know your little ones will love moving up to the big room when they return next year. I hope they take with them everything we've learned. I will miss them all and will be sneaking over to the big yard for cuddles. 

Have a wonderful Christmas with your families and I look forward to seeing you all after the break 

Miss Carina 

November/December 2021 In the nursery...

The nursery has been very busy! This month we have welcomed Archibald and Permalia into the room. The babies have been exploring their sensory capabilities, and gross motor skills are continuously encouraged, the older babies are becoming more confident on their feet! It is always beautiful to watch the babies interacting with each other verbally and non verbally, especially when the platypus puppets come out! The babies are now using their voices, and becoming chatterboxes! They love songs, music, dancing and action songs. We will continue to develop their language skills using picture books, music and many social interactions. Our program always includes a strong focus on social and emotional wellbeing and we endure to give your babies a great sense of belonging.

Our Christmas party will be slightly different to the other aged rooms, we will be recording footage of our class song and Christmas activities over this month, we will be recording snippets each day your child is in, please dress your child in any Christmas outfits/shirts etc. if you wish :), as the babies have different routines during different times of the day there will be a final nursery room video available after our Christmas party for you to enjoy :)

As the weather is warming up, please ensure to pack a change of clothing for any water play, and a hat to protect them from those sunny days. We would also love your assistance with applying sunscreen to your child before arriving at Kindy, and any insect repellent that they may require. We will reapply sunscreen in the afternoon, and any insect repellent if requested. If you have any concerns or questions about anything, then please let us know.

Miss Nikki & Miss Sophie 

Hello from the 3-5 years Room

It is getting to the busy time of year as we wind down to the Graduation and Xmas Party. In preparation for school which is only seven weeks away, children have continued to focus on writing our own names and scissor skills educators have been assisting children in building their self help skills and giving the opportunities for fine motor development such as control and hand dominance.

Our Christmas concert and party is on Thursday 9th December at 3:30pm. Could parents please provide Christmas themed  or coloured clothing. We would like to wish Byron, Gemma, Irie. Paimon, Penelope and Shay all the best as they start out on the next stage of their educational learning.    It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of  journey. Please come back and visit us if you are passing. 

We'd like to wish all our families a very happy and safe Christmas. We  look forward to seeing you all in 2022.

Miss Tracey and Mr Rob