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October Newsletter 2017


Welcome to the 3nd last newsletter for the year, I can't believe I am saying that! This year has just flown.Firstly, a huge welcome to our new families we hope you enjoy our family centre. I attended a Childcare Qld meeting last week. The focus was on the "Jobs for Families" package that the government is rolling out next April 2018. This package will affect all of you. To find out more information please look up on the Gov website. The graduation for pre-prep will be on the 23rd November 2017. This is two weeks before Christmas school holidays begin. Please mark it in your calendar more information will be released as the time draws nearer.

As summer weather is here and since it has been so dry, you may want to pack insect repellent for your child, along with drink bottle and hat. We have noticed a huge influx of mossies of late.

We will be closing Friday 22nd of December 2017 and reopening on 2nd of Jan 2018. You will not be charged for this period. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Parent information night 28th /11/20176:00 pm – 6:30 pm.


We will cover:

●Vital stages in a child's healthy development

●Habits of modern children and health consequences.

●Priming the body to grow healthy and stay healthy.

●Modern day traumas and more importantly micro traumas.

●Implementing health strategies in 5 easy steps.

●Question & Answer

This half hour information packed talk will change the way you think about the health of your children.

More importantly it will change how you look at the health of your whole family. Please let me know if you are attending this information night as I will need to know numbers.

Until next month take care


Nursery Room

Welcome baby Rocco and baby Odin to the Nursery room. We are very happy to have you.

It is important that the babies build secure attachment to the educators and that their routine from home is continued at childcare. This will foster a safe and secure transition for your child. You are welcome to bring your home routine so we can follow the same routine at kindy.LO- L1.1 – LO L1.2

Welcome back Baby Matthew who has been having a relaxing time in Hawaii.

We can see you love the water, Sploshing and splashing about.Thank you to Amelia (Layton's mum) for bringing Layton's baby sister in to show us how to bath her. It is getting to that time where we prepare for end of year celebration with our friends.Any ideas that families would like to contribute to the programme are most welcome. Just a reminder, we now supply morning and afternoon tea. Please make sure you pack your child a hat, drink and mozzie repellent if needed. If you have any concerns – please see Miss Sharon or Miss Alana who are always available to discuss your child's development

Until next month – Happy Days - Miss Sharon & Miss Alana.

Toddlers Room.

Hi again to all our families. We are heading into the final part of our year, how the year has flown. We would like to say a big Happy Birthday to Arielle, Amity & Tahlia, who all celebrated their special days since our last newsletter. A huge welcome to Chase, Kevin and Mahurangie who have moved up from the Nursery Room.Chase and Mahurangie have really enjoyed their new independence, and adapted to our routine extremely well. Kevin is on a holiday in England, we can hardly wait to hear about it when he returns. We had a visit from the Reptile (Tony Harrison) man last week. The children enjoyed a nice fun morning, most of the children had a pat of snakes, lizards and baby crocodiles it was wonderful to see them with such confidence and wonderment. It's great to see all the children have their own hats to play outside with. We ask that you supply a bottle of sunscreen for your child that can be kept at Kindy. We are focusing on Sun Safety for the remainder of the year so these items are paramount.

Until next time

Donna & Alana.

SNR Kindy Room

Firstly we would like to welcome Oliver to our room, he has settled in well. Over the last month (and we will be continuing this month) we have been focusing on improving our pencil grip while practising writing our names as a group. We have made many new activities and games, which have helped to improve our letter recognition. Our other focus has been to use scissors and gain confidence in this area. Children have also enjoyed cutting pictures out of magazines and pasting them onto paper. As it's been getting warmer children have been talking about going to the beach, so due to their interests we will be starting a focus learning "Under the Sea". Keep an eye out for art work going up around the room. Please don't forget your child's hat and drink bottle.

Until next time Rob.

Pre-prep Room.

Dear Parents / Caregiver

First of all we would like to welcome all our new families who have joined us in the past month. For the past month we have concentrated on self-help skills, listening to instructions and using our words to our friends. Most of the children are doing well with these areas without a lot of reminding

The children's interests at the moment are animals, especially turtles and snakes. We have been watching reptiles laying eggs on you tube. We have extended on this and talked about "What animals lay eggs?" We found out that reptiles and birds laid egg while mammals including us human have live babies. We also researched that some venomous snaked also give birth to live young. To follow this learning focus was The Snake Man (Tony Harrison) who visited our centre and brought real snakes and reptiles for the children to touch.

We had "Henny Penny" come to the centre again this year. The children loved watching the eggs hatch in the incubator then go into the pen to join their friends.

After the holidays there will be NO sleep time for the children who are attending school next year Jan 2018. This time will be used to focus on school readiness skills in order to help them prepare for school. We no longer will be having 'Hi De Ho' on Thursday morning; however, we are trailing a program called 'Muddy Hands'. This program is a gardening programme where the children are able to garden and grow their own plants and vegetables.

Until next time

Take care 

Tracey & Carol.



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