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September News

We have  an exciting month of September ahead. The chicken are visiting us for two weeks. The details are all below. 

Staff Leave: 

Miss Tracey will be away from 1st Sept – 11th Sept

Mr Rob will be away from 1st Sept – 19th Sept.

Henny Penny visit 10th Sept – 21 Sept 2018.

Miss Donna will be acting manager while Miss Tracey & Mr Rob are away. If you have any concerns please direct them to her. There will be no photos uploaded to the Facebook page while Miss Tracey is away. You can all look forward to being swamped with them when I return.  Miss Carina will be supporting Miss Nicky with the  younger children during this time. 

The children will be busy making Father's day gifts for that special parent in their lives. Please do not forget to take them home with you.


Please be mindful of what you pack for your children for lunch. We have been noticing of late that there has been a lot of sugar in the children's lunch boxes. Children need slow releasing energy such as carbohydrates, calcium and natural sugars found in fruit. Food such as chocolate yogurts ((custards) , chips, bars, lollies etc are not healthy foods. They are full of sugar; these are fast releasing energy sources, and will not sustain a young child through the day. A healthy lunch consist of a sandwich, piece of fruit, healthy yogurts, carrots sticks, cheese sticks, rice biscuits/ cakes etc.

As the weather is getting warmer please remember to supply a drink bottle for your child. If you have any concerns about anything in this newsletter or any other issue, please do not hesitate to contact me. Until next month,

Take care Tracey.

Henny Penny Hatching
will be visiting your school/centre:
on Monday, 10 September 2018 for 11 days.
They will be bringing 3 chicks and 12 fertile eggs which will
hatch over the first week.
All eggs are fumigated before they are set at the hatchery,
so there are no health concerns.
Cost per child $11.50
For more information phone Rebecca Edwardson
on 0411 525 293 or check out our website.
Henny Penny Hatching provides
an exciting experience for both
children and teachers!

Children enjoying a picnic in the play area, on our Farmer's Day

​Farmer's day.