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The Games are Here!

The Office

Well The Commonwealth games are upon us. The coast is certainly reeling with excitement! Beattie Road is closed through the Games period and leading up to it . You will be able to access the centre via Foxwell Road or Lorenzo Drive. For further updates please go to GC2018 and download the app.

The centre will operate as usual. We are renting out car spaces in our car park for $ 20.00 a day if you are looking for a place to park during the games.

We are also doing Vacation Care for anyone who may need it. Please allow extra time to ensure you are not late picking up your child, as a late fee will apply if you do not collect your child before 6:00 Pm. You may want to consider a temporary emergency contact closer to the centre that can collect your child if you are late. Please let me know if this is applicable.

I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Easter.

Take care Tracey.


It's been a busy couple of months. Babies have learnt so many new tricks. Luke and Rhylan are walking unaided while Irie, Malakai and Logan are all pulling themselves up and balancing and walking with the help of educators and balance items.

We wish a Big 1st Happy Birthday to Irie , Malakai and Rhylan who are March babies as well as Luke who turned 1 at the end of January.

Babies are enjoying trying new foods as they welcome more teeth.

Sensory play is still a huge part of their day as well as trial and error skills when manipulating cause and effect toys.

Kicking, throwing and rolling balls of all shapes, sizes and textures has been a huge interest. We have also explored a lot of ice/water/jelly awakening babies' sensory development.

Mirror/name play has been bringing a lot of giggles are enjoyment through babies identifying themselves and each other's faces and names. It's a pleasure watching them all develop in their own unique way.

Just a reminder to label all belongings e.g. bottles, lunch boxes, clothing, hats and to supply a clean, full water bottle for each day. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding your child please feel free to discuss them with Miss Alana. They are always welcome

Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter.

Miss Alana.


Hello and welcome again.

We have started the year by learning the daily routine and playing outside in the big yard area. Our learning focus has been shapes we have started to create a colourful wall with square, circle and triangle collaging. We include shapes in our programme and group time which is enjoyed by all.

Our songs this month have included 'Wheels on the bus', 'Teddy Bear Teddy Bear' and 'Heads and Shoulders'. Children enjoy doing the actions to the songs.

We are getting more confident with our play outside, balancing on high/low obstacle courses swinging and using the bikes/ cars to ride and push. Reminder: Please ensure that you label all your child's belongings.

Have a safe Easter

Thanks Rob

Senior Kindy

Hi and welcome to all our new families who have joined us since the last newsletter 😊

The last month we have concentrated on routines, self- help skills, health and hygiene practices and name recognition.

The children are getting more familiar with their own names as well as their friends.

We have touched on how we look after our pets at home as well as what pets we have. How we feed them, what we feed them and who looks after our pets.

The last week we have talked about Easter and what Easter means to us and what we do to celebrate Easter.

We have made our Easter baskets and bonnets for our Easter Parade on Thursday 29th March 2018 at 10 am. We are also having an Easter hunt where they find the Easter eggs in the BIG yard. The children seem quite excited by this when we talked about it through the week.

Just some housekeeping please bring each day - Enough healthy food for the day

Drink bottle (water only please)


Sheets - stored in a bag or pillow case

PLEASE NAME ALL BELONGINGS this will make it easier for the staff to know whose items are whose.

I hope you have a wonderful and safe Easter Break 😊 Miss Carol

Pre-prep Room 

It's been a great start to our New Year in Pre-prep. Lots of new ideas to explore together. The children have been busy familiarising themselves with their new environment and unfamiliar, routines and transitions. We are happy and proud to say the children have all settled in extremely well with transitions and routines. These routines are now predictable to each child. This process supports their sense of security and self- confidence. We encourage you to admire your child's wonderful work around the room.

We have been exploring our colours, tactile awareness in art which is displayed. Numerals, alphabet and phonics are being implemented on a daily basis. We hope you are familiar with your child's personal spaces as they are. We will continue to offer and explore more skills and lots more fun for the children throughout the year.

Regards Donna and Tracey 



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