Daisy Hill ELC- Christmas Party

 Come and help us celebrate our annual Christmas Party!!! 

When: 13th December 2019

Where: At the Centre, 155 Chatswood Road, Daisy Hill 

Time: 5pm -7.30pm

$6 a family of 4. 4x sausage and bread and 2x cans of drink and x 2 poppers 

$5 family of 3. 3x sausages and bread and 2x cans of drink and x 1 popper

Each additional person cost $2 for drink and sausage

* All Daisy Hill ELC children receive a present from Santa  

*Disco Party- 5pm 

*Happy Feet Presentation- 6pm 

*Kindergarten Performance 6.30pm 

Special Visitor  and raffles 6.45pm 

Finish- 7.30pm