February News

Daisy Hill ELC would like to respectfully acknowledge the Yugambeh people, the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we live. We also recognise those whose ongoing effort to protect and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures will leave a lasting legacy for future Elders and leaders. 

 Are you linked up with EDUCA yet? Hopefully so, but if not, please see your child's teacher or Rachael for assistance

You are not alone

Feeling guilty has consequences related to the emotional health of parents and children's general wellbeing. Guilt may lead parents to develop unhealthy discipline habits, such as giving in to children when it's not in the child's best interest, or overcompensating for the choices they make. While those things may temporarily relieve a parent's guilt, those responses could be unhealthy for children.

It is so important that you understand that no parent is perfect and, sometimes, you do what you must to get through the day. 

For parents who work outside the home, this is likely the top source of guilt—you feel guilty that you like your job, you feel guilty that you need your income (and even guiltier if you don't need the money!), and you definitely feel guilty that going to work can sometimes feel like a respite from the chaotic environment at home.

Research shows that children's language, social, and cognitive skills can be benefited by attending child care!  If going to work makes you happy, then your going to work provides a world of benefit for the entire family.

Your life matters, too, whether it's maintaining your relationship or fulfilling yourself mentally by taking a break via volunteering, shopping, or otherwise. In fact, as your child grows up, it's good for him to see that you take care of your needs too. 

As a mother myself, I know that parent guilt is real! You are always going to feel the push and pull of being the 'perfect parent' and it is unrealistic for the journey to always be easy. Be good to yourself and others and aim to be the best parent every day, for your child and for yourself! 

Welcome to all of our new families

We hope that your stay with us is enjoyable! We are very excited about our year to come. 

General Housekeeping reminders:

* Please be mindful of collection times. Due to COVID restrictions and car park availability please limit your time in the centre.  I know it is lovely to watch them play, we can always send more photo's of your children playing and all the fun things they get up to throughout the day via the EDUCA app. 

* Parent/ Teacher communications- We love our parents and our chats! However, our primary responsibility is supervising and engaging the children in our care. We encourage our families to make inquiries about their child's day and have a quick chat but if there is a conversation that you know might take more than a few minutes we are happy to arrange a time for you to speak with your child's teacher without such a limited time frame.

*Naming belongings- Please ensure that your children's belongings are labeled. A lot of us mums buy our children's clothes from the same stores and obviously have the same awesome style!! A lot of the children's clothes, hats, drink bottles, and sheets are the same. If they are not labeled it makes it difficult when something is misplaced.

Please feel free to see me with any queries, my door is always open


Valentines Days traditionally focusses on finding ones true love.  We have decided that this valentines day we are focusing on the love of friendships and sharing kindness. So,  Happy Valentines Day to all that you love and all that love you!