February Newsletter

Daisy Hill ELC would like to respectfully acknowledge the Yugambeh people, the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we live. We also recognise those whose ongoing effort to protect and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures will leave a lasting legacy for future Elders and leaders.  

 Are you linked up with EDUCA yet?  Hopefully so, but if not, please see your child's teacher or Rachael for assistance

Welcome to all of our new families! 

We hope that your stay with us is enjoyable! We are very excited about our year to come.  The yard renovations are complete and the children are absolutely loving the new outdoor play spaces! 

General Housekeeping reminders: 

* Please be mindful of collection times. We love and even encourage having our parents as volunteers in the centre so we just ask that you try and park in a spot that is not blocking another parent in. However, I do realise it is a tight car park and is sometimes unavoidable.

* Parent/ Teacher communications- We love our parents and our chats! Buuuuuut we do have the primary responsibility of supervising and engaging the children in our care. We encourage our families to make inquiries about their child's day and have a quick chat but if there is a conversation that you know might take more than a few minutes we are happy to arrange a time for you to speak with your child's teacher without such a limited time frame.

*Naming belongings- Please ensure that your children's belongings are labeled. A lot of us mums buy our children's clothes from the same stores and obviously have the same awesome style!!  A lot of the children's clothes, hats, drink bottles, and sheets are the same.  If they are not labeled it makes it super difficult when something is misplaced. 

Please feel free to see me with any queries, my door is always open


 Nursery News

Welcome to all of our new little faces in the Nursery classroom.

Even though I absolutely love looking after your little ones, the time has come for me to reduce my days at the centre and enjoy some time with my family.  I will still be the Senior Educator in the Nursery classroom three days a week and Shar and Marivic will be the Educators on the other two days. This will be a seamless transition for the children as they already have such strong connections to all of us three. 

We have been focusing a lot on building on these strong relationships, here is why: 

Why do educator–child relationships matter?

Educator–child relationships:  * help children feel secure, which frees them to explore, play and learn. * Contribute to children's sense of identity * offer opportunities for children to learn how to interact with others: respect others' rights, be appropriately assertive, show caring, negotiate and resolve conflicts * enable effective teaching and learning. 

We will also be doing a lot of water play and outdoor play (when the warmer weather allows us) so please remember to pack a spare change of clothes.

If you have any recycles materials at home that you think we could use or play within our classroom, please bring them in for us!

Bye for now,

Trudy, Shar and Marivic 

 Toddlers and Junior Kindy 

Hi Everyone, 

As parents of toddlers,  you may be aware by now that Toddlers do not always have or can use verbal communication as a means to be understood. Non-verbal communication is something you always do, knowingly or unknowingly. Through body language like the way, you hold your body, your facial expressions, little gestures or through the tone of your voice. It is a focus of ours, to assist our toddler children to have positive and gentle interactions with each other. 

Another of our classroom focuses is "All About Us". we are looking at exploring our senses and all thing, our bodies. You will see the product of these conversations and experiences around our classroom.

Toilet training is in full steam ahead! The children are doing wonderfully and should be commended for doing so well. With our reminders, the children are even starting to self regulate and become more aware of their toileting needs. Well done everyone!

*Reminder- Please remember to bring in a hat and a water bottle that is labeled with your child's name on it every day.

We also want to bring your attention to the program and EDUCA. This is a great place to see daily events. we get up to so many fun things throughout our day, we want to share them with you! If you are not linked to EDUCA, please see me so that I can assist you. 

Speak soon

Miss Linzi and Miss Lyn 

 Kindergarten- TERM 1, 2020 GOALS

This term, we are focusing on relationship building and friendship in the room and with families for the first three weeks of the term. The aim of this focus is to encourage and promote a sense of belonging amongst children, parents, and teachers. I will be laying more emphasis on parent involvement in children's learning by providing frequent feedback and creating a newsletter to be send out at the end of each term. I will be sending a form home to parents in the second week of the term for a parent to communicate their child/ren learning goal.

Towards the middle of the term, my goal for the children is for them to acquire a basic understanding of the alphabet (letter recognition), numbers (number recognition and counting), and sound knowledge of the room routines. I will be introducing new songs to the children during this time. However, there is no pressure if the time allocated is not enough, the left-over goals will be accomplished in term two.