April News

 Hello Families!  We hope you have all had a fabulous April.

There are a few upcoming events and changes happening at the Centre in May so please continue reading for more information.

Carnival Open Day 

We will be holding a Carnival themed Open Day at the Centre on Saturday 22nd May.  The Centre will be open from 9am to 12pm for current families and potential families to come along and have some fun and take a look through the classrooms.  We encourage our families to bring along anyone that you may know, who are looking for a Childcare Centre or who might like to see what we offer here at Doolandella Early Learning Centre.

Public Holiday 

The Centre will be closed for Labour Day public holiday on Monday 3rd of May.  

A reminder that all booked days including absent days due to sickness, public holidays and family holidays, are charged as normal.  Your CCS will be paid on these days as long as you haven't exceeded your 42 allowable absent days for the financial year.  If you have exceeded your 42 allowable absent days you will be charged full fees for any upcoming absent days.  To avoid this please ensure to provide a medical certificate for your child's sick days. 

For more information on allowable absent days please visit 1.1.A.05 Absences (CCS, ACCS) | Family Assistance Guide (dss.gov.au)

CCS Rebalancing 

Centrelink will be completing their rebalancing of CCS for the last two financial years.  This could cause your CCS payments to drop and leave a debt on your account.  It is very important that you complete your tax return process for the last two financial years before 30th of June 2021.

Confirming 2018–19 income

Most families confirmed their 2018–19 income before the first deadline on 31 March 2021. Any families who still haven't confirmed their 2018–19 income must do so by the second deadline on 30 June 2021. If they don't, they may need to pay back all the CCS they got in 2018–19.

Confirming 2019–20 income
Many families have confirmed their 2019–20 income already. If they haven't, they must do so by the first deadline on 30 June 2021. If they don't, their CCS will stop and they'll need to pay full fees for child care.

First deadline

Families have one year to confirm their income.

If they don't confirm their income within 12 months after the end of a financial year, they'll lose their CCS and have to pay full fees for child care.

Second deadline

Families who still haven't confirmed their income two years after a financial year ends will have to repay any CCS they received for that financial year and they will no longer be eligible for CCS.

Families who meet the first deadline don't need to worry about the second one.

How do families confirm their income?

You can confirm your income by:

If a parent separates from their partner/s, Services Australia will also need their ex-partner's income. If a parent is concerned that their ex-partner/s won't lodge their tax return by the deadline they should call the Families line.

Class Photos 

All of the rooms will be getting their class photos for this year taken over the following dates; Tuesday 25th May, Wednesday 26th May and Thursday 27th May.  Closer to the date you will receive information on how to purchase the class photos online and the date that your child will be booked to have their photo taken, so you know what day to dress them in the clothes you would like them photographed in.

If you have any questions regarding the class photos, or would like your child not to participate, please see the front office.

Centre Managers Maternity Leave 

I will be finishing up for Maternity Leave in 4 weeks time, on Friday 21st of May.  Miss Renae, who is currently our Kindergarten 2 ECT, will dual role as the Centre Manager in my absences.  Renae is familiar with the Centre Manager position as she also covered my Maternity Leave in 2019 and did a wonderful job.   

I am due to have my 3rd child on 12th of June, and we are expecting a little girl this time.  My older 2 children will still be attending the Centre so you may still see me around at drop of and pick up times, please feel free to say hi.  I hope everyone has a fantastic 2nd half of 2021!!!

Kind regards,