August News

From the Office

Hello and welcome to the August newsletter. My name is Leanne and I will be filling in as Centre Manager while Evonne is away on maternity leave. A big welcome also to our new families. I hope you enjoy your time here with us and that your child grows to their full potential.

 I would like to remind everyone to keep your contact details up to date, you can email the centre at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write us a note and drop it into the office any time. 


Account statements are emailed every Monday, if you are not receiving this email please email the centre so we can check your email address is correct. Make sure you also check your statement each week and if there is a problem you can contact us and we can fix, if you contact us weeks after the error happens it is a lot harder to fix and your account could end up in arrears. As per our policies, all accounts must be on direct debit and be paid in advance. if your payment declines you will need to make the payment asap or your child's booking will be suspended until payment is made in full. If your account is in arrears at the moment you will need to be placed on a payment plan, if you refuse to make the regular payments your childs booking will be suspended.


​Please like our centre facebook page and share with your family and friends. I will be posting regular photos and activities that are going on in the rooms. 

  Woolworth's Earn and Learn 

Is back again for another big year, so start collecting and drop them into the box in the foyer, or we now have a box down at Woolies forest lake so you can drop them off there as well.

From the Kitchen 

I would like to remind parents that we provide morning tea and afternoon tea each day. excluding the Nursery. Nursery children will still need to bring all their food for the day. Please only bring your childs lunch for the day, as we do not have space in our fridges for every child to put a full lunch box. Miss Kim will now be preparing the morning tea and afternoon tea each day and she will make sure every room has the correct amount and any dietary / allergies requirements are meet, If you are in doubt please see Kim or Leanne at the office. If your child stays until after 5 pm and you feel that they need a late snack, you can provide this but it must be put in the baskets that are in each rooms kitchen.this snack needs to be small and not need refrigeration or heating up as we need to keep the correct child to staff ratios and cant have educators away from the children heating up food.


Today we commence our Billy G's Gourmet Cookie Dough Easter Fundraiser. All funds raised will go towards new resources in the junior rooms. The moreish cookie dough is only available through fundraisers, not sold in stores, so stock up!

Each family has been provided a Billy G's Fundraiser order form for collecting orders from family, friends & neighbours.

Please return your brochure & monies by 1st September to Doolandella Early Learning Centre.

Paying for your orders

You have two options:

  • 1.Return monies with the attached order form to your coordinator for yourself and multiple orders for family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours, or
  • 2.Order and pay online
  • Go to and place your order and pay online.
  • You must return your order form with the online order and payment details together with your prize selection filled in so your coordinator can total the tubs of cookie dough and prizes required for delivery.

Billy G's is an Australian family owned and operated business. There are ten (10) delicious flavors including a Gingerbread and Shortbread Biscuit dough, a cheese flavoured Doggie Dough that your favorite furry animals will go bonkers over and a Gluten Free Choc Chunk.

  • The cookie dough is packed in a reusable 1kg tub which makes 40 x 25g cookies. 35c-40c per cookie.
  • You can RE-FREEZE the cookie dough and thaw it out as you require for baking.
  • You can keep the thawed cookie dough in your refrigerator for up to 4 weeks.

There are FREE PRIZES detailed in the order form. The more tubs you sell, the better the prize!

Cruiseabout Holiday Promotion: simply by purchasing or selling a tub of cookie dough you will have the chance to win a $5,000 Cruiseabout Gift Voucher. You have to be in it to win it so start selling today! To enter please go to

We thank you for making our Billy G's Fundraiser a huge success!

  Welcome again to another edition of the Nursery news. The past month we have seen new faces in the room – we welcomed Archer and Benjamin who joined our latest batch of babies in the Nursery and so far they have done pretty well in settling and are now getting used to their new environment.We have seen so many milestones in our babies' development over the past month like celebrating their 1st birthdays, getting more confident in walking and climbing, building friendship, self-help skill of feeding themselves and getting more verbal in their daily interaction with peers and educators.

Our "All About Me" Theme encouraged our babies their self-awareness and identity. They enjoyed the mirror play  reflection a lot and self-photo recognition.  We also explored different cultures during our multi-cultural awareness theme where our babies engaged in different activities like dot painting, map colouring and music and dances from our educators' own cultural background.

Since most of our older babies have been showing good verbal communication, we want to focus this learning over the next months through music, books and constant verbal interaction. Very common words that most of them can say now are: "No","Ta","Ma", "Da", "Ball" and a few numbers.They are so familiar now with action songs as soon as they hear the music too.

This month we will be transitioning our older babies as they get ready for their adventure into the Toddler room where Ms. Christine, Ms. Faapepe, Ms. Josie and Ms. Margaret are waiting to share big hugs and lots of things for them to explore.

We would love to hear from you about anything you would want to share about your child and our room program. Please feel free. Till next time.

Your Nursery Educators:

Ms. Arleen, Ms. Courtney and Ms. Esther

In the Toddlers room this month the children experienced our different cultures from Samoan culture, the second week we did the African culture and the third week we did the New Zealand culture, and the last week of this month we are going to do the Asian culture, Indian and Muslim cultures 

. the children learned to discover the different cultures from the different countries. they also tasted the different food as well. 

We will dearly missed some of our children that are moving away and wish them well. 

Just a reminder to parents you dont need to bring morning tea or afternoon tea. We need parents to bring spare clothes for your child. 

Thank you 

Toddler Girls 

Christine, Faapepe, Josie and Margaret

This month in the tweenies room we have been exploring our Identity and cultural diversity, we have been doing this through a range of experiences such as cultural music and dance, cultural dress ups and cultural food. We has started our display on the main wall and would appreciate if families could hand back the slip that went out a few weeks ago about your child's cultural background ( if you did not receive the slip or your child has on recently started attending please see Miss Kim as we have lots of spares) We have been comparing the similarities and differences between each child by comparing handprints and body outlines, the children have really been enjoying this focus point in the room and we will be continuing to explore this topic for the month to come J

We have welcomed a few new faces to our Tweenies group this month which is very exciting, the children have done a fantastic job of making them feel welcome J ,in September we will be welcoming 5 more children from the toddlers room also.

Just a friendly reminder to make sure that you child is bringing a hat to daycare each day as we have noticed a few children without, as the weather is starting to warm up it is important that the children wear hats when they are outdoors as stated in our sun safety policy. Also we ask for you only to pack lunch for your child each day as the centre provides morning tea and afternoon tea, if your child is here late and you would like to provide a late afternoon snack please make sure that it does not need to be kept in the fridge as we have limited space in the room fridges.

Miss Kim will be going on Annual leave on the 8th of September and not returning until the start of October, in this time if you have any concerns please speak to Miss Khushi and Miss Phoebe as they will be able to help you in regards to the Tweenies room.

Hello to all our parents from the Junior Kindy Classroom.

Firstly, we would like to give a huge welcome to our new families: Sidak, Jayden, Marcus and Amelia. We hope you enjoy your time with us learning and playing.

Wow ! ! It's August already, time sure does fly when your having fun right? Throughout the month of July our focus/theme in the room was "In the Jungle" learning about all the different animals and their names that live in the jungle and what they love to eat and why the jungle is home to them. The children showed great interest in July's topic we had to extend it through to August with the farm animals theme/topic. We have being learning about farm animal names, farm animal crafts, animal sorting and sensory play. The children showed great interest in it.

If you have any ideas or question you are welcome to talk us.

Junior kindy staff

Sarai and Sophia.

It's a great pleasure to address the families once again. First of all we would like to welcome our two new friends japjee& saifaan.

As the children showed lots of interest in our real life experience. Children had a great fun in Teddy Bear picnic and camping experience... we have provided a variety of fun educational activities about real life experiences.

We are continuing to encourage the children with their self help skill which will in turn increase their independence.

The children have shown a great improvement in their group time.we have a strong focus and regular discussion with the children about making good choices how we are using our resources, sharing our play spaces and communicating with our peers.when we finished playing in one corner we are working towards encouraging children tidy up before move on to the other area.

Last but not least

Reminder for parents

- please label all your child's belongings.

-please make sure you bring your child's sunscreen if you received a note from us.

-Now we started cooking morning Tea and Afternoon Tea in our kitchen so pls don't bring any extra Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea for your child.

If u have any questions or queries about your child or about our room programming please come and talk to us anytime.

Until next

Miss Praxa , Miss Dipali

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Hello and a huge welcome to all of our new families to Kindergarten. We are all excited to have new friends and are looking forward to getting to know you all. On a sad note we said goodbye to one of our teachers Miss Angeline in July but we wish her every success in her career choices. Miss Renae will now oversee both Kindergarten classrooms with the help from Miss Casey and Miss Sabrina and the Kindergarten curriculum will be the same in both rooms.

So what's been happening in Kindergarten? July has been one of our busiest months with the start of the month focusing on NAIDOC week. Our local Emergency Services Personnel visited us on the 19th July and the children were able to sit in the vehicles and have a go at using the fire hose. In continuing with diversity and cultures we explored countries around the world and the different cultures of our children. Several places around the world were studies and these were actual places that our children themselves or parents come from. Sudan, Lagos, China, Vietnam, New Zealand, Samoa and India were just a few places visited during our learning of cultures. The last week of July, seen us undertake new learning of oral health as part of national dental week. During this time we explored the importance of brushing twice a day as well as the healthy and non-healthy food items which can help our teeth and which can cause cavities.

The month of August has seen us learning about farming and animals that live on the farm. This learning eventuated from the children's interest from the Ekka. To extend on this learning we have been learning about different animals that you may find on the farm which include cows, sheep, and pigs, horses, goats and chickens. Furthering the children's knowledge about these animals we expanded into the products which are produced from these animals. During discussions the children talked about how milk, butter, yoghurt and cheese come from cows, eggs and meat come from chickens, wool and meat come from sheep and bacon comes from pigs. The highlight of these learning experiences can be seen on our face book page where the children milked a cow and made butter from whipping crème.

Throughout the rest of August we will continue our learning of farm animals and other products which can be produced from land for example crops / vegies. Looking forward to a continuation of learning with your children.

Miss Renae, Miss Sabrina and Miss Casey

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