Doolandella Journey - Edition One

 Welcome to Doolandella Journey - Edition one, Our Journey of Discovery and Development. 

From the office 

Just a reminder to all Parents that Miss Reane works in the Office Monday, Tuesday and Fridays. On Wednesday and Thursday she is the Kindergarten Teacher in Kindergarten Two. We understand that when you contact the Centre wishing to speak to her on Wednesday or Thursday it can be frustrating to not be able to speak with her. However she is busy helping our little people along their Journey of growing into big people ready to tackle school next year. If your matter is able to wait you can leave a message with the staff member who answer the phone or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will get back to you as soon as possible. If your matter is urgent or time sensitive please leave a detailed message with the staff member who answered the phone and you will be contacted as soon as possible. Alternatively Miss Lana works in the office on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and can assist with most matters.


We are currently filling up fast and only have limited spaces available in the rooms. If you wish to change or increase your child's booked days please see or email the office staff to confirm availability. Please ensure you provide two weeks' notice for changes to be implemented. After you change of days request has been processed you will receive an email to confirm the changes. If you wish to lower your child's days please note that the days no longer required they will be offered to children on the wait list. 

Contact information:

We regularly send out important information via email in a bid to save on paper and protect our environment where possible. If your email address is not up to date please see the office to update your details.

If any of your contact details have changed recently please alert the office staff so we can update your information, to ensure you're reachable in an emergency.

Centrelink audits:

It has come to our attention that Centrelink are now conducting audits on all Child Care Subsidy accounts. This has resulted in some accounts now having a debt at the service. These audit findings align with misinformation been provided to Centrelink by account holders. It is your responsibility to notify Centrelink of any changes that may affect you Child Care Subsidy status including; change in activity hours or change in family income. If your account is one of the affected accounts and you believe the audit findings are an error please contact Centrelink directly to discuss the matter, as we are not notified of findings or any decisions made by Centrelink. If your account has incurred a debt due to the audit you will be required to pay the full amount outstanding, please contact Miss Renae or Miss Lana to make arrangements.


If you are wishing to terminate from the Centre please ensure you are providing the required two weeks' notice. This allows for your account to be terminated correctly and avoid you been over charged. Also note that if your child is absent at any point during the termination period or their final booked day Centrelink will not pay any Child Care Subsidy for these absent days and you will be required to pay full fees for any days not covered. Please note that if you terminate from the Centre the position will be offered to the next family on our waiting list.

Upcoming Events 

​April 18  ​Thursday ​Easter fun day
Easter Raffle drawn 
​April 19 Friday ​Good Friday - Centre Closed
April 22​Monday​Easter Monday - Centre Closed
​April 24​Wednesday ​ANZAC day commemorations 
​April 25​Thursday​ANZAC day - Centre Closed
​April 29​MondayRoom Move through
​May 6 ​​MondayLabour day _ Centre Closed
​May 9​​Thursday ​Parent Teacher interviews
​May 10​​Friday ​​Mother's day Afternoon Tea

Easter Fun Day and Raffle

 All Families are welcome to attend our Easter Fun Day next Thursday. Even if your child is not booked to attend your more than welcome to attend for the morning we just ask that you supervise your children for the duration of the morning.

We will be hosting a range of fun Easter activities including an Easter Egg Hunt.

The Easter Raffle will be drawn through out the morning, with lots of chocolatey prizes to be won. If you are a winner and not in attendance at the time of the draw you will be contacted by phone on the day.

Have you seen our guess how many eggs in the jar competition? For only 50cents a guess you have the opportunity to win the entire jar full of eggs just in time for the Easter Bunny to visit. 

Room Move through

​You may have recently received or may do shortly a letter stating it's time for a move. If you do not receive a letter your child will remain in their current room. 

The decision to move children to the next room is not taken lightly and a lot of thought and consideration is put in to each decision. We take on board the children's development level, age, and Friendships.

To aid in a smooth transition, your child will have the opportunity to experience different times of the day in their room before they move up permanently on April 29. 

During this transition stage, your child's belongings will remain in their current room. 

Over the next few weeks be sure to check out your child's new room, Discuss the change with them and get to know their new educators.

If you have any questions regarding the changes please see Renae or Lana in the office.

Parent Teacher Interviews

​Parent Teacher interviews will be conducted on May 9th. 

Times and Sign up sheets will be announced the week prior. 

If your unable to attend on the night please speak with your child's lead educator to arrange a mutually appropriate time. 

Monthly Policy Review

Illness and Infectious Disease Policy

As you may not be aware here at Doolandella Early Learning Centre we have an Illness and Infectious Disease Policy. We have this in place to protect all of the children and educators at the Centre. We understand that Children get sick especially at this time of year. The aim of our policy is to ensure the health and safety of all members of our community. 

I refer you to the attached policy, on page 3 (113) to our Exclusion Periods. Here you will find that standard inclusion periods enforced at the Centre if a child or staff member is unwell. This includes Children with high temperatures who should remain at home until fever has settled without the aid of Panadol or Nurofen. Please note - These exclusion periods can be extended by the Queensland Health Department when they deem necessary - We will alert families via email if this should happen. 

I also refer you to page 5 (115) to our Exclusion Criteria. Here it states that a child with any of the listed symptoms cannot be admitted to the centre including; High temperature, Lethargic or unresponsive due to side effect of medication, vomiting or loose bowel movements, or any obvious signs of ill health. (Please see page 5 for the full list)

In line with this policy we do require all children who are unwell to remain away from the Centre until healthy again. This reduced the risk of germs and illness spreading throughout the Centre.

If your child is away from the Centre we do request that you notify the Centre within 24 hours so we can take appropriate measures such as disinfecting and alerting other families if necessary. 

When we receive notification that a child is unwell with any contagious illness or disease families will be notified by Red signs placed on both glass foyer doors which will outline how many confirmed cases, the illness, and symptoms. This will be accompanied by a further information on exclusion periods, infectious periods, symptoms, treatment etc as outlined by Staying Healthy in Child Care Ed 5. 

Where parents are asked by the Centre and its staff to seeks medical advise regarding their child's health, a clearance Certificate from the treating medical professional is required before they return to the service. .

If you have any questions regarding this policy please see Miss Renae or Miss Lana.

Walk for Autism  

 ​A huge thank you to everyone who showed their support last week whether it was words of encouragement, wearing green or via donations to our staff who stepped up and each walked 10,000 steps a day to raise awareness of Autism.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our community we raised an amazing $1646 to support families and children living with Autism.

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Hello Nursery Families

Welcome to another exciting update on Journey. 

Over the last month the babies have grown so much! Many of them have reached many important milestones, its such an honour to share in this exciting journey with them and yourselves. 

We have continued to explore sensors. Especially tactile experiences. We have encouraged this by offering lots of art experiences such as painting, Collages and discussing the different textures of the toys as the babies play. The babies have also enjoyed exploring different sounds with the instruments. 

We have been having many conversations with the Babies as they play and encourage them to explore new experiences and interact with their peers. 

The ball pit has been an endless source of entertainment, with lots of giggles and laughs issuing from it. As the babies play in the ball pit they get to challenge their gross motor skills as they crawl over the balls and grasp them in their hands. 

Over the Easter period we welcomed Miss Jasmin from Kindergarten 2 to our room. The babies have warmed up to her quickly and have been happily engaging with her. We will be sad to see her go back to Kindy after Easter.

If you have any input or concerns please don't hesitate to see any of the room staff. 

Miss Praxa, Miss Arley and Miss Krystal

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Hello Toddler Families,

Over the last month we have continued on our journey in the toddler room, with lost of laughter, talking, singing and milestone achieving along the way. 

Our Journey this month involved developing the children's fine motor skills and allowing them to explore their sensory capabilities. The children had the opportunity to participate in activities such as play dough, building blocks, puzzles, playing with pasta, and screwing and unscrewing lids off different kinds of bottles to help further develop their fine motor skills. The children also engaged in sensory exploration activities such as smelling herbs - smell, Singing - hear, books - vision and bubble wrap painting - touch. Next month we hope to offer some taste activities. 

With Easter fast approaching and our toddlers have been excitedly participating in some Easter activities. This week our children have made cute little chickens just by using a hand print with yellow paint. We have them hung up on our wall for the parents to view, When you have a moment please explore Our Learning Journey wall and see the discoveries, development and amazing artwork our toddlers have created. Next week we have planned heaps more Easter activities including egg collage, egg scooping and coloured rice, chickens and Easter egg find.

Please ensure you are packing everything your child requires for the day including spare clothes and a hat. If your child is collected after 5pm you are more than welcome to send in a healthy late snack for late afternoon tea. This will be served to the children who have been provided food at 5pm. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to come and speak to the toddler staff.

Hello Tweenies' families,

Our Journey this month took us on an adventure exploring 'On the Farm' where we discovered farm animals we explored what they look like, the sounds they make and their life on the farm. We also discovered that some food grows in the ground and farmers pick this food for us to eat. The children enjoyed exploring the different animals and had lots of fun creating farm animal artwork - woolly sheep masks, chicken hand prints, muddy pigs, cow collages and much more. We also set up a farm animal washing station to wash our muddy animals and a sensory tray farm for the children to play with, scoop, feel and taste.

A big thank you to our parents who are toilet training with their children in the room. Sending pull ups, underwear and your open communication has been a big help. Our children who are toilet training are doing an amazing job and many of the other children are now showing interest in sitting on the toilet too! If you would like to start your child on their Toilet Training Journey please speak to Miss Cassandra or Miss Cariad about the process.

You may have noticed our new photo wall in the room called 'This is Me.' This is full of photos of our Tweenies in action and we will continue to add, change and update the photos. We invite all parents explore the photos with your child and ask them to spot themselves, their friends, tell you their friends names, what they are doing in the pictures etc. We are doing this with the children as well to encourage conversation, language skills and extend on their current vocabulary. Our children love spotting their pictures and naming their peers. We hope you enjoy going through these photos with your child as much as we have.

If you have any questions or queries about your child, please do not hesitate to speak to one of the room staff.

Hello to our Junior-Kindy families,

To extend our learning of colours, shape and letters from last month, this month we have decided to focus solely on colours. We set up activities where children of all developmental stages will be challenged and can take some learning out of the experience.Here are a few of our favourite learning experiences so far:

  • Colour mixing – We talked about what two colours we could see at the start (red and yellow) and then when the children started mixing we talked about what new colour they could see (orange). Some children extended their learning in this activity and explored their sensory capabilities with the paint.
  • Fruit Loop Necklaces – We talked about what colour fruit loop each child was putting on their necklace and tried to introduce the concept of patterning. The children decided to extend on this experience and taste the fruit loops. We talked about each colour, what it might taste like and what other foods are the same colour.
  • Duplo – We talk about the different colours in our towers and what other colours we can add to our towers. We start to look at the concept of patterning again in this activity as well as talking about different sizes, using language like; big/small, bigger/smaller and biggest/smallest.

We are still planning learning experiences for the rest of the month, here are a couple we have in mind:

  • Play dough mixing – We will give the children two different coloured play dough chunks (red and blue) and ask them to mix them together and talk about the new colour (purple).
  • Water colours – We will have buckets with different coloured water in them (red, blue and yellow). We will add the alternate primary colour to each bucket to then make the secondary colours.

We are also still working on our positive peer relationships and supporting the children in their social interactions throughout the day. We have added some fun movement and song games like, the hokey pokey, row row your boat, and ring-a-rosie to the day to help encourage these positive interactions.

At the end of this month we will say goodbye to our friends Baylee, Zen and Holly who are going up to the pre-kindy room. We will still get to play with them during outside play times and wish them the best during their transition. Next month we will also welcome some new faces to the Junior Kindy Room.

Hello to our Pre-Kindy families

This month we welcomed Austin and Harshitha to our room. We are so excited to have you join us on our journey of discovery and development.

Our Learning journey this month has involved a continuation of exploring a new letter each week, and number. We have currently explored the letters; A, B, C, D and Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4. Have you seen our Journey wall? We have displayed all of the children's learning through out a room for you to view and discuss with your child. It is so valuable to your child for them to know that you value their learning and the experiences they have when at the Centre. 

For the Letter D the children had the opportunity to make Doughnuts out of paper plates; the children carefully  used scissors to cut the plates, they then used pink and brown plates to paint their doughnuts and finally they got to sprinkle 100'2 & 1000's over the wet paint. The children loved the mixed media experience thoroughly. 

To reinforce their number knowledge we offer a range of activities each day including; number place mats - the children use buttons to match to the card, we then encourage the children to count the number of buttons used. 

Over the next few weeks we will continue to explore letters and numbers including E, F & G and 5, 6, & 7.

Just a reminder with the change in the weather to please send some warm clothes in your child's bag.

As Always if you have any questions or concerns please come and speak to any of the Pre-Kindy staff.

Hello Kindergarten one families,

In our room we are currently exploring an Indoor/Outdoor program; this involves the children having the opportunity to participate in outside play and inside play through out the morning. Dependant on the weather outside play could be held on the patio or in the yard. 

We have continued on with our journey of discovering Letters and Numbers. Below is a quick over view of our core curriculum for since our last update. For a more in depth view please see our Learning Journey Wall the documents all of the children's discoveries and developments. 





Week beginning

18 Mar.

25 Mar.

1 Apr.

Letter and Sound
















Topic of Interest

Healthy Eating and The Food Groups

Healthy Teeth

The Four Seasons

Healthy Food Trolley, The 5 Food Groups

Tooth brushing giant mouth, cut and paste numbered teeth onto mouth

The four seasons tree, cut and paste season symbols

Indoor Experiences: Cutting out healthy food from supermarket catalogues, watching short videos about staying healthy, sorting animals into groups, tracing whiteboard letters, role playing doctors, sequencing numbers, building train tracks, investigating magnetic letters and much more

Outdoor Experiences: Learning how to push ourselves on the swing, chasing and popping bubbles, socialising and building friendships, digging in the sandpit, constructing tall towers, water play in the trough, rolling tyres and much more.

We were lucky enough to have had Miss Adele with us for work experience this month. So we all wanted to say Thanks to Miss Adele.

During the school holidays you have noticed that Miss Jasmin is in the Nursery, this is providing her with the opportunity to gain experience with all the age groups at Doolandella Early Learning Centre. We believe that learning is a life long Journey and we support all members of our community including our Educators. While Miss Jasmin is in the Nursery will be Miss Phoebe and Miss Noly. 

As always if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to see any of the Kindergarten One staff.

Hi to all our fabulous parents in Kindergarten!

What's been happening in Kindergarten over the last month?

Prior to the holidays the children learnt about the importance of hand washing to get rid of germs prior to eating morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. During the learning process it was pleasing to see the children helping their peers and reminding them to wash with soap and then dry their hands prior to eating. To extend on our learning of physical well-being the children learnt about nutrition and the 5 food groups which form the healthy eating guidelines.

Over the curriculum break the children have built on their self-help skills by assisting educators in the clean-up of meal times by washing their own dishes.

As term two begins we will begin our new letters, sounds, numbers and shapes. During the term we will also explore road safety and transport as well as people who help us in our community.

Easter is fast approaching and we have been busy preparing our Easter Bonnets for the Easter Fun Day next Thursday 18th April. Come join in the fun activities with your child and educators. Hope to see you all there.

Jolly Phonics – Early literacy and writing skills

Each week your child learns a new letter and sound using the Jolly phonics program. Jolly Phonics is a fun and child centred approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics. The letters are taught in a specific order (not alphabetically). This enables children to begin building words as early as possible. This program continues through school enabling the teaching of essential grammar, spelling and punctuation skills. I would encourage the use of this program at home with your child using this link

On a final note, I invite families to make comments in our Parent Communication Book. You might like to voice your concerns, happiness and ideas.

Looking forward to term two's learning journey with your child.

Kind Regards

Miss Renae, Miss Casey & Miss Karen

Hello to the Kindergarten Three 

A big welcome to Summerlove who has joined us on our Journey in Kindergarten 3. 

Over the last few weeks the Kindergarten three children have continued to explore Sea Animals. This interest lead us on a journey of discovery about water, sand, beach environments, and even sand forms. We have turning in to quite the little discoverers. To reinforce their learning the children had the opportunity to conduct experiments where they made predictions about what they thought might happen. As a team the discussed the changes they observed and their findings. The experiments included what objects will sink or float, as well as placing stones and white paper in the transparent jug the children then shook the jug so see what would happen - Just like sand erosion at the beach.

If you haven't done so already please take a moment to explore Our Learning Journey wall, here you will discover the journey your child is embarking on each day at Kindergarten.

Over the Easter Holidays the children have had a chance to consolidate their learning of letters, numbers, shapes, calendar activities, and colours through the various activities on offer. They have also had the opportunity to participate in a free play curriculum for the two weeks - just like they will if they attend Vacation Care next year when in prep.

Term two commences April 23. For the 10 weeks of term two we will be exploring the letters H, R, M, D, G, O, U, L, F and B as well as the numbers 9 - 18, and shapes: Hexagon, Triangle, Rectangle and Heart. As well as continue to explore the children's interest and see where our Journey takes us.

If you have any enquiry about child's learning or the curriculum please feel free to speak to me at any time.

Hello from the kitchen!!!

With winter just around the a new menu is in the works. It will include lots of winter favourites. If you have any recipe or meal suggestions please don't hesitate to share them me. Once the new menu is finalised copies will be displayed in the foyer, as well as in each room. The menu will continue to be on a four week rotation, This allows the children to experience a range of new and exciting meals each day they are at the Centre. The menu takes into account daily nutritional guidelines to ensure the children are eating a portion of their daily requirements at the Centre, with this in mind we do encourage the children to eat the food provided by the Centre. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to let you all know my little apprentice chef is due Mid May. My last working day before my Maternity leave will be Friday the 3rd of May. Whilst I am on leave Miss Laura will be taking over in the kitchen and preparing your children's meals each day. Miss Laura is one of a valuable relief staff members who usually works on the Junior Side. 

Thank you 

Miss Kylie

​Happy Feet Fitness is held at the Centre every Thursday morning from 10:30am. (It is an extra curricular activity costing only $9.50 a lesson)

Each week a new and exciting program is delivered to the children Including:

Classes full of exciting interactive and imaginative play

Music and Dance activities

Amazing Hand-made costumes and props

Original music for each and every activity or game

Physical and creative expression sessions.

Please collect an enrolment form from the Centre or contact Miss Ella on 0420576287.

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