November Newsletter

From the office  

​Hello and welcome to our November news.

As Christmas is fast approaching many of our families have already applied for Holidays. If you are planning on taking holidays over the Christmas / New Year period please complete a holiday request form available from the office. 

Christmas Party!!!​

This years Christmas Party will be held on the 13th December starting at 6.00pm. 

Pre order Sausages for $2.50 and cans of drink for $1.50. Order forms located in the office.

Raffle tickets are now available. $1 each or 6 tickets for $5. Raffle tickets available at the front desk.

Pre Order your family Santa photo for $20. You can purchase these on the night for $25.

Kindergarten Graduation 

Graduation will take place on the 12th December.

There will be two ceremonies held due to the number of children graduating. We have 70 Children graduating this year.

Kindergarten 1 class will be held at 4.00pm and Kindergarten 1 & 3 at 5.30pm. RSVP the number of guests for catering purposes by Friday 29th November.

Please make sure your child is in attendance at the venue half an hour prior to your child's start time. This will allow time for your child to be dressed in a graduation gown and cap.


Hello to our Nursery Families

It has been a busy time in Nursery. We have welcomed our new friend Eli and Tashvik to play with and share our smiles.

Recently we have seen lots of our babies becoming more mobile and meeting developmental milestones of pulling themselves up onto furniture, standing and walking. It's so exciting to see our babies meet these milestones as they continue to build their confidence in their newly discovered skill.

We have seen many successes in development over the last couple of months. Children have had a keen interest in exploring colours and shapes through painting and pasting. We have noticed that the children are becoming more and more confident with their daily routines and transitions and are able to understand simple instructions such as packing up or being asked to go to a particular place e.g. bathroom or outside. This awareness demonstrates to educators that they are beginning to make connections with words and phrases. They are also communicating their needs by using sounds and gestures to convey meaning.

If u have any concerns or queries about your child please speak with us

Miss Praxa, Miss Arley, Miss Chloe


Hi to all our families and carers. We are happy to give you again another update about what has been happening here in the Toddlers Room! We have welcomed Gracie, Piper, Angelina, Brayden and Aiden and we are trying our best to make them comfortable in our room. We also had Sofija, Delilah and Jaxon celebrate their 2nd birthdays this month.

A big thank you to our parents who booked in for a parent/teacher interviews last month on the 30th October. We are partners in caring for your child and we are happy to hear good feedbacks on how your child has progressed in our room.

The year is certainly zooming by very quickly and the learning happening in our room has been amazing. This month we have started exploring bugs and insects to end our Spring theme. Toddlers are always fascinated with insects and bugs and we extended this interest with art experiences like thumb print bugs and group activities such as fly swat painting, bug stamping, sensory play with playdough and science investigation of bugs and insects using magnifying glasses. 

Our toddlers are showing great interest and enthusiasm in all our activities and we will continue to offer our little learners a variety of different learning experiences so that their knowledge and understanding of the world will grow. We will be learning our maths by counting how many legs does a spider have; sorting and comparing bugs and insects; language development through stories and developing our gross motor skills through music and dance and finger plays.

Your Toddlers educators are always happy to speak with you about our program and about your child.

Just a few reminders: now that the weather is getting warmer please pack appropriate clothing for your child, a labelled water bottle, hat and sunscreen. Until next time!

Your Toddlers Educators: Ms. Arleen, Ms. Faapepe and Ms. Khushi


Hello Tweenies families and welcome to our newsletter for November!

Firstly, we would like to welcome our new friends who have started in the Tweenies room this week - Larissa and Rhylan. We are so happy to have you both in the room and look forward to watching you grow, learn and create new friendships. We will be welcoming some more friends into the room over the next couple of weeks, so we are all very excited!

Our theme for this month is the alphabet. We are trying to teach our children letters from the alphabet and the sounds that these letters make. We are then using these sounds to try and sound out words that the children are familiar with eg. S for s-s-slide, D for d-d-dog. Our children are picking up on some of the letters and are able to match the letter cards from the group time wall, to the correct letter we are sounding out. We have also been using alphabet magnets and foam letters in many of our activities so the children can become familiar with what each letter looks like. Some of the activities the children have done so far are letter collages, foam letters in playdough, letter stamps, letter paintings and alphabet sensory trays. We have much more planned for the rest of the month and look forward to sharing these activities with you all on Educa.

Just a reminder, that if your child had Christmas photos taken, these are now ready for collection from the office. You may have also noticed that our children's Christmas party is on the 13th of December, as per the notice in the office. Please see the poster for all the details and activities.

If you have any questions or queries about your child, please feel free to speak to one of the room staff at pick up or drop off.

Kind regards,

Cassandra, Cariad and Margaret

Pre Kindy 

Pre Kindy Nov Newsletter!

Hi to all our families and carers. We are happy to give you again another update about what has been happening in the Pre kindy room!

This month we welcomed a few new friends: Zakaria, Sidrah, Shaan and Yaren, who have been doing great in our room.

As for our learning journey this month we have gone back to revising our letters and colours along with numbers each week. During our group time we are discussing about words such as our names, our friend's names, fruits and animal names. Therefore, we plan activities that encourage each child to use their fine motor development; such as art crafts, cutting, tracing, sorting, counting and writing their names.

Just a few reminders for our families, as summer is approaching, we ask that you please bring your child's hat and to make sure they are wearing sun safe clothing. Also, to name all your child's belongings as we have had a few items go missing due to them not being labelled. Other then that if you have any questions or queries about your child, please do not hesitate to speak to one of the room staff.

Kind regards

Sarai, Sophia and Esther

Kindergarten 1 

Hello Parents, Families and Children of Kindergarten One.

Wow, what a month. The sun was shining, the clouds were raining, and the plants were growing. This month we continued to learn about our environment and how humans, animals and plants are interconnected. It has been wonderful watching the children learn through different experiences like watering the gardens, planting, growing and taking care different plants and gardens. As part of this unit of learning the group choose a recyclable container from Miss Jazmin's collection and used it as plant pot for the lettuce seeds. Soon we will be transplanting them into the large vegetable garden. Our class also had a special opportunity provided by Miss Karen to feed and look after our very own Silkworms. It is so exciting to watch things change and grow.

Literacy and Numeracy Update:

As part of our Group Time routine we have been reciting the letter names and sounds using flash cards. This involves the educators and sometimes the children holding up the letter/sound and numeral cards one after the other in front of the class where the children say the name of the letter and the sound it makes together aloud. We repeat that card 3 times and then move onto the next.

We continue reading every day! Reading is so important in education and we love it!! This month we have been reading books around colours and numbers.

If you have any books to donate that would be appreciated.

The children continue to improve on their numeracy and literacy skills by taking part in these types of experiences. Well Done Kindergarten!

Indoor Experiences: Magnet Panels on the water trough, 'I can eat a whole plant' card sort, reading books on the iPad, writing our name free hand, cooking dinner in the Home Corner, making and decorating watering cans from recyclable materials, matching letter and numbers, giant number and alphabet puzzles, Rainbow Roll game, role playing with new dress up clothes, dancing, singing, sorting out natural items, playing dolls and Doctors, Jolly Phonics Bingo, making patterns on peg boards, constructing with The Sticks and Balls and much, much more.

Outdoor Experiences: jumping sacks and skipping ropes, monster and zombie chasing games, creating a plant picture using natural and manmade items, digging to the bottom of sandpit, climbing the obstacle course, socialising and building friendships, chalk writing , watering the garden, building tall towers with large blocks, running races in Halloween costume, painting names on the wooden fence with water and brushes, watering the gardens, and much, much more.


  • Please remember to label all items.
  • Pack a sheet, blanket, hat, spare clothes and a LATE snack (served at 5PM).

This month you would have received your child's Transition Statement and Graduation invitations if they are starting school next year. Please let me know if you did not receive any of these.

Miss Jazmin's last day will be 13th December and she will be returning in the new year.

Until next time 

Miss Jazmin, Miss Phoebe and Miss Adele

Kindergarten 2 

Welcome to another month of learning in Kindergarten 2.

Thank you to our parents who attended parent teacher interviews last Month. We hope that we have provided you with the necessary tools to continue your child's learning at home.

Since the beginning of term 4 we have been learning all about living things, in particular plant life cycles. We have studied sunflowers, carrots, beans, pumpkins and potatoes all of which are planted in our veggie garden. The children have little green thumbs and continue to water these veggies daily in hope to have them ready for Christmas lunches next month. We also have a herb garden which Miss Kylie in the kitchen uses throughout her cooking. The children continue to use the recycled water from the drink station to keep the herbs healthy for Miss Kylie. 

As we draw to the final weeks of term 4 the children will continue to learn about animal life cycles frogs, butterflies, ants and lady beetles. The children have recently participated in a four week hands on learning experience of silk worms. Miss Karen purchased some silk worms and created a home within the Kindy room for the children to see the silk worms grow day by day. As the weeks went by the worms continued to grow big and strong as they munched through half a bag of mulberry leaves per day. Once grown to full silk worm size the silk worms spun silk cocoons for protection which took about three days to complete. Just last week silk moths emerged from the cocoons. This was a great hands on experience for the children to get up close and personal and watch a complete life cycle unfold in front of them. This week we are learning about the butterfly life cycle which is similar to the silk worms. As the children have previous learnt the life cycle of the silk worm they will be able to adapt this knowledge to the butterfly life cycle. 

Graduation will take place next month on the 12th December at 5.30pm. Please have your child at the Forest Lake Tavern at 5.00pm so they can be dressed in a gown and cap for the ceremony. Please RSVP the number of guests no later than 29th November. Christmas and Graduation photos recently taken are now available for collection from the office.

​Hope to see you all at Graduation
Miss Renae, Miss Casey & Miss Karen​

Kindergarten 3  

Hello everyone

As you know we have been learning about plantation in term -3. This term the Children shared experiences on how to grow their own food and in particular potatoes and carrots. As we proceed towards end of term we are learning about farm animals. During a group experience the children created a farm poster with their educator's help and explored their creativity and team work skills. They learnt what products come from sheep's and pigs. During free play experiences in the art area the Children demonstrated their own knowledge and creativity when drawing farm animals. From next week we are learning about cows and dairy products.

We are continuing to explore literacy, numeracy, fine motor, gross motor, hand eye coordination, imagination, communication, self-help, social skills through various activities.  To develop the children's confidence to speak in front of peers we are introducing show and tell from next week. For show and tell experiences children are not required to bring items from. Instead they will talk during group time experiences about their favourite toy, drawing or any topic. Parents you can assist your child by preparing them at home about a topic of interest. Below are the days the children will participate in the actvity

Show and tell (children's name) (week-7, 8, 9, 10)

Monday- Ariya, Zohar, Connor

Tuesday- Giaan, Ivy, Gemma

Wednesday- Jayden, Silas, Audrey

Thursday- Amelia, Harnoor, Shannon

Friday- Ayden, Josephine

If you any question please feel free to speak with your educators 

Miss Manpreet, Miss Naomi and Miss Florence.