January News

Hello Everyone and welcome to all the new families for 2021!  

We are excited for you all to join our Doolandella Family and share in an exciting year ahead.  Our Centre has been undergoing a little make-over which will be continuing into 2021.  We hope you like the upgrades.

From the 4th of January we have been providing food from Kids Gourmet Food to the children for Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea.  We have had a lovely response form the children who all seem to be loving it!  A small late snack will still be provided to children who are here past 5pm. If your child refuses the provided meal for the day an alternative will be offered.

With us changing to Kids Gourmet Food, we have now updated our Food Safety Program with Brisbane City Council.  Due to this, we ask that all lunch boxes be kept at home as these can cause upset for children who do not bring a lunch box and will help prevent unhealthy foods and food allergens being brought into the Centre.  If there is an important reason why you are bringing a lunch box for your child, please discuss this with the office first, lunch boxes will need to be left with the cook in the main kitchen, not taken to the rooms.

All shared food brought into the Centre by parents (eg. Birthday Cakes) will need to be signed in on a food register listing all ingredients and other details.  These will be dropped to the cook in the main kitchen.  All milk including baby bottles and pre-made formula bottles will need to be signed in on a milk/bottles register attached to your child's room fridge.  Milk can be kept in the room fridge and will be warmed, if necessary, by staff at rest time or when required.

With Kindergarten starting on 27th of January, we have sent out Kindergarten Acknowledgement Froms to all children attending Kindergarten in 2021.  If you can please complete these forms and return with a copy of your child's Birth Certificate or Passport as proof of age.  If you have a Health Care Card please provide a copy of this as well.

Our new classes start from 25th of January, please see below a list of rooms and the staff allocated to each class.

NURSERY - Miss Arley & Miss Sophia

TODDLER - Miss Faapepe, Miss Khushi and Miss Connie

TWEENIES - Miss Dipali, Miss Adele and Miss Esther

JUNIOR KINDY - Miss Praxa, Miss Margaret and Miss Elizabeth

PRE-KINDY - Miss Sarai and Miss Phoebe

KINDERGARTEN 1 - Mis Jazmin (ECT), Miss Florence and Miss Noly 

KINDERGARTEN 2 - Miss Renae (ECT), Miss Cariad and Miss Cassandra

All the children have been enjoying transition time in their new rooms for the last 2 weeks and seem to be enjoying their time in a new classroom.

Lastly, a reminder we will be CLOSED for the Australia Day public holiday on Tuesday 26th of January.

Until next month!