June Newsletter

Welcome to the June edition of Doolandella Early Learning Centre's Newsletter,

A lot is happening in our corner of Doolandella & one of those most exciting items is that we have applied to have the NBN installed in our centre, this will vastly improve the use of the tablets for signing in & out your child's attendance as well as giving us the option of having multiple phone lines so your call will never go to the answering machine again. We are very excited to have this introduced in the coming months as it will allow staff & families to access our FREE wifi whenever you are in the centre. 

You will see in our foyer at the moment we have the 'Woolworths Earn & Learn' program in full swing, don't forget to deposit your stickers into the box so that we can redeem these for children's books at the end of the program. Learn more here: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/discover/earn-and-learn

Please remember that any toys brought from home will be required to stay in the child's bag. Due to safety restrictions, all resources brought into the centre are assessed for risk to the children & environment, as toys from home have not been risk assessed or risk minimised, they are not permitted to be used within the centre. Damage to toys brought into the centre from home is the responsibility of the family. 

In an effort to maintain our foyer as a clean, clear & safe area for families, children & educators, we would like to trial storing of prams in the gated area next to the Toddler classroom.

Approaching the end of the financial year, a lot of our families have felt the pinch losing their CCR or having 15% of it withheld, once the new financial year ticks over, we will be looking to finalise payment plans & bring all accounts into line with our fee payment policy. If you require support to pay off arrears on your account, please see Rebecca or Cariad.

The week of 26th June 2017 will be Florence's last week with Junior Kindy class as she will be leaving us to welcome a new baby into her family. We wish Florence well & look forward to her visits with her new baby.

Thank you


Please join us in celebrating June events;

Friday 16th Pyjama Day

Red Nose Day 23rd 

Samoan Independence Day 30th

Welcome again to the June edition of the Nursery Room newsletter. 

We take this chance to give a huge welcome to our three new families: Ellie , Levi and our new twins Daniel and Daniella.

Recently we have seen lots of our nursery friends getting mobile which means lots of pulling selves up on the furniture, standing and walking. It's so exciting to see our babies move through this transition as they build their confidence in their newly discovered skills. The children are reaching personal milestones from rolling over to developing their independence by learning to stand on their own, taking their first steps and beginning to attempt words. They are also learning to take care of their own wellbeing by washing hands and feeding themselves.

This month, our focus has been on exploring nature and natural resources using our five senses. We have been creating opportunities & inviting the children to play with the sandbox, animals and our quiet cosy book nook. It's great to see the children exploring new play settings and creating such positive interactions between them and us educators. It's wonderful to see little connections & friendships forming too. 

Winter has seen our babies getting involved with a variety of winter craft activities such as ice painting, cotton stamping, play dough with twigs, leaves and flowers to name a few. These activities not only focus on developing their fine and gross motor skills but also encouraging them to explore and connect with their environment.

We hope that you and your children are enjoying the first half of the year with us, and if you have any feedback or ideas for our room , please let us know!

Until till next time!

Miss Arleen, Miss Casey and Miss Esther

Welcome to another fabulous month in the Toddler classroom,

Firstly I would like to welcome our new friends; Renw, Miley, Sang & Braxton. We're looking forward to you being a part of our classroom community & hope you all enjoy your time with us learning & playing. 

This month's focus was 'Under The Sea', the children showed great interest in learning about animals & other creatures who live in the ocean. We read stories about sea animals, what they eat & how they live, the children have also spent time & put a lot of pride in their crab, sea horse, fish, seaweed & shark artwork.

The children are actively participating in group times with our educators now, singing their favourite songs & celebrating with hand actions. The children are settling into smoother transitions throughout our routine, its wonderful to see the children participating and showing a sense of ownership & belonging in their environment & independence whilst accessing self help skills such as packing up or putting their belongings in their bags. This sense of safety & community has lead to a lot of engaging & happy interactions with their peers.

Please remember we are separating meals into labelled baskets in the Toddler fridge now, if you need help with this, please ask one of the educators for assistance.

Feel free to utilise our class communication book to convey any messages, requests or needs you & your family need addressed, this book is checked daily.

Thank you, Miss Christine, Faapepe, Josie, Margaret.

​Welcome to the Tweenies classroom,

This month the main focus has been pre mathematics. The children have been exploring size, length, shape & measurements through a variety of different experiences. This will continue to be our main focus, will be extended over the next month & we will be revise & revisit our previous focus of colour & sensory exploration for reflection. 

We have welcomed a few new children to the Tweenies class this month, Charlie has moved up from the Toddler's class & Omeylee is new to our centre, please give them a warm welcome to the Tweenies class.

As the weather is dropping cooler please make sure your child is dressed appropriately with shoes, socks & a jumper. Please also remember to pack at least one full set of spare clothes in your child's bag each day.

Toilet training is going off with a bang at the moment, the children are doing very well with encouragement. Please do remember that in the cooler months it is more likely for children to have toileting accidents so please make sure that you check the wet/soiled clothing bucket when you collect your child. If you think your child is ready to start toileting training, please don't hesitate to speak with Miss Kim.

See you around the centre,

Kim, Khushi, Cassandra & Phoebe.

We've chosen our water beads, now to watch for cause & effect to see how these react.
Watching the progress of how these beads swell in water, more than tripling in size.

Hello again to all our Junior Kindy Parents!


We would like to welcome our new families and children who have started with us this month, we hope your time with us is enjoyable.


Recently we have had a few birthday celebrations in the Junior Kindy classroom, some of which being on the same day. We would like to wish a very happy birthday to Luca and Diva who turned 3 on the same day. We would also like to wish a very happy birthday to Sofia and Meher whose birthday are coming up this month as well. We wish them all the happiness and excitement that they share with us each day on their special days.

What we're learning

We have been very busy this month, with the children exploring colours and textures by using sensory activities indoors and outdoors environments.

The month ahead

As we approach the coming month, we will be introducing the children to more sensory and cognitive play. We will also be having a jungle theme for next months topic.

Thank you

Miss Sarai Miss Sophia and Miss Florence!

Big hello to all the families

Wow! It's June already.... we are settling in to our routines. We are already off to a great start mainly focusing on the alphabet, letter recognition and revision of our numbers, colours, shapes.This is helping us to keep this knowledge fresh in our mind and give our teachers an idea of where to go next with our learning experience. The children's responsiveness towards our intentional teaching strategies relating to & engaging with text has provided opportunities for children to explore language and literacy with open/ended resources.

We intentionally program repetitive experiences to provide opportunities for children to explore new concepts and co-constructs in their own learning & making connections between families experiences and new introduced prospective.

Children have been showing lot of interest in our media presentations of action songs on numbers, alphabets, colours and shapes etc via video learning as a part of our morning and afternoon group time.

They engage with media and technology for fun and make meaning out of it as it encourages their learning.

We have been focusing on supporting the children's independence and encouraging them to self regulate their own emotions.

The children are doing well and feel safe, secure and supported.

Lastly we would like to request all the parents to name all their child's belongings including lunch boxes, drink bottles, shoes and winter ware

Until next

Miss Praxa, Dipali , Angela & Mr Daniel 

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What have we been looking into...

We have been looking at our 'Snow Study' and we have brought it to a close. The thematic study was interesting as we looked into how snow forms and why its melts. We also looked at winter animals and winter wear. We worked on a few literary texts, such as Peep and the Big Wide World's, Seasons as well as 'How Big is a Million?' The highlight was to make our own ' OLAF'. He was so super cute! We also made our own igloo which was so much fun playing in! To top it up, we had a PJ party and we watched 'Frozen.'

New Handwriting Workbook

When our 'Frozen' theme started, the children had less time in the room to practice their writing. To bridge this gap we started introducing a workbook to help children practice writing on a regular basis. The children have been having fun practising on this workbook.

Culture Talk

Ms Sabrina introduced a book to the children that explained how we can accept and respect children who can be very different from us. It touched topics such as skin- color and special ability.

Self- Help Skills

In order for children to take ownership and to be part of the class community, we have introduced a new routine in the mornings during Morning Tea. Children are now encouraged to wash their own dishes after morning tea and they are also encouraged to help out with classroom tasks such as sweeping the floor or wiping the table. The children are so super keen to be classroom helpers.

Till next month now!

Angeline & Sabrina

Hi to all our parents from the Kindergarten 2 classroom,

We have had a wonderful experience exploring Emergency Services (Police, Fire and Ambulance), community helpers (people in our community who help us) and a winter theme as we are currently in winter.

I think the most exciting part of term two was our postal theme and letter writing. During this learning our home corner was turned into a post office were the children used their literacy skills to sort mail and write postcards and letters. This learning also provided the children with numeracy skills as they sorted letters by shape and number. They also sorted parcels into small, medium and large categories and weighed them before pretending to deliver them. To extend on their learning we experimented with letter writing and what is needed to post a letter. We learnt that a letter requires the recipient and senders address and a postage stamp. The children then wrote letters home to Mum and Dad. During this process we made a large post box for letters and parcels to be delivered to our class. Each day the children would take turns collecting mail from our post box and any letters would be read to the class during group time. The children also had an opportunity to deliver mail to other classrooms who then wrote back explaining their classrooms learning. We would like to thank the parents who participated in our postal theme and who wrote letters and posted them in our pretend mailbox. Your child was very excited to receive a letter in the post. Please take the time to look at our visual learning wall.

Our incursion with Health Harold (Life Education Giraffe) on Wednesday 14/06/17 was a great success. During the incursion the children developed an understanding of their emotions and those of others. They gained new vocabulary and learnt how to communicate their feelings and learnt how to build positive connections with friends and family.

On a final note, next week concludes our term two learning and we will be taking a curriculum break from the 23/06/17 to 9/07/17. If you are planning to take your child on holidays during this period please advise Cariad in the office.

Happy Holidays 

Miss Renae and Miss Hannah

Welcome Schoolies Parents and Guardians,

First we would like to thank you for allowing your child or children to attend in our Centre. Our aim is to make your family welcomed, and to provide the best care of your child.

We encourage our Schoolies to express themselves and have their individual opinions respected.

Schoolies are the older students at the Centre and we endeavour to provide programs that will suit the children's individuals learning strategies to bring out their strengths and personalities.

In the previous month, we were learning and encouraging our Schoolies about sustainability and re-purposing recycled items such as yoghurt containers, lid, etc.The message in this exercise is to learn how important it is to our planet and how recycling benefits our environment, instead of recycled item going too landfill. 

Winter is finally arrived and we encourage Schoolies to keep warm from cold weather, by wearing jumpers and long pants etc.

We ask for cooperation from Schoolies and ask parents to also encourage children to follow our Bus rules, such as being settled still in their seat during trip between the centre & schools, not only for their own personal safety but that of their friends too.

We are also reminding parents and families, please refer to Director's message & do not bring toys from home to the centre, this very important to prevent any misunderstandings, risk & damage.

Parent and Guardian are always welcomed to forward any suggestion, thank you so much for your support and cooperation.

Miss Vicky