March News

Welcome to our March Newsletter!

Easter Events

With Easter fast approaching we would like to remind everyone that we will be closed for the Easter Public Holidays. Centre CLOSED Friday 2nd of April & Monday 5th of April.

On Thursday the 1st of April, each room will be having an Easter Egg Hunt and the children will be participating in our annual Easter bonnet parade.  Photos and videos of the event will be taken to display for families on EDUCA.  There will be a prize given for the best Easter bonnet in each classroom. We ask parents to help their children make a special Easter Bonnet at home to bring on the day.  We can't wait to see all of your wonderful creations!

Child Care Subsidy

Balancing deadline looms for families

One week remains for families to confirm their 2018–19 income.

If you don't confirm by 31 March as part of the balancing process, you will lose your Child Care Subsidy.

To confirm your income, families need to:

If you have any questions, please visit Child Care Subsidy - Time limits for confirming income - Services Australia.

World Autism Awareness Day 

Autism Awareness Day is held on the 2nd of April every year.  This year, as it falls on Good Friday, we will be recognising this day on Tuesday 6th of April by wearing blue #light it up blue.  We encourage all the children to wear blue as well to raise awareness.

Autism is a developmental disability that remains with a person for his or her whole life. This condition affects the brain's functions. The first signs usually appear before a child is three years old. People with autism often:

  • Find social interaction difficult.
  • Have problems with verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Demonstrate restrictive and repetitive behavior.
  • Have a limited set of interests and activities.

Autism affects girls and boys of all races and in all geographic regions and has a large impact on children, their families, communities, and societies. The prevalence is currently rising in many countries around the world. Caring for and educating children and young people with this condition places challenges on health care, education and training programs. 

As a Centre, we are currently caring for and helping to educate children with Autism.  Although this can be challenging, it is very rewarding, and we love seeing how well the children progress during their time in our care and into their future Education.  We hope you will agree that helping to support these children and their families is very important.

Room Transitions 

We are currently organising room transitions for children who have reached the appropriate age and development level to move up to the next room.  If your child is due to transition, you will shortly receive an email specifying the room and the date that your child will move.  The children will have time to transition in the new room before they move to their new room permanently from the week beginning 19th of April.

If you have any concerns about your child moving rooms please see your child's current room Educators or the front office.

Until next month...

We hope you all enjoy a wonderful Easter long weekend!!!