March Newsletter

From the Office 

​We extend a warm welcome to all of our new families who have recently joined us. We hope you are all settling in well. If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to see Renae or Allana in the office.

​Contact Details:

​If you have recently changed any of your contact details please collect a change of Enrolment form update from the office. This will allow us to contact you immediately if there is ever an emergency at the Centre.


​If your child has recently turned 2,4,6,12,18 months or 4 years and not had the required immunisations, please arrange to have them as soon as possible. Child Care Subsidy is only paid by Centrelink for children who are up to date with their Immunisations. 

​Extra Day:

​We will also try our best to accommodate any extra days that you require. We do ask that you contact the Centre during office hours (8.30-4.30) and give us as much notice as possible to assist you. 

House Keeping:

Please ensure you name all of your child's belongings. Unnamed belongings that go missing are harder to locate. 

Please ensure you are packing enough spare clothes for your child every day along with a hat.

Nappies and Toilet training 

It has been bought to our attention that some families are not supplying their children with the required amount of nappies or underwear and spare clothes (If your child is toilet training).

As per Centre policy and Staying Healthy in Child Care parents are required to supply an adequate number of underwear and spare clothes for children over 2 years of age. We request a minimum of 6 nappies or 6 pairs of underwear and spare clothes be provided for your child each day they attend the Centre.

Toilet training:

Educator's take children who are toilet training to the toilet regularly and allow them to sit on the toilet as long as required however, children may still have the occasional accident resulting in spare underwear clothes been used. If children are not provided with spare clothes and underwear for the day and they run out your child will be supplied a nappy for health and hygiene reasons.

To reduce the spread of germs soiled clothing will be placed in a named plastic bag and placed in the soiled clothing bucket in your child's room bathroom. If you are not sure where this is please speak to your child's educators.

The wearing of underwear under clothes minimises the spread of infection and germs when children have accidents. To avoid your child and other children and staff becoming ill we request that you follow Centre policies.

Spare Nappies:

If your child is not supplied with a minimum of 6 nappies or 6 changes of underwear and spare clothes and they run out your child will be provided with a spare nappy. Any nappies provided by the service will need to be replaced by yourself as nappies are not provided by the service for children over the age two years.

If your child is not supplied with any nappies/spare clothes or less than the 6 required you will receive a phone call requesting nappies/spare clothes be dropped off for your child or for your child to be collected. As we are unable to meet our duty of care for your child with the required supply of nappies.

Please collect a photo envelope from your child's information pocket in their room. If you can not locate your envelope please see your child's educators to request another one. 

If you would like your child to be put in nice clothes for photos please see their educators so they are aware that your child needs to be changed just for photos. 

 21 March is Harmony Day - we will be celebrating by all wearing orange and participating in a range of activities.

Harmony Day is a day to celebrate Australian multiculturalism, based on the successful integration of migrants into our community.

Australia is the most successful multicultural country on earth and we should celebrate this and work to maintain it.

Harmony Day is about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, united by a set of core Australian values.

Held every year on 21 March. The Day coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Since 1999, more than 70,000 Harmony Day events have been held in childcare centres, schools, community groups, churches, businesses and federal, state and local government agencies across Australia.

How to celebrate?

Let's come together with friends and family and through schools, workplaces and our wider communities to celebrate our diversity on and beyond 21 March.

Getting involved can be as simple as hosting an event or attending a local celebration. Visit out 'Get involved ' page for more information.

You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more information including simple ways to celebrate our diversity every day.

Why orange?

Orange is the colour chosen to represent Harmony Day. Traditionally, orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. It also relates to the freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect. Australians can choose to wear something orange on 21 March to show their support for cultural diversity and an inclusive Australia.

Our cultural diversity

Australia is a vibrant and multicultural country — from the oldest continuous culture of our first Australians to the cultures of our newest arrivals from around the world.

Our cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths and is at the heart of who we are. It makes Australia a great place to live.

An integrated multicultural Australia is an integral part of our national identity. All people who migrate to Australia bring with them some of their own cultural and religious traditions, as well as taking on many new traditions. Collectively, these traditions have enriched our nation.

Facts and figures

There are some fascinating statistics about Australia's diversity that can be good conversation-starters:

  • nearly half (49 per cent) of Australians were born overseas or have at least one parent who was
  • we identify with over 300 ancestries
  • since 1945, more than 7.5 million people have migrated to Australia
  • 85 per cent of Australians agree multiculturalism has been good for Australia
  • apart from English, the most common languages spoken in Australia are Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, Tagalog/Filipino, Hindi, Spanish and Punjabi
  • more than 70 Indigenous languages are spoken in Australia. These facts are taken from ABS 2016 Census Data. Check out the

 We will be celebrating Holi Festival on March 20th. Come dressed in clothes that you don't mind getting messy so we can celebrate and enjoy our selves.

Holi is a festival celebrated in north India. It marks the coming of Spring, usually in March.Celebrations

Holi is a colourful festival, with dancing, singing, and throwing of powder paint and coloured water.

Bonfires are lit and roasting grains, pop corn, coconut and chick peas are thrown on by Hindu families

March 31 - 7 April 2019 all of the staff at Doolandella Early Learning Centre will be participating in Walk for Autism, to raise awareness and much need funds for children and families with Autism. 

Autism is a lifelong condition. An estimated 1 in every 70 people in Australia is on the autism spectrum. Along with their family members, this means autism is a part of daily life for over a million Australians. It is likely you know someone – a family member, friend or colleague.

By taking part in Walk for autism, we are helping to provide the best opportunities for people of all ages on the autism spectrum from tailored educational support to fulfilling work lives and improved social environments.

Please help us reach our goal of $1500 to support children with Autism by donating through the link below.

During the week of 31 March and 7 April wear green and show your support to our team as they walk to pave the way to a better future. 

Please see Miss Karen or Miss Casey if you would like to join our team. 

 Welcome to 2019 in the Nursery.

What a great beginning we have had to 2019 so far. A big warm welcome to our existing families and of course our new families; Charlie, Henry and Kacey. We have been focusing on settling in to the room, routines and building relationships between the children and Educators.

Our little ones have really enjoyed art and craft this month. We have explored painting using variety of tools such as Sponge painting, Balloon painting and glass painting. By proving a range of painting tools awe are encouraging the children to be creative and to explore further with painting experiences.

Each and every day we encourage and promote a growing sense of independence in babies. As the babies grow and develop we encourage some independence from them, this is all done when they are ready and showing signs of wanting to have a go on their own. These experiences can be that they are encouraged to hold their bottle, try to drink water from a lidded cup and the older babies are encouraging them to feed themselves.

This month we have focused on gross motor skills. We do this by setting up a variety of experiences including introducing large foam blocks in the room. The blocks allow the children to challenge their gross motor skills in a safe environment and they learn to crawl over the obstacles or climb over them.

Please ensure all items send to the Centre are named.

If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss anything about your child please don't hesitate to come and talk to us.

Until Next Time

Miss Praxa, Miss Arley

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 Hi to all our families! Ms. Faapepe, Ms. Khushi and Miss Arleen would like to greet you a warm welcome in the Toddlers room! Since we moved up most of our older babies from the Nursery to Toddlers room last month, we have seen them settling very well in their new room. This month we welcomed Melrose and Alizeh in our room and we are happy to say that both are doing well and have settled quickly and even have made friends.

It is such a pleasure to watch every child in our room learn and grow. It is a joy to see them explore and develop new skills. Our older toddlers are starting to develop their language and verbal skills and we are hearing some words like "mum" "dad", "thank you",and we would like to further extend that through constant verbal communication with them to encourage language and vocabulary development. Also, our toddlers are becoming very independent and have now started to feed themselves at mealtimes.

In the toddler room our all of our children are developing so fast. To encourage and support their development we offer a range of actives each week that allow your children to learn through play. Their Gross Motor development can be enhanced by activities such as outdoor play, ball games, riding bike and climbing on equipment. We use experiences such as peg boards, painting, play dough, drawing with crayons and puzzles are all planned for refining and developing their fine motor skills. Language development is a big milestone that many of our toddlers are currently reaching to encourage and support this we not only talk to your children while they are participating in actives and transitions, we also have group time activities were we tell stories, sing songs, reading books, puppets, finger plays. Their social skills are developed through playing and sharing with friends, learning to take turns, enjoying home corner, puzzles, toys and even pack away times. 

We encourage family in put and will plan activities based on family input as well as the children's interests and strengths. We are so excited and enthusiastic to journey along with your children in the coming months.

We welcome any ideas and inputs from parents so we could incorporate that in our Toddler programme. Please feel free to come and speak to us about your child and our curriculum.

Till next time!

Your Toddlers Educators:

Ms. Arleen, Ms. Faapepe and Ms. Khushi

 Hello and a warm welcome to all of our new Tweenies families!

This month our main focus has been settling the children into their new room and routine. This is going very well and we have welcomed some new children to the centre also. We look forward to all of the new friendships and discoveries we will make together.

Our learning theme for this month has been colours. We have been exploring colour, where we find it in our own environment and what happens when we mix certain colours together. Our children have enjoyed this very much and are improving with their colour recognition. Some of our favourite activities include the colour sorting mat, rainbow parachute, painting, colour collage and coloured bubble foam.

We have noticed the children have taken a special interest in sharks and different sea animals. Some of our children can even identify and name stingrays and sea horses just by their shape on a stencil. This has given us the idea for next month's theme - sea animals!

Just a friendly reminder that all children 2 years of age and over are to provide nappies from home. If you are toilet training or thinking about toilet training, please speak to one of our room staff so we can begin working on this together.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to have a chat any time.


Cassandra and Cariad

Miss Emma, Miss Vicky and Miss Esther would like to welcome our new and existing families to the Junior Kindy room for 2019. We are looking forward to getting to know you all and are excited to begin this learning journey with your children. We have already begun to establish secure and meaningful relationships with your children and will continue to work hard to maintain and expand on these connections.

It is great to see the children settling into their new environment so quickly. As educators, we set up activities according to each child's interests to encourage them to explore this environment. We also engage in play with them to support their peer interactions and build upon our own relationships with them.

We have started the learning journey off this year with sensory exploration. Over the last few weeks we have set up various activities to challenge the children's five senses – touch, smell, sight, sound, taste. Around the room we have taken the opportunity to ask the children questions like "what does that feel like" and "what can you see". We help them to expand their vocabulary by offering suggestions (spiky, smooth, etc.).

Here are some of the panned activities;

Touch: Rice play – a gluing activity where the children investigate the texture of the rice and use their fine motor skills to pick up grains of rice to put them on the paper.

Sight: Colour mixing – a painting activity where children mix primary colours to make new colours and identify them.

Sound: Making music – singing songs with musical instruments and allowing the children to make their own sounds.

Smell: Onion painting – smelling onions before and after cutting them then using the half-cut onions as stamps in paint.

Taste: Mealtimes – we use mealtimes as an opportunity to ask the children questions like "is it sweet", "what can you taste", "do you like it", etc.

We are always looking for parent input into our program as well so if you have anything to share with us about your child's current interests please don't hesitate to let us know.

Kind Regards,

Miss Emma, Miss Vicky and Miss Esther J

 Hello and welcome to all our Pre-Kindy- children and families, 2019 is going to be an amazing year!

We are so looking forward to working with you and the children. It has already been a great start to the year, and we would like to welcome, Mason, Jasmine, Khoder, Ebyan, Noah, Alvinia and Ibtihaj. We have enjoyed getting to know them and their families and learning more about them as time goes by.

Our focus these last couple of weeks has been making sure the children and are settling well into the room and adjusting to the room routine and building a relationship with the educators in the room.

We have also been working on our numbers and using our numbers in group time games. Miss Sarai has made number cards and we have been using these to help us to recognise, count and match a certain number of objects. They have worked as a group to order numbers to 20 and then use them to count different objects around the room and match how many there are to a number card. Next month we will be continuing with more exciting experiences so stay tuned😊

Please remember is there is anything you would like to discuss, please don't hesitate to come to talk to us.

Until next time, take care

Miss Sarai, Miss Sophia and Miss Florence 

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On the 7th February we conducted a Kindergarten information night where we discussed the Kindergarten Curriculum and what you will expect your child to get out of the Kindergarten year at Doolandella Early Learning Centre.


We are a Government Approved Kindergarten which embraces the inclusive vision that 'all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life'. Kindergarten is the year before the preparatory year of schooling which assists in laying the foundation for their future success in learning and life.

The Kindergarten Program that has been adopted here at Doolandella Early Learning Centre understands the children's right to experience the joy of childhood and its fundamental role of learning that is promoted through play, and emergent and planned learning experiences and interactions. The program is delivered by our Early Childhood Teachers in which they draw together advice in the guidelines alongside their professional knowledge in understanding the children's interest, intentions and ideas.


Our Kindergarten Program develops your child's physical, social, intellectual, language and emotional abilities. They will have opportunities to learn how to:

  • use language to communicate ideas, feelings and needs
  • make friends and cooperate with other children
  • become more independent and confident in their abilities
  • develop self-discipline
  • creatively express ideas and feelings through art, dance and dramatic play
  • identify, explore and solve problems
  • develop reading, writing and numeracy skills.

The daily routine includes a combination of indoor and outdoor play, group and individual activities, morning and afternoon tea, lunch break and a rest. Your child will take part in individual and group activities such as block play, painting, games, puzzles, storytelling, dress-ups, dancing and singing.

Children can take part in outdoor physical activities and interact with the natural environment. Through these experiences your child will build on their knowledge, explore and express new ideas, learn to cooperate with others and make friends.


At the end of the Kindergarten year you will receive a summary (Transition Statement) of your child's learning and development. You can use this as a discussion starter when you meet your child's Prep teacher or school administrator. During the Kindergarten year, the teachers share information in many ways about how your child is progressing. They may:

  • chat informally with you at drop-off and pick-up times
  • have communication books with photos and information about your child's interests
  • use photos to show the learning activities in which your child is participating
  • have parent / teacher meetings twice a year.


Our Kindergarten rooms cater for 2 groups up to 22 children and 1 group up to 11 children each week during the Queensland school terms. The Kindergarten operating hours are from 8.00am to 4.30pm to ensure children can participate in the kindergarten program for an average of 15 hours a week, 40 weeks a year. A qualified early childhood teacher delivers the learning program. They are supported by qualified assistants with a ratio of 2 qualified staff to each group of 22 children.

Children participate in teacher-led and child-initiated activities that follow a general routine of outdoor time, group time for language development, indoor play and activities, group music time and rest. The teacher uses the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline to develop the program and monitor children's learning during the year.

Children enjoy a diverse range of play and real-life learning experiences including art and craft, cooking, gardening, music and dressing up. Many activities are based around themes. Sometimes these themes are planned in advance and other times they are influenced by the children. Through these experiences children build on their literacy and numeracy knowledge, learn to cooperate with others, express ideas and investigate solutions to problems.


Each day we will communicate with parents about what has happened in the room. We will share the highlights of each day on the "Our Learning Journey". Writing the Our Learning Journey allows us to communicate with families about some of the meaningful activities and interactions of the day. We will also share important information about the children's food intake and rest time. Parent input is important to us and provides the necessary information to extend your child's learning and interests. Your input is taken seriously and is incorporated into the weekly curriculum to extend your child's needs and abilities. Remember, we have an open door policy where you can come and speak with your child's teacher in relation to your child's learning.


Kindergarten 1 – Miss Jazmin (Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.00pm)

Kindergarten 2 – Miss Renae (Wednesday & Thursday 8.00am to 3.30pm) Monday, Tuesday and Friday office.

Kindergarten 3 – Miss Manpreet (Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm).


Parents are required to complete a Kindergarten acknowledgement form outlining your child's details. Please return this form ASAP with a copy of your child's birth certificate and or passport for verification of your child's date of birth to participate in the Kindergarten Curriculum.

If you hold a Health Care Card you may be entitled to a discount on your fees of approximately $32.00. This discount applies to Qld School Teaching Terms only and will not be applied during school holiday periods. 

 Welcome, Children, Parents and Families, to Kindergarten One for 2019.

My name is Jazmin Fairhurst and I am pleased to introduce myself as the newest Early Childhood Teacher (ECT) at Doolandella Early Learning Centre.

What an exciting start we've had so far. We have been Learning, Reading, Singing, Creating, Dancing, Painting, Gluing, Cutting, Listening, Role Playing, Talking, Running, Jumping and Climbing!!!!

Please see the table below find out what our weekly focus has been.

"I Went Walking" - "What did you see?"

I introduced a book to the children called 'I Went Walking' by Sue Machin & Julie Vivas during my first week at DELC. Throughout February this book helped the children learn about colours, shapes, farm animals, listening, following directions and ordinal numbers. As the weeks past by the group could read along and predict the next part of the story.

I am so proud of all the hard work Kindergarten One have displayed this month. Keep Going!

If you have any enquiries about your child and their development

Until next time we meet, have a Great Day!

Miss Jazmin and Miss Phoebe

Kindergarten One ECT 

​1 ​2 ​3​4
Week Beginning: ​Jan 28 Feb 4 ​Feb 11​Feb 18
​Letters and sounds​Aa​Ss​Tt
​Shape ​Circle and Square ​​Circle and Square ​Circle and Square 
​Welcome to Kindergarten​​​​"I went Walking" 
Whole Body Listening
​​​​"I went Walking" 
Whole Body Listening
​​​​"I went Walking" 
Whole Body Listening

 Welcome to our new and existing families for 2019.

Firstly thank you to all our parents that attended our kindergarten information night on the 7th February. It was great to see so many parents getting involved in their child's learning.

We have begun our learning journey together in hopes of working towards readiness for your child to attend Prep next year. Over the next twelve months in Kindergarten your child's outlook on life will open up as they gain a greater sense of independence and begin to explore the world and gain more confidence in their abilities and take on more challenges. Their level of understanding and communication improves and so will their enjoyment for learning new things. There will be a tremendous development in language skills and foundations in numeracy and literacy. We welcome parent input in many ways. So please feel free to communicate with us about your child, the curriculum or the room at any time.

Currently the children have been busy learning about their environment due to a cocoon being found outside in their playground. This sparked an interest of the children and then led us on learning path of the very hungry caterpillar.For the past month we have been learning about the days of the week, the number of fruits the hungry caterpillar eats on certain days and the butterfly life cycle. The learning which has taken place and the activities the children have taken part in can be found on "our learning journey" wall in the room. The children have also been exploring prewriting skills of the letters S, A, T & I and the numbers 0, 1, 2 & 3.

The children have also taken part in sustainable practices where they have been busy looking after their outdoor environment. They have planted new herbs in our herb garden. These herbs will used by our centre chef in her cooking which will then be given to the children during their meal times. The children are showing enthusiasm and are keen to water the herbs daily. Excess water from our drink station outside is used to water these new plants to enhance their growth as well as educate the children on recycling water which forms part of our sustainability policy.

Looking forward to a rewarding 2019 with your child.

Miss Renae, Miss Casey and Miss Karen

 Hi all,

I am Miss Manpreet. I am the teacher in kindergarten 3. I want to welcome to our families and children in kindergarten 3 and big and warm welcome to our new families and children who started this year Zohar, Kingston, Josephine, Harnoor, Annabelle, Giaan, Audrey. I am very excited to come to Kindergarten 3.

Since we opened the Kindergarten 3 room the children and I have been working on building relationships and getting to know each other.

We have started to learning letters using the Jolly Phonics program. Each week the children will be introduced to a new letter and we will revisit the letters they already know to reinforce their learning and knowledge.

We have been focusing on numbers, handwriting, shapes and colours. Please see our program each week to find out what our focus will be.

In science we have been learning about water cycles. On our Learning Journey wall you will be able to see all of the knowledge we are gaining through a range of activities and experiments.

If you have any questions about your child all their development please don't hesitate to come and see me.


Miss Manpreet

Welcome to 2019.

As we start a new year we request that all allergy action plans are in date. These need to be reviewed every 12 months with your doctor. If you are unsure if your action plan is in date please see your child's educators.

If your child has any dietary requirements please ensure you have notified office staff so they can advise me and the room staff to ensure your child's dietary needs are meet. If there are any changes to these requirements please also let the office staff know. 

I hope your children are enjoying our current menu. I welcome any meal suggestions that you may have, please come and see at any time through the window in the hall. 

This months recipe is:

​Cornflake Biscuits: Makes approx 20


​125g Margarine 

1/2 cup Caster Sugar

1/2 cup Sultanas

1 Egg

1 pinch salt 

1 cup Self raising flour 

1 tbsp Milk

2 cups crushed Cornflakes to coat


Beat margarine and sugar until creamy.

Add egg, salt and milk. Mix well

Add sifted flour and sultanas and stir until well combined.

Drop 1 tsp mixture into the crushed Cornflakes and roll around to coat.

Place on a greased baking tray and bake in a moderate oven (180 degress) for 15 minutes. 



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