April Newsletter

 From the Office

​This month has certainly flown by!

Have you checked out our Facebook page yet? We regularly put posts up of the experiences and activities that your children are involved in. We also pop up posts of up coming events to remind families. www.facebook.com/kaldoolandella


​At Doolandella Early Learning Centre we have a $0 debt policy. Which means all accounts must be kept up to date at all times. We understand that occasionally a direct debit fails because of a change in direct debit details. We request that if you do change account details you contact the Centre immediately so we can ensure the correct account is used to avoid any decline charges that may be incurred.

​Upcoming events:

​March 31- April 7 - Walk for Autism - Wear Green to support the staff while they step up and walk for Autism

April 2 - Go blue for Autism

​April 8 -12 - ​Nature Play week

April 18 - ​Easter Fun Day - ​Join us as we celebrate Easter

April 19 - ​Centre Closed - Good Friday

​April 22 - ​Centre Closed - Easter Monday

​April 25 - ​Centre Closed - ANZAC Day

Walk for Autism.

 From Match 31 to April 7 2019 30 ​of the staff from Doolandella Early Learning Centre are stepping up and walking for Autism! We are aiming to walk over 300,000 steps a day as a team. Be sure to encourage our team members when you see them that week.

Our staff will be wearing Green shirts this week to show their shirt. We are asking for children to come dressed on green to show their support and encouragement!

We are hoping to raise a minimum of $1500 towards this worthy cause please click the link below to show your support too. To date we have raised $615. Thank you to every one who has donated and shown their support. 


A big thank you to everyone who has supported us so far!!

People on the autism spectrum see, hear, feel and experience the world differently

Trying to cope with the everyday can cause stress and anxiety and prevent people on the autism spectrum from fully participating in the world around them – leading to feelings of isolation and exclusion.

Differences in social communication, strong interests and repetitive behaviours mean interacting with others can often be unpredictable and confusing.

Being over-or under-sensitive to sounds, touch, tastes, smells or light can cause sensory overload and make physical and social situations challenging.

By taking part in Walk for autism, you will help break down the barriers that keep people excluded and provide the best opportunities for people on the autism spectrum to engage, participate and thrive in the world around them.

Easter Raffle

​It's almost that time of year when we hold our Easter Raffle!

We are putting a call out to families and local business for donations for our Easter Raffle. Please see the office staff if you would like to contribute. 

The funds raised go towards 

Hello to the Nursery Families,

This month we have been focusing on sensory experiences and play. The children have had the opportunity to join in on pasta play, shaving cream play with animals, noodle play, painting, different fabric textures, etc. All of the experiences provide opportunities for the children to expand the sensory awareness and participate in adult lead discussions about the different textures they are feeling. When we have these discussions we describe the textures using words such as; rough, smooth, soft, hard, cold, warm, etc to help build the children's language skills.

As your child's routine at home changes we request that you please provide an up to date routine and inform the room staff so we can insure we are following their new routines.

We also request that you keep us informed of any changes in their dietary requirements that you may have discovered when introducing new foods to your child.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to come and see any of the Nursery Staff.

Until next time

Miss Praxa, Miss Arley and Miss Krystal

Hi There!

We would love to welcome Ellie Mae and Ameya and their parents, carers to the Toddlers Room.

In the month of March, our focus has been on exploring and developing the children's fine motor skills. We offered a range of different experiences and activities for the children including dinosaur hunt, yogurt lid drops, popsical stick push and pipe cleaner with a colander; these all encouraged and challenge the children to use their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. 

With the lovely weather we have been having we are doing inside/outside play. The children are offered the opportunity to decide which environment they would like to play in. When doing inside/outside play we have many actives and experiences on offer to support the children's development. 

Please ensure you are packing everything your child requires for the day including spare clothes.

If your child is collected after 5pm you are more than welcome to send in a healthy late snack for them (please no chips etc). This will be served to the children who have been provided food at 5pm. 

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to come and see us.

Thank you!

Toddlers Staff 

 Hello Tweenies families 

We are pleased to say that our room and children have settled nicely into a routine. We have enjoyed watching the children make new friendships and grow socially - talking to each other more and encouraging each other to join in with play.

Our theme for this month was "Under the Sea" which the children have loved! They enjoyed activities such as string painting octopus, cellophane fish collage, making sea foam, sea animals in jelly and an ocean sensory tray full of different shaped blue ice. We discussed our favourite sea animals, what they look like and what they like to eat. The most popular sea animal in our room was of course baby shark!

The children have loved this month's theme so we have decided to extend on it by making April our month of Farm Animals!

Lastly, we would like to thank our families for sending in nappies and pull ups. Our children who are toilet training are doing a fantastic job. If you have any questions or thinking about toilet training, please speak to one of the Tweenies staff members during drop off or pick up.

Many thanks,

Cassandra, Cariad and Margaret

Welcome to Junior Kindy

This month in the Junior Kindy room we have been looking at letters, numbers and shapes. Our focus has come from; being so amazed with the cognitive abilities in the room, wanting to see how much the children already know, and challenging them to learn and develop more. As well as other programmed activities, we have set up an office area to encourage children to take responsibility for their own cognitive learning. We are always trying to update our learning environments and would greatly appreciate any old office-related supplies you may have lying around at home.

Here are some of the programmed activities;


  • We sing "A,B,C" at group times and it is so great to see the children participating when we sing fast, slow, loud and quiet.
  • In the creative area we have done letter stamping with paints where the children were given the first letter of their name to dip into paint and stamp onto the page.
  • Outside we have had water play with the magnet letters, watching them float and talking about each letter we can see.


  • Outside we are counting flowers in the garden as we water them and talking about which numbers we see on the sticks.
  • At group time we are counting together up to 10 and also counting backwards from 5 to 'blast off'.
  • In the creative area we are cutting out around numbers 1, 2, and 3 and talking about what each one looks like before trying to put them in order.


  • At the drawing table we have been sitting with the children and drawing different shapes. We talk about the shape and some children try to trace over the educators drawing while others try to draw it on their own.
  • Outside we have been doing a similar activity with chalk. Some of the children who may not be as interested in drawing at the table have been more engaged in the chalk drawing.

We have also been supporting children in their social interactions and discussing positive peer play at group times. Play is such an important part of development and learning how to interact with others. In this age group, children can be at different stages of social and emotional development. We support children by; encouraging them to use their words with their peers, offering different phrases to use for different situations, and encouraging them to listen to their peers.

We look forward to giving you the next instalment J

Miss Vicky, Miss Emma and Miss Esther 

 Pre Kindy April Newsletter

Hello again to all our lovely Pre Kindy families.! We are pleased by how well our new friends have settled into the room. This month we started with our alphabet and numbers topic, where each week we have been focusing on a letter that goes with the number of that letter in the alphabet. For example on the first week of March we did the letter 'A' with the number '1' the following week we did the letter 'B' with the number 2 and so on. We will be continuing on with this topic until we get through the letters of the alphabet and encouraging the children with their numbers by counting how letters are in the alphabet. The children have definitely shown great interest within this topic and have also enjoyed the learning experiences we have had in place for them to help with their letters and numbers recognition.

We would like to give a big warm welcome to Niva, Ebyan, Emma and Noah who has joined our Pre Kindy room this month. We are excited to spend more time with you all and getting to know your families as well.


Please remember to put your child's name on all their belongings BEFORE coming into childcare

Make sure to bring hat for your child so they can play outside. 

Take time to look around at the children's display and the notice board to see what we got up to for the day. The children take joy and pride in their activity work.

If your child is starting toilet training please do let us know and to make sure to bring in spare clothes/undies.

Any changes to your child's health , development circumstances please let us know immediately. So we can support your child appropriately. 

If you would like to discuss any matters regarding your child , please do not hesitate to speak with either Sarai , Sophia or Florence . 

Until next time,

Miss Sarai, Miss Sophia & Miss Florence

Hello Children, Parents and Families of Kindergarten One,

The children in Kindergarten one we've been practising our Handwriting, letter, number and name recognition, routines, transitions, dancing, gardening, making good choices, getting along with others, listening skills and using our manners.

Each day the children have an opportunity to do independent and shared reading from a selection of books. I love seeing the children's faces when they find a book they enjoy. Many of the children have found some favourite books which they continue to go back to. Love for Reading is a fantastic way to encourage Long Life Learning. Please come and see me for book suggestions that you can purchase to add to your home library. 

This is a quick glance of what we have been learning about this month:





Week beginning

25 Feb.

4 Mar.

11 Mar.

Letter and Sound
















Topic of Interest

Last Week on "I Went Walking"

The 5 Senses

Germs and Hand Hygiene

Insect Ice Block (Thu/Fri)

Popcorn Experiment, Salt & Sugar Experiment

Clean/Dirty Hands Experiment

I am so proud of all the growth and development from Kindergarten One have displayed this month. We are all getting to know each other more and more each day and build strong relationships with peers and educators. These relationships provide a foundation for children to practise their social skills as the talk and collaborate during play and group times. 

Until next time we meet, have a Great Day!

Miss Jazmin and Miss Phoebe

 Hi and welcome to our families which have recently joined us or returned from holidays!

What's been happening in Kindergarten over the last month?

Last month we mentioned that we built a herb garden and planted herbs for our centre chef to use in her daily cooking.The herbs are growing well due the children showing an appreciation for living things and watering and caring for them daily. Please come and take a look at our eatable herb garden which the children take pride in daily. This is a great way to start a conversation with your child about their day at Kindy.

What have we been learning about?

The beginning of the Month saw us end our learning of the Very Hungry caterpillar and extend our learning into tactile learning using our 5 senses. The children were provided with opportunities to explore their 5 senses through experiments where they had to use all 5 senses to describe popcorn and determine which item was sugar and which was salt. These experiences allowed the children to respond verbally to what they see, heard, felt, touched and tasted.

Using our 5 senses allowed us to then explore our bodies further by investigating hand washing and hygiene. The children participated in activities where they used their inquiry skills to explore bread which was touched with clean hands after hand washing and then another piece of bread that was touched without washing their hands. This experience allowed the children to see how germs are not evident to the eye but when left untreated on services we touch how bacteria then grows. We have also explored healthy eating options and what foods make up the 5 food groups. We then went shopping and cut out healthy food options and then glued in our shopping trolleys. As a group we worked together on selecting healthy food options for our plate and then a junk food plate.

Lastly our children have been developing their numeracy and literacy skills through handwriting tasks and through our daily learning wall. We have focused on our fine motor skills using the correct pincer grip as well as using scissors to cut shapes. Our focus for literacy has been the letters P, N, C & K. Our numbers and tracing of shapes have consisted of 4, 5, 6 & 7 and the shapes Star and Diamonds.

If you have any questions in relation to your child's learning please feel free to speak with us.

Miss Renae, Miss Casey & Miss Karen

Welcome to Kindy 3

First of all, a big and warm welcome to Jaiveer and his family.

In Kindergarten 3 the children have been building relationships with the peers, which is wonderful to see the collaboration and conversations that are happening each day. These meaningful conversations provide us with a real life experience to practise and explore social interactions and expand our vocabulary. During group times the children are using theses skills to communicate their ideas and knowledge with the group. 

We have continued with learning new a new letter, number shape and colour each week. So far we have learnt S, A, T, I, P N and this week we are learning the letter C. Be sure to ask your child if they can identify any of the letters they have learnt so far or write them. We do a review each week of the letters we have learnt in previous week, by reviewing the letters and other learning at home you are reinforcing your child's knowledge and helping them to retain the new information. You can see more of our learning and handwriting on display in our room. 

At group time I have introduced Calendar time. During this time we discuss the days of the week, what day is it today, Yesterday and Tomorrow, the date, the month, the season and even the weather. The children enjoy checking out the weather for the day and reporting to the class if it is sunny, cloudy, raining etc. Be sure to ask your child what the weather is like each morning on their way to Kindergarten. 

The children have shown a keen interest in water this month. We have expanded on this interest in all areas of our learning including art and science.

As always please do not hesitate to come and see me if you have any concerns or would like to discuss your child's development and see how they are going. 

Bye for now Manpreet and Kindergarten 3



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