March Newsletter

Hello and welcome to another month of news!

Children's Photos

Proofing is now activated for child's photographs. Use this manual link: to view and purchase. QR CODE is also available on EDUCA and next to the Kiosk tablets. Ordering and proofing will be available until Tuesday 22nd March. After this time links and QR code will no longer work.

Editing/Printing Tuesday 22nd March – Monday 28th March. Prints will be delivered to the Centre Monday 28th March. You will receive an email once your order is ready to be collected at the Centre.

Any questions or problems relating to your child's photo's can be answered by contacting Flutter Bug Photography via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Please provide your child's name and Centre name in your email correspondence.

Dentist Visit

Dr Jaz Sohal and her team from Fun Smiles is visiting the Centre this week on Monday the 14th of March and Friday the 18th of March to conduct 6 monthly health checks on the children. This is a great experience for the children to learn about oral health and how to keep their teeth and gums healthy in their early years.

Higher Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

Families with more than one child in care aged 5 or under in care can get a higher Child Care Subsidy (CCS). They'll get the higher subsidy for their second child and younger children. This measure was introduced on 7 March 2022. The standard rate child is usually the eldest CCS-eligible child aged 5 or under in the family. They get the income tested CCS rate. Younger children get a higher subsidy. All eligible children aged 5 or under are counted when determining the standard rate child. Families will continue to receive their income tested CCS rate for all children. Children eligible for the higher rate will have the increase automatically included in their CCS percentage reported to Services. More information is available at - Your number of children in care can affect your Child Care Subsidy - Child Care Subsidy - Services Australia.


Lunch Boxes - As we supply meals, we do not require lunch boxes for the children. Some children in rooms are beginning to refuse the meals provided as they know they have a lunch box with snacks / treats. Please do not bring lunch boxes for children with or snacks in. Late afternoon tea is provided to children at 5pm and is only a snack not a meal.

Breakfast - Just a reminder that we do not serve breakfast after 7.30am. If your child is arriving at 7.30am or later please ensure they have had their breakfast before coming into the centre.

Water Bottles & Hats - Please remember to send a labeled water bottle and hat with your child daily. Centre hats have been provided to all children. You are welcome to leave your child's hat in their locker and Educators can assist children with this prior to going outside.

Fees - Please ensure your fees are up to date at all times to prevent your account from being suspended. If payment is not received your child will be unable to attend until payment is made. Declined payments incur an additional fee of $14.95 and is added on top of your next weekly or fortnightly fee cycle.

Extra Curricular Activities

Ginger Sport (Soccer) Fridays 10.30am. Soccer is a great sport for young ones to gain self-confidence and learn about teamwork in a fun and welcoming space.

Happy Feet Fitness (Dance) - Thursdays 11.00am. Dance is a great form of exercise for children and a healthy habit to instill in them from a young age.

Up Coming Events

21st March - Harmony Day. We come together to celebrate unity and diversity.