October Newsletter

​From the office:

Wow this year is really flying by! 

We have recently emailed out 2019 booking forms. Please ensure you fill these out and return them ASAP to secure your spot for 2019.

Please advise office staff if you wish to take holidays over The Christmas period. Please note that the Centre will be closed on Christmas day, Boxing day and New years day only over the Christmas period.

Up coming Events:

Oct 31 Halloween Dress up day

Oct 31 Christmas/ Graduation Photos

Nov 2 Christmas/ Graduation Photos

Nov 5-9 Book Fair

Nov 8 Book fair Dress up day

Nov 8 Christmas/ Graduation Photos

It's us again in the Nursery. 

We are happy to welcome this month Isaac, Alannah, Seren, Sofija , Louis and Larissa and their families to our Nursery. We wish a happy and easy transition for our new families and babies into their new environment.

What have we been up to?Over the past few weeks we have explored the season Spring where our babies participated and engaged in various activities engaging them in the great outdoors.

As always, our babies love sensory play – anything that explores their senses most especially their sense of touch. We have been exploring our sense of touch through water play with rainbow balls.

Continuing on our sensory exploration with our sense of touch, the babies engaged in various sensory play activities with sand, water and insects.We later extended their learning of touch in a planting experience making our own little plant garden.

Our babies have enjoyed watering our plants and watching them grow.

We welcome any feedbacks and ideas for our Nursery programme. Till next time!

Nursery Educators: Arleen, Courtney and Khushi 

Welcome to our toddler families....

What a busy Month we have had welcoming our new families and children and assisting them with becoming familiar with the new environment and routine.

Over the last few months due to new arrivals and children transitioning from the Nursery our focus has been on colours. The children are showing interest in art activities relating to primary colours. Some children are even identifying the colours in their outdoor environment when playing in the construction area.

Due to the number of new children we have begun the initiation of self-help skills of washing our hands before and after lunch and when transitioning from the outdoors in. We are also focusing on feeding ourselves during meal times.

Areas of interest to the children … Dramatic Play is very popular in the room as they can express their feeling and emotions. The Children have also taken an interest in our sensory activities where they can enjoy and explore the different texture and getting their hands dirty.

We have also been using the i-pad to explore animal sounds and different animal songs. Baby shark is getting very popular in toddler room. During morning group time the Children are always asking for baby shark and they love to dance to it.

Reminder - please label all your child's belongings. As the weather is warming up in the afternoon please pack some cooler clothes e.g. shirts with sleeves, no singlets please.

If you have any question or concern regarding your child please feel free to come and talk to the room staff as we are always there to help you.

Until Next time

Miss Praxa, Miss Cariad, Miss Arley, Miss Krystal

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Tweenies News

Hello, Hola, Xin chao, Kamusta, Kia ora, Talofa lava, Kedu and Bonjou nan Syera Leon to all our Tweenies families!

What a wonderful month we have had in our room, further exploring our culture and the cultures of our peers with our "All About Me" theme. We practised simple phrases in the different languages of our cultures, tried different foods (our favourites being Pilipino sticky rice and Vietnamese rice paper rolls) and studied cultural dance. We enjoyed listening to different music and attempting the dance moves we saw on the ipad – the boys in our room are loving the Samoan "fa'atau pati." Thank you, families, for sharing your child's culture and allowing us all to learn more about where we come from.

We have had a number of new children start in our room over the last 2-3 months and we are so happy with how well they have settled into the room and routine. We love seeing them get more comfortable with us and their peers and seeing their wonderful personalities.

These last few weeks we have been focusing on toilet training with many of our children and are pleased to report that we are making progress. If you would like your child to start toilet training, please feel free to talk to one of the staff members and send pull-ups or underwear in your child's bag.

Thank you to the parents who came in for parent interviews last week. We were very happy with the feedback and we encourage all families to please speak to us if they have any concerns or suggestions.

We look forward to this coming month where we will be revising colours, numbers and shapes.

Thank you kindly,

Fa'apepe, Sophia and Cassandra

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 Welcome to the month of October 2018.

Firstly, we would like to thank you all once again for trusting us with the care of your children. We would like to ask that you continue to work with us to provide and deliver a safe and happy learning environment for everyone while in our care. We would appreciate any feedback or parent input into our curriculum. Please feel free to speak with any of our educators within the room if you have any suggestions.

For the month of October we have begun our new learning of the great outdoors – Nature! We will be exploring nature in a variety of ways including the four seasons, animals and natural resources which are found in our environment. The children will undertake a big proportion of their learning outside where they will explore and care for their very own garden bed, look for insects and use their 5 senses and inquiry skills when handling items found in their environment e.g. rocks, shells, bark, sand etc. To extend the children's use of technology we will incorporate the Ipads into the curriculum for the children to engage and share their ideas of the 4 seasons, animals and the resources within their environment.

Junior Kindy Educators: Sarai, Vicky and Esthe 

Welcome to another month in the Pre-Kindy 1 room. Firstly we would like to welcome Riley, Ayden, Demi, Jenny, and Peyton whom have recently started with us and have settled into the room quite nicely.

Continuing on from last month's theme of health and hygiene we have extended into healthy eating. We investigated different types of foods and food groups.We explored the 5 food groups and in particular fruits and vegetables.

In case you didn't know - A fruit is the mature seed-bearing ovary part of a plant and a vegetable is the edible parts of plants that are not classified contrary. A fruit can be a vegetable, but a vegetable cannot be a fruit. Fruit is one of many scientific terms for an edible plant part, but vegetable is not a scientific term and is rooted instead in culinary and cultural tradition.

We have focused our learning of fruits served to the children daily during meal times which is prepared from our kitchen chef Kylie. Apples, Bananas, Watermelon, Pears, Oranges and strawberries were our focus fruits. During each day we engrossed our knowledge and understanding about each fruit. We discovered that each fruit looked and tasted different. We used our fine motor skills to cut, peel, juice and stamp the fruits using paper and coloured paint.

Last week we investigated different types of vegetables. We focused on Beans, Pumpkin, Potato's, Lettuce and tomatoes.We had lots of fun crunching on beans and carrots, smashing avocados, mashing potatoes for Miss Kylie in the kitchen.

This week we are all about different foods we can gain protein from. We are looking more closely at Milk, Meat, Lentils and Eggs while teaching the children the importance of healthy eating.

As we are heading into the last term of the year we have started prepping the children ready for their next chapter ahead … Kindergarten! The skills that they will acquire will build their confidence, independence and increase their knowledge of early literacy and numeracy skills. We will also be reinforcing fine motor skills of writing and scissor control whilst incorporating numbers and letters.

Till next time

Pre Kindy 1 Educators: Casey, Emma and Florence 

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Hello and welcome to Term 4 in the Pre-Kindy 2 room.

Over the next few months before Christmas I will be focusing heavily on colour, shape, number and letter recognition in readiness for Kindergarten next year.You as parents can assist with this process by encouraging your child to answer simple questions like what colour/shape/number/letter is that in their everyday life at home.

At the moment we are experiencing cool mornings and afternoons but the middle of the day can be quite warm so could you please provide warm and cool clothes and named of course.

Just a reminder, as a lot of the resources in the room are my personal belongings please do not allow your child to play with them when dropping off in the morning or picking up in the afternoon as they get lost or broken when the children take them out of the room.

The email address for the Pre-Kindy 2 room is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you would like updates or reminders please let me know. If you prefer to communicate via email due to your busy work schedule please email me.If you have any concerns or queries regarding your child please do not hesitate to approach or email me.

Pre Kindy 2 Educator: Karen 

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kindergarten one and two

 A very big and warm welcome to all our new children and families who have joined us in the last few months. We would also like to welcome Miss Manpreet to our Kindergarten team.

We would like to thank the parents who attended our recent parent teacher meetings and we hope you now have an understanding of how your child is developing within the Kindergarten environment.

Wow… the year is passing by fast. The Kindergarten rooms have been very busy since our last newsletter. We had continued with our farming unit where we had expanded the children's knowledge of animals and what products they provide us. We extended this further into hands on experiences e.g. milking a cow as it allows the children to engage in kinaesthetic/tactile learning.

During last term we focused on sustainability namely recycling and composting. The children have responded and have shown great interest in protecting their environment. To further our sustainable practices within the centre we have teamed up with Kylie from the kitchen and asked her if she could keep the fruit scraps each morning, as we are using the scraps in our compost bin. Each day the children take turns to compost the scraps and in time will use the compost as mulch in our garden.

Furthering their interest in the environment we have begun our next unit of work lifecycles.As the season is Spring we began our learning of plant lifecycles starting with Sunflowers. During an experience the children practiced their very own gardening skills by planting sunflower seeds of their own.We will continue our life cycle of plants over the coming weeks planting beans, carrots, potatoes and pumpkins. The children will continue to look after these plants/crops in our vegetable garden. Once the plants mature and bear fruit/vegetables they will be used in our centre prepared meals.

On a final note it's time to prepare for the end of year celebration. On the 13th of December we will be celebrating your child's successful year in Kindergarten. Please be aware that graduation invitations will soon be put out to all parents with a RSVP note attached. Please make sure you fill out the RSVP and return the RSVP to the fees box located in the office.

Until next time, your friendly Kindergarten Staff

Renae, Josie, Manpreet and Phoebe