Sensory Processing Occupational Therapy Information Night

​Time May 24, 2017 - 6:30 PM
931 Blunder Rd Doolandella


Free Information Night on sensory processing & how this affects children's behaviour​

Some kids struggle to pay attention, engage, learn and play in the typical kindy or childcare setting. They may be anxious and over-sensitive to touch, noise, movement and/ or smell - easily upset and refusing to engage in the play. They may be under-sensitive and unaware of their body or environment and either tired and lethargic or constantly on the go. These are all signs of sensory processing issues. Learn the fundamentals of sensory processing theory and take away strategies to improve attention, calmness, cooperation and behaviour. These can be done in an inclusive way that helps the whole group get into the best learning, listening and playing state. Michelle Cloete (Therapy Manager of Kids Matters OT) is a fun and practical speaker with extensive training and experience in sensory processing theory and practice both within and outside the classroom.