September Newsletter

Welcome to another month of news and to our families who have recently joined us at Doolandella ELC.

Dentist Visit

The Fun Smiles dental team will be visiting the service on Thursday 29th & Friday 30th September to conduct 6 monthly health checks on the children. These visits have been prearranged with families who recently completed permission and medical forms.

Children will be seen individually for their dental check, accompanied by a staff member from the service. Children scheduled for dental checks will receive a take home dental pack with a certificate, toothbrush, stickers, and report card.

Fun Smiles mission is to bring optimum oral health to as many Australian children as possible. To make a difference and a contribution to the health of young children and their families. Working towards a society where we no longer suffer from dental diseases which are avoidable. 

 School Transitions

We are in in the process of coordinating Prep teachers from the local schools to visit our Kindergarten children. These visits are a great opportunity for your child to meet and greet their new teachers and for the Prep teachers to see your child's current abilities in their own classroom environment.

The Prep teachers will be running the classroom during these visits and will be looking for the way in which your child participates in conversations, attempts activities set by the prep teacher and their interactions with peers. They will also be looking for concentration levels when sitting on the mat for group discussions.

Please record your child's school of attendance for next year on the lists outside your child's Kindergarten Class. This is a great opportunity for parents to discuss who will be going to the same school as your child.

If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with Renae or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.