From the Office

Hello and welcome to the September Newsletter, Wow the year is passing by fast. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new families. we hope your time with us will be fun and educational for your children. 

August was a very busy month here at Doolandella ELC. I hope everyone can see the new areas popping up around the outside areas, the educators and children have been working very hard to make these areas to stimulate the childrens play    outside. There is a reading area on both sides of the playgrounds. we have a construction area and a natural area being worked on at the moment.

In the Kindergarten area there is a new garden and a compost bin.

Introducing New Educators 

I would like to Introduce the new educators to all of our families. Miss Tea began with us on the 11th September helping out in the kitchen while Miss Kim is a way on holidays. Tea will also be working in the rooms relieving lunches for the educators. Miss Gayna is the new assistant up in the kindergarten room, she has many years experience working with children. We will also be joined by Miss Kylie very soon in the kitchen, Kylie has been working in a kitchen for many years and is very able to handle needs for the children. we look forward to smelling all of her yummy food she cooks for the children.

Your trash is our treasure 

We are keen recyclers here at Doolandella, what you might think is trash and throw out we may be able to use. examples old pots and pans, wood, tree stumps, paper, plastic PVC piping, door handles. 

One project we have already started to make is hat holders, and if each child can bring in a  2 Lt milk carton so we can make their hat  holder. see picture attached. thank you to the couple of children that have already done this.

Quality Improvement Plan 

I hope everyone has seen our QIP Quality Improvement Plan in action wall, it is between the office and the outside playground. Each month we will high light a QA and we will ask all our families to have their say. You can do this in a number of ways, you can  fill in the Short QA question air at he font counter on the Qip wall or by email. This month the focus area is

Quality Area 2: Children's health and safety

This quality area of the National Quality Standard focuses on safeguarding and promoting children's health and safety.

Quality Area 2: Standards and elements

Standard 2.1

Each child's health is promoted.

Element 2.1.1

Each child's health needs are supported.

Element 2.1.2

Each child's comfort is provided for and there are appropriate opportunities to meet each child's need for sleep, rest and relaxation.

Element 2.1.3

Effective hygiene practices are promoted and implemented.

Element 2.1.4

Steps are taken to control the spread of infectious diseases and to manage injuries and illness, in accordance with recognised guidelines.

Standard 2.2

Healthy eating and physical activity are embedded in the program for children.

Element 2.2.1

Healthy eating is promoted and food and drinks provided by the service are nutritious and appropriate for each child.

Element 2.2.2

Physical activity is promoted through planned and spontaneous experiences and is appropriate for each child.

Standard 2.3

Each child is protected.

Element 2.3.1

Children are adequately supervised at all times.

Element 2.3.2

Every reasonable precaution is taken to protect children from harm and any hazard likely to cause injury.

Element 2.3.3

Plans to effectively manage incidents and emergencies are developed in consultation with relevant authorities, practised and implemented.

Element 2.3.4

Educators, co-ordinators and staff members are aware of their roles and responsibilities to respond to every child at risk of abuse or neglect.