Footprints | February 2019 Newsletter

Month 2 of 2019 can you believe it ?! 

Dates to remember:


Thursday 14th February - Come dressed with love - Valentine's Day Dress Up Fun

Tuesday 26th February - Speech Screening 

Wednesday 6th March - Dental Show 10 am 

Friday 15th March - Wear Green 'luck of the Irish' Dress Up Fun

Thursday 21st March - Harmony Day - wear own cultural clothing or wear orange

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of our Footprints newsletter. Firstly I would like to say a big welcome back to all our families that have been away on holidays and a huge welcome to all our new families who have started with us here over the past month. We are looking forward to having a fantastic year with you all.

This month is usually a newsletter from the office, however I thought it would be nice to catch up with the classes and see how they are all settling, taking shape and gearing up for the year ahead. Before I do there is a couple of things I need to remind families:

- Please ensure you are signing your child/ren in and out each and everyday that they attend the centre. Parents and guardians are legally required to sign their child/ren in and out every single day that your child is here. We have to report your actual sign in and out times to Centrelink at the end of each week, to reflect your needs for CCS correctly, it is essential that you are signing your children in and out as you are arriving and leaving. If you are having trouble with the kiosks at any time, please see a staff member and they will be happy to assist you where they can. 

- Please be sure to be on top of your fees at all times. This is enrolment agreement you sign upon starting. If for some reason you cannot make a payment please see me to make alternate arrangements, I am happy to work with you so that we can avoid letting your account accrue too high a debt which then leads to suspension. Accounts are to be a week ahead at all times. Thank you for your co-operation with this matter.

Till next month,

With a smile :-)


Upcoming Speech Assessment Opportunity  - from Technically Speaking, a local Speech Therapy company

Are you concerned about your child's communication skills?
A speech pathology screening assessment will be held at your child's day care centre on
Tuesday 26th February - 9.00-11.30
Would you like to check that your child is able to communicate similarly to other children their age. We will screen both:
Listening and speaking skills
Sound production and awareness skills
Our screening assessment focuses on ensuring that your child is meeting their speech and language milestones and is facilitated by qualified speech pathologists. Following the assessment you will be provided with a short report outlining your child's abilities.
We will be conducting a screening as mentioned on Tuesday 26th February at your child's centre (Footprints Sunnybank)
9:00-11:30 am
Cost: $30 (payment required prior)
Consent slips and payment envelopes will be available in your family pockets later this week.
To find out more information please call us on 07 3800 9491

From the Nursery Room:


Welcome to the beginning of a new year in the Nursery. I am looking forward to an exciting year with the babies, as I help them to learn and develop as they grow.

My main focus to start with, will be to develop strong relationships with each child, so they feel secure in my care. This also extends to you as families, as I will be caring for your precious children. Please, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child, I will always make time to be available for conversation. I ask that if there is any change to your child's routine, foods or other important information, please let me know so that I can maintain the same routine as home in order for consistency for your child.


It has been a quiet start to the year, with many of our friends moving to the Toddler room, along with Miss Bernadette. We will miss them but know that they will come and visit us for play. We have some new friends starting in the coming weeks, and we look forward to meeting them and developing new friendships.

Tangaroa and Chase have both celebrated their 1st birthdays this month, and we wish them a Happy Birthday from all of us at Footprints.

 Our focus this month:

We are starting off the year, exploring our gross motor skills, as we are nearly walking, or early walkers. We will focus on balance, coordination and especially confidence.

Research shows that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain's pathways, which leads to the child's ability to complete more complex learning tasks. Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interactions so we will be exploring textures and sounds in a variety of ways in the room, in the coming weeks.

 Friendly Reminders

  • Please make sure you name all of your child's belongings, so they don't get misplaced.
  • Please provide for your child each day
  • Spare clothes
  • A hat & sunscreen
  • Sheets and a light blanket
  • Bottles & formula/milk (pre-measured)
  • Dummies/comforters
It is very important to sign your child in and out each day at the kiosks, please ensure you are doing this. If you need help, please get a staff member, we are always happy to help.

Miss Sally

From the Toddler Room: 

 Welcome to the new year in the Toddler room. This year myself and Miss Alison (who is currently out on leave due to injury) have had the pleasure to be joined by Eva, Xena, Zoe, Kaleb, Flynn, Michael, Cruz, Joel, Jordyn, William and Malakai (joining us this week). It has been a great first few weeks getting to know one another and becoming familiar with our new room.

Our group time focus so far had been getting used to sitting and focusing in a group setting while singing a few songs. As our focus at group time extends, we will begin to focus on other topics which have arisen through interests.

Each child has been set up a locker and a basket. Baskets are for small items such a dummy (in a container) and hats or shoes. If you wish to keep water bottles at the centre this is fine but please place them in your child's basket at the of the day when collecting so they can be located easily the next day they are in.

Afternoon snacks: please be sure that food provided is either fresh fruit, yogurt or cheeses, other foods will not be able to be served and will be left in the kitchen for collection.

Please make sure ALL items (hats, shoes, containers, milk bottles and caps) have been named, we do our best to keep track of items but if names are not on them, we cannot confirm the ownership of them. A marker will be placed in the kitchen if needed to name belongings.

Any concerns or questions please come see myself.

Miss Bernadette

From the Junior Kindy Room: 

 Welcome to our first newsletter of the year

Hello, how are you all, hope New Year has been a great start for you all.Firstly, I would like to welcome back all our families to our Footprints family, and we also would like to say a very big welcome to our new families that have joined the Footprints family this year. Myself (Miss Rupa) will be the group leader for the Junior Kindy room and Miss Dana will be the Assistant Educator for the Junior Kindy room. Our children this year are ALISSA, ALESSA, ALEX, JAIMAYA, ZAHARA, NIHAL, LEON, FINN, PIERRE, AMELIA and we have welcomed two new friends at the start of the year LOLA and PAUL. Our aim is for all children to feel safe and secure in their new environment and with their educators.

This year so far has been a great start, the children are engaging on a daily basis with in the group and on the mat, they have been enjoying playing train tracks together and the children are developing more complex social skills, as they learn to interact with their peers and become involved in shared play experiences. It is wonderful to see and hear the children developing the skills to cooperate with others and negotiate roles and relationships during play and group experiences. The children have been very interested in dancing and singing. They've been very excited to show off their awesome dance moves to their favourite song 'baby shark'!

We are also encouraging self help skills in the room such as helping to pack away toys and belongings, putting their own hats and shoes on, etc. During our group time learning we have been focusing on cognitive and language skills development by teaching the Junior Kindy children about the days of the week, counting how many children there are today in the room, counting and singing songs such as "5 cheeky monkeys" and "Five little ducks", also the weather such as today is - sunny/cloudy/rainy day. And we are also encouraging children to recognise their friends' names and their names while they transition to the bathroom to wash their hands by singing "bee bee bumble bee can you say name to me". This encourages children to say their names and develop their cognitive and language development.

Just a friendly reminder about naming all items of clothing and belongings that comes to the centre and please, as the Junior Kindy room is the toilet training room, could you please pack some extra clothes and underwear so that it makes it easier for us to do toilet training.

Once again its great to see you all back again, we wish this year brings lots of happiness and success that you all deserve. As February is Valentines Day month, we would like to see everyone getting dressed in something fun on Thursday 14 February with the theme of 'with love' at the centre.

Kind regards Miss Rupa and Miss Dana. 

From the Senior Kindy Room: 

Welcome Welcome to a new year………

We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas & new year, First would like to welcome our new friends and their families that have joined the room - welcome Charles, Lotus and Hunter.

As it is the beginning of the year Senior Kindy room will be focusing on getting to know our friends and new room routine. We will also be concentrating on learning the days, months, year and what the weather is. We will also be focusing on learning recognition of the letters, numbers and shapes. As well as learning recognising what our first name starts with.

Friendly reminder to parents about afternoon tea, if you wish to give your children afternoon tea please remember that they can have only pieces of fruit not jelly fruits etc., cheese, yogurt (vanilla or fruit, no chocolate ones) please. Also please do not forget to pack their sheet, hat, drink bottle and spare clothes as the children do sometimes have accidents or due to weather.

If parents also have any concerns regarding anything please feel free to come and speak to Miss Catherine.

Till next time,

Miss Catherine

From the Kindergarten Room: 

Hello Families!

Our first month in kindergarten was a great success. The boys and girls have done a great job of adjusting to the daily routine, we are continuing to review class room rules and procedures at group time and appropriate voice levels for indoor play, the first week of Kindy we tried to get to know each other and concentrated on Name recognition activities.

Next, we found out all about ourselves as well as our friends, we followed this up by learning about our five senses, that led us to make an x- ray picture of our bodies. The children quickly took this up to explore how we dress our bodies making collage dresses after tracing the body stencil to make their own unique lookalike.

Last week we explored the ocean setting up our own ocean world, it has been a fantastic and fun journey so far as the children are having fun and exploring literacy and numeracy in unique ways relevant to them.

We have been revising Alphabets with Jolly phonics every day, we have also been counting together as well as learning about the calendar and weather every day.

 PRESCHOOL is SunSmart...

We are engaging in sun smart policies in our Preschool room

We request parents to help us in our endeavour by ensuring that your child is equipped with a hat and water bottle in addition to getting the

At outdoor play the children learn to use their gross motor skills as well as learning balance and coordination,

We also learn to share resources and play in groups. Children also experiment with outdoor equipment and resources to invent their own games. The children can co construct and learn about spatial concepts or use language to communicate and learn effective communication

 Calendar of show and Share

February - Share something of cultural or familial relevance

March – share your favourite food

April – Share your favourite outdoor activity

May – Favourite book

We request parents/careers to please encourage their child to bring along something to show and share with their peers as this increases the child's confidence levels. This activity uses a child's innate desire to "show and tell" to practice speaking before a group, what adults call "Public speaking".

We will be displaying a roster for show and Tell every month, please check the display wall.

We are also going to introduce our kindergarten mascot a teddy bear to the children soon and each child will get a turn to take him home to spend the weekend with Teddy and share their weekend experience with all of us.

This will also help the children in building their communication skills.

Have a fantastic day!

Ms. Aparna and Miss. Amandeep



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