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Footprints Sunnybank | July Newsletter 2017

Welcome to another edition of our newsletter, this month we will be hearing from the rooms and catching up with what they have been doing.

 Dates to remember

​July 2017
​Monday 3rd - Friday 7th NAIDOC week activities
​Wednesday 26th ​Parent Teacher Interviews (check your child's classroom door for appointment slots)
August 2017
​Wednesday 16thCentre Closed - EKKA show holiday​​
​Friday 18th ​Centre's 8th Birthday party movie night fundraiser

                    Facebook Interaction

The centre has a Facebook page and this is used to update families and the community with what is happening at the centre. The beauty of this page is we can share awesome news and fantastic photos.

Parents even have private access to their child's class daily reflections, the story that we write about the day in the room. Photos are available daily for you to see in these groups also. So parents, if you haven't done so already - jump on and join your child's class group. If you are unsure of how to do this, please see a staff member and we will be happy to guide you.

The other thing we encourage families and the community to do is to like and comment on the posts that they enjoy. This helps to provide us with feedback as to what kind of things you would like to see on our page. So please ensure you start liking and commenting - this would be greatly appreciated.


Environment and Sustainability Projects

  Firstly, I would like to share an update with you on how our environment and sustainability projects have taken shape over the past month. The educators and children have been undertaking various projects encouraging the learning , understanding and appreciation for our environment and the role they play in keeping it looked after. See what they have been up to.

Welcome back to Nursery News again, we can't believe it's already July, we have sadly said say goodbye to Lucia, Baaz, Pippa and Fida as they have moved up to the Toddler room. We wish them all the best and we will come visit often! You guys always can come and say hello to us too as we would love to see you all. Also we would like to welcome Martin into our room also Alissa will be starting this end of month as we would like to welcome her and her family in advance.

While Miss Hayley was off on annual leave, she would like to say thank you to Miss Sharon for taking over and look after our babies.

Last few weeks has seen the Nursery closed a few days a week, it has been wonderful to see the children having opportunities to boost their confidence to go into the Toddler room and practice their transition to allow them to focus on their social skills and be more confident as we can see the difference in them since they have been transitioning! Great job! We would like to say to sorry for the confusion the room changes may cause and the room should be back to normal from now, provided there are no mass absences. For the last two months the children have been enjoying learning new things, and exploring around the room to allow for them to learn - it's always amazing to see the children becoming the little individuals they are and feeling more confident. Miss Hayley and Miss Sharon couldn't be more prouder of our beautiful Nursery children.

June was great month for the children to learn how to look after the environment by encouraging them to look after the garden -  this allowed them to have a chance at experiencing many different sensory feelings. Also it was good opportunity for the educators Miss Hayley and Miss Sharon to be more aware of saving electricity around the room, this was done by example of - instead of playing music through the CD player, we sang more often as the children were enjoying hearing the songs from the educators. When not in the room, we switched the lights, fans and air cons off, we have also started to turn power points off that are not in use as some examples. 

The children also enjoyed doing some activities for NAIDOC week which encourages them to be visual in seeing other cultures and helping to celebrate these cultures which the children may not understand yet what it is all about exactly, but we all have to start somewhere. They were enjoying doing artwork which was different for them to focus with Miss Sharon speaking with them a bit about culture of the Aboriginals. The children were enjoying listening to Miss Sharon while they were doing their painting.

We would like to say thank you all for being patient and trying to communicate with us  well for last 6 months, we enjoy the relationships we have built with the parents in our classroom. Thank you for always taking time to speak with us about your child. Please remember to bring your child's hat, sunscreen, water bottle and nappy rash cream. Also WARM CLOTHES as it's getting colder and please put into your child's bag more spares, as sometimes the children wet or get dirty by eating or drinking or while washing their hands.

Also if you planning for your child to not come in for the day, please ring or email the centre to let us know if your child is not attending, this would be greatly appreciated as it takes time for us to have to follow up with families every day.

Love Miss Hayley and Miss Sharon.

Hello and Welcome again to another summary of what the Toddlers have been learning in the room, we been working on our sustainability project and the educators have been teaching the children about the purpose of the project by learning about the basics first, our sustainability project is making big a Musical Instruments Board, using the Old recycled baskets, and Formula Tins and other household items to add to the board. Once the project is completed the children will be able to maintain and keep adding to it.

We would like to say welcome to our friends Ruby, Jazmin, Jarvin and Alannah who have joined our Footprints Family, and welcome to the children who transitioned from the Nursery room to the Toddler room, Lucia, Pippa, Fida & Gurbaaz and also farewell to our children Ayaan, Ella and Justin, who have transitioned to the Pre-Kindy room in the beginning of the Month. Miss Ria and Miss Gurpal have been on holidays over the last couple of weeks so there have been a few different educators working in the room during the time being, many thanks to those educators for keeping our room running while we were away.

In the last month we've been teaching and learning about our "ANIMALS" theme , learning sign language of different sort of animals, farm animals, jungle animals and sea animals and also focusing on our sustainability project during our group time sessions, learning how to play the instruments and teach other children the correct way, and using other resources to make sound and identify the different aspect of sounds, learn concepts of slow/fast, soft/hard and tempo/rhythm and Actions.

So we would like to ask if there are any household items you don't need and wish to get rid off, please feel free to donate it to the centre or your child's room to add to the project.

Just a quick reminder to the parents to please remember to remove anything that does not belong in the child's bag to make sure everything is labelled with your own child's name on so we don't have anything go missing in the future.

If you would like to discuss about your child's day/behaviour during the day, please feel free to see Miss Ria or Miss Pali.

Wow, can't believe we are now half way through the year, hasn't time gone fast. Pre-Kindy has certainly been enjoying the year so far.

At the beginning of July we said good-bye to Ryley, Renee, Joshua, Arthur, Jax and Alyssa as they transitioned up to Kindergarten 1, we look forward to catching up and hearing all your wonderful stories. We also welcomed Ayaan, Ella and Justin who have transitioned up from the Toddler room, along with two new friends, Jax and Daniel (Gua Gua) who have settled in well and making lots of new friends.

While Miss Eseta was on holidays Miss Alison was filling in in the kitchen. Miss Alison made us some very yummy food but our favourite in the Pre-Kindy room was the sandwiches. On her last week in the kitchen Miss Alison come around and took special requests for what we would like on our sandwiches each day. On the Monday and Tuesday we asked for all our favourite sandwiches (honey, jam, Vegemite, spaghetti and cheese) as well as some new flavours, chicken loaf, roast meat and some tomato and salad. On Wednesday when Miss Alison came to collect our order for the day we had come up with a extensive list, honey (Lelayna), cheese (Ryley), jam (Gabriel), spaghetti (Max), Vegemite (Renee) and the most interesting suggestion was from Chayse, who asked for fruit on his sandwiches.

At first Miss Catherine, Miss Bernadette and Miss Alison were not too sure how it would turn out but followed through with the request. Miss Alison made a strawberry sandwich and an apple sandwich. Chayse, along with a few other Pre-Kindy children, volunteered to try the fruit sandwiches, thoroughly enjoying them. On the Thursday Miss Alison added in some beetroot sandwiches as well as the list of spreads the children had asked for. The beetroot sandwiches were also a great hit; Chayse quickly finishing his bowl to ensure he did not miss out on the last beetroot sandwich on the tray. Thank you Miss Alison for further expanding our taste and variety of sandwich options. What new and wonderful sandwich creations can we expect to see next time you are in the kitchen, we can't wait to see.

Can you think of some wonderful and interesting sandwich toppings we could try? We would love to hear any suggestions you have.

Last month we celebrated sustainability week which saw us planting some bean, zucchini, chives and corn. The children completed each step with little help from teachers. Tissues were used as the base to hold moisture, the children pushed the tissues into an egg carton and then using small plastic twisters used their fine motor skills to move the seeds from the table to the tray which they then took turns to spray with water. Unfortunately, even with appropriate water and sun the seeds unfortunately did not thrive and began to go mouldy, it may have been the cold weather or type of seeds used, we will try again as the weather warms up.If you have any tips that may help us with our next attempt please share them with us, we will take any help we can get.

Last week as part of NAIDOC week we watched a few videos on traditional Aboriginal cultural dances and when we felt confident enough we all joined in on some dancing, creating our own dance as we went. Max then pointed out the didgeridoo that was up on the window sill, along with Gabriel, Lelayna and Chayse, Max played the didgeridoo while the others play the clap sticks as they continued to dance. We also watched a video on the Rainbow Serpent dream time story and then painted our own Rainbow Serpent.

Carrying on with our interest of cooking, we love to role play cooking meals in Home Corner, we made our own pizzas, from scratch, to enjoy for afternoon tea (23/06/17). We helped mix the dough and then knead it and the spread our own toppings. We all had lots of fun making the pizzas and look forward to further cooking experiences.

Well, until next time. Don't forget to check the Pre-Kindy Facebook page for daily updates of what we get up to.

Miss Catherine and Miss Bernadette.

Welcome everyone ! Happy new financial year from all of us in the Kindergarten 1 room. We would love to say welcome to our new friends Alyssa, Joshua, Renee, Arthur, and Gordon whom they moved up from the Pre Kindy room. The children are very happy to be in  the 'big' room and slowly getting used to the room routines and room rules. All the children going very well. We would love to say welcome to our new children Canon and Patrick and parents who joined our Footprints family and now are a part of our family of K1 room.

We are learning numbers and letters in the meantime and the children are showing their interest in numeracy and literacy. They have had a chance to watch the show about sustainability. The children were very excited to attend this show. Itty Bitty Stars are always popular with K1, when they come to do their shows. With sustainability, the K1 children have learned how we can reuse things and how we can avoid waste.

The K1 children had a chance to participate in an incursion - about yoga and how we can be calm and relaxed, also about how we can connect with nature and how we should respect it.  The children enjoyed doing the activities with Miss Belinda and Mr Gecko. They had a chance to play some musical instruments as well.

We have been busy celebrating  NAIDOC week with the children. They really enjoyed hearing all about a special Aboriginal person named Cathy Freeman.She was the first Aboriginal lady to get a gold medal in 400m sprint and much more. We discussed many things about the Aboriginal culture also. We would love to say thanks to the parents who shared some paintings and Aboriginal artefacts and their didgeridoo with our centre .

We also have had cooking experience in last days and children loved to cook cup cakes with us and with children's interest we are going to cook pizza this week.

It has been really nice and good to see our room growing with more children - at this time could we please remind parents to please provide extra clothes for your children as we don't have spare clothes in the centre and also please don't forget to ensure your child has their sunscreen here at the centre as well, it is vital for sun safety - hats too . Thanks again to all the families and welcome to the new children and parents to be a part of our room and centre, we are so excited to have you all here.

Miss Amandeep and Miss Alison

Wow another month has gone by. We have been very busy in the Kindergarten 2 room with a new routine and new challenges for the children. We have implemented the new routine in order to suit the children and parents wishes, but also to help the children for the transition to school.

What a busy few months we have had with birthdays. Last month we celebrated Erinn's 4th Birthday with yummy cupcakes. This month already we have celebrated Isabella's 5th Birthday and Eliana's 5th birthday so we got to enjoy more and more yummy cake. We hope you all had fun celebrating your birthdays at kindy with all of your friends.

We would just like to give a friendly reminder to parents as it is getting colder to place pack warm clothes in their child's bag. We would also just like to remind parents of the items that the children should be bringing in each day including a hat, drink bottles, sheets and spare clothes too please. Please remind children that even though it is getting colder that yes they may wear a beanie to kindy but when outside children must have a hat as a beanie is not considered a hat.

This month the children have been practising the whole body movements during their P.E sessions. We have been focusing on running, jumping, skipping, hopping, catching and throwing a ball and lots of other fun activities. The children love having fun while trying their best in every activity. The children's favourite activities during their P.E. sessions are playing tiggy with their educators, long jump into the sand pit and ball games. The children are learning and developing their gross motor skills but also their learning to share and take turns with others.

We have also been very busy in our room with learning our letters and numbers. During our group times the children have been working together in learning their letters and numbers to get ready for school. We have also been very busy practising our writing. The children have their own writing books that are located on the art shelf that they have been learning to write their names first the children have been tracing over the letters in their names and then on the next page the children have been forming letters and writing their own names. The children are very proud of their witting skills and love showing them off to their friends and educators.

The children have also been very busy with our outdoor environment. We have been very busy collecting watermelon seeds from our fruits and planting them into our gardens. The children have also planted different flower seeds with Miss Alison and everyday the children use recycled items including milk bottle to water our plants.

This month we have also got some new pets that live outside in our worm farm. The children helped Miss Sinead to carry the worm farm to our veranda and helped Miss Sinead to set up the worm farm. The children loved placing the worms into their new home and feeling them wriggle around their hands/arms.

We have have had another busy month in the Kindergarten 2 room. We look forward to sharing more of our fun and learning with you over the next month.

Miss Sinead and Miss Sharney

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                          Thank you for another wonderful month everyone !



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