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Footprints Sunnybank | April 2018 News


THURSDAY 12th APRIL - 2:30pm - Commonwealth Games Incursion/Show ​MONDAY 7th MAY - Centre Closed - Labour Day Public Holiday
​WEDNESDAY 25th APRIL - Centre Closed - Anzac Day Public HolidayWEDNESDAY 9th MAY - Mothers Day Morning - Further Details to be announced closer to the date
WEDNESDAY 9th MAY - Mothers Day Raffle drawn
​TUESDAY 15th MAY - International Day of Families celebrations


 Hello and welcome everyone to another edition of our Footprints Newsletter. Welcome to the new families that have joined us over the past month, we look forward to creating many wonderful memories with your children here at the centre. 

We have had a busy month during March and the beginning part of April. Time has certainly flown past us quickly this year so far hasn't it.


​Tuesday March 13th and Wednesday March 14th saw an Authorised officer from the Office of Early Childhood Education and Care visit our centre over these two days to conduct Assessment and Rating. During her visit she assessed the centre against the National Quality Standards and regulatory requirements. 

The process of Assessment and Rating is undertaken over a period of time and several parts of the process come together to get a final result.

Please read on to see how this process is undertaken from start to finish.

Steps in assessment and rating process

Services are assessed and rated by the state or territory regulatory authority. Below is a summary of the steps in the assessment and rating process and approximate timeframes.

See the Guide to the National Quality Framework for more details.

Self-assessment and quality improvement (ongoing)

Approved provider will self-assess the quality of the current practices against the National Quality Standard and regulatory requirements.

Approved provider identifies strengths and areas for improvement on an ongoing basis. Read more on self-assessment and quality improvement planning.

Notice of start of process (week 1)

Regulatory authority provides written notice to approved provider that the assessment and rating process has commenced.

Quality Improvement Plan (week 3-4)

The quality improvement plan is submitted to the regulatory authority prior to the visit, along with any additional information requested by the regulatory authority

Visit (week 5 to 8)

The regulatory authority visits the service.

Feedback on draft report (3-5 weeks after the visit)

Regulatory authority provides the approved provider with a draft assessment and rating report. The provider can give feedback on any factual inaccuracies in the report and evidence to support feedback.

Final report and notice of final ratings issued to provider

Feedback considered before final report is finalised and issued. Approved provider may choose to apply for a review of final ratings within the set review period.

Ratings published

Once the review period has ended, the final ratings are published on the national registers. (ref - Assessment and Rating Process - Acecqa website)

The centre is currently awaiting the draft assessment and rating report. We will keep you informed of how we went once we receive this.


As many of you may be aware, plastic bags will no longer be available at supermarkets as off 1st of July this year, this means we are currently in the process of updating our soiled items procedure. If your child has an accident at the centre, we currently send the soiled clothes home in a plastic bag. However this will no longer be the case as off the 1st of July. The new procedure is in the works and once ready will be revealed. Stay tuned. 


A friendly reminder to all that as per your enrolment agreement, your fees are to be one week ahead at all times. Please understand that we need to follow up with you if payments are missed. We do this so that we can ensure that your account doesn't get too far behind and to help avoid suspension of care due to non payment.  If you are experiencing issues/difficulties in making payments, please speak to us. We will do our best to help.


Please remember that when driving in our car park to be aware of everything around you. Please drive slowly. Children are crossing the car park all the times. Sometimes they can slip away from their parents and dart across the car park, go slow and be aware and this helps to keep everyone safe. 


As we are a ratio based industry, it is important for us to ensure that we have correct staffing at all times. If your child is going to be late in arriving (after 9:00 am) or is going to be absent from the centre could we please ask that you give us a call (3423 8663) or send a quick email to the centre (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .) to let us know. This helps us to ensure we provide correct ratios. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Wishing everyone an awesome month. 



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