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Welcome to our eggs-iting (pardon the pun) edition of our newsletter ... Happy April everyone  

​April ! Where has the year gone, is everyone ready for the upcoming Easter break ... I'm sure the Easter Bunny is madly hopping around getting prepared to visit - yum yum.

 Important Upcoming Dates to Remember

​Date ​​Whats happening
Thursday 18th April​Centre Easter Afternoon Tea - all welcome from 3 pm​
​Friday 19th AprilCENTRE CLOSED - Good Friday Public Holiday
Monday 22nd April​CENTRE CLOSED - Easter Monday Public Holiday​
​Thursday 25th AprilCENTRE CLOSED - Anzac Day Public Holiday
Monday 6th May​CENTRE CLOSED - Labour Day Public Holiday​
​Friday 10th May​​Centre Mothers Day Morning Tea - from 10 am

Glenda on leave  

From Monday 15th of April, I will be taking holiday leave and will be off until I return to the centre on  Monday 20th May. During my time away, Miss Catherine will be in the office, so if you need any assistance, please see her. I wont be able to respond to any emails in this time - please email Catherine at either -

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I look forward to my holidays, but of course will always be happy to come back to you all.

Breakfast and Snacks at the centre 

A friendly reminder to all families that as per our breakfast policy, we can serve this until 7:30 am. After this as the numbers of children increase, staff are not able to stay stationary with children eating so therefore we are unable to do breakfast past this time. If you would like a copy of this policy emailed to you, please let me know and I will be happy to provide you with a copy to read.

Snacks, can we please remember that as we are a centre that provides food, we are allowing the snacks at the request of families. However we have and are asking that families please ensure that they only bring the following items as snacks:

- vanilla or fruit yogurt (NO chocolate)

- cheese

- fruit

- plain crackers

Anything that is not on the above list, will be sent home. To avoid disappointment, please follow the food list as shown. IF you have any concerns or your child has additional dietary needs, please consult with myself and your child's educators. 

 Safety Concerns

It has come to my attention that parents are either leaving children in unattended classrooms at drop off or leaving children unattended in cars.

Please, when dropping your child off at the centre, ensure that you are dropping them off to an educator. This helps us to ensure the safety of your child by them 

a) being known to the educators that they have been dropped off and are here at the centre 


b) educators are supervising them from the moment you leave. So they are in someones care at all times.

To leave children unattended in cars is a risk, that can come with a hefty fine if you are caught, we ask that parents please do not leave any children in their cars during pick up and drop off times. If you need assistance with watching a child, please ask an educator for help (call the centre if you need us to come out to you in the car park). Or you are welcome to bring the child into the office and we can mind them there while you do drop off/pick up. 

Thank you in advance for your co-operation with these matters.


Please be aware that due to all the upcoming public holidays, direct debit schedules will change a little. Please be patient during this time and ensure all proper amounts are ready to be deducted to avoid dishonour fees and falling behind with your accounts here at the centre. 

Miss Catherine will be following up non payments, they will need to be paid to avoid suspension of care. Please remember that as per enrolment agreements we ask that families are one week ahead at all times with your accounts. 

We dont like to have to call and follow up on payments but if they are not being made then unfortunately it leaves us with no choice but to do so. Please understand that we do not wish to harass you unnecessarily, and if you ensure you are on top of your payments, we wont need to be in touch. 

If you are having any financial difficulties - please speak with us and we are happy to help organise payment plans. 

Thank you for understanding and working with us.

 Till next month

As I will be away when our May newsletter is normally released, it will be delayed a little - so will be released sometime the week I return with all the news of April and May from our classrooms.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Easter on behalf of myself and the Footprints Sunnybank Educators. 

With a smile :-)




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