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Footprints Sunnybank | February 2020 Newsletter

 February 2020 Newsletter


From the office:

Since it's the beginning of a new year I would like to take this opportunity to remind our families that accounts are to be 0.00 balance each and every week. We are currently noticing that some families are not meeting this enrolment agreement and now, as a result, have had to implement a new policy.

I am receiving a report every day from Debit Success (the company that facilitates all the direct debits that are set up) to inform me of declined payments each day, if your payment has been declined I will be emailing/calling you to advise that payment has not worked and you will need to let me know how you intend to make up this payment.

If you have two consecutive declined payments, I will be calling you to advise that your child/ren are suspended until payment has been made.

This is to assist our families in meeting their enrolment agreement to keep fees up to date at all times as well as try to assist you in not creating a big debt that can at times just spiral.

We understand that there are times when things happen etc and sometimes you just need assistance, if ever you feel you won't be able to make your full payment that week, please do get in touch with me and I am happy to work out a payment arrangement with you, it is better that I hear from you and payments are organised in such a fashion that it doesn't reflect badly on your account to the point where you are accruing a debt and being suspended. Remember there is a dishonour fee that is charged so not only are you owing your fees to us, you will be owing an amount to Debit Success ($14.95) and possibly your bank if they charge a dishonour fee. Please remember it is up to you when the payments come out and what frequency (either weekly/fortnightly), we have given you this freedom so that our direct debits work with your needs. You have chosen the days and frequency so you are aware which days the payments come out to have the funds ready. If you feel the day, or frequency isn't working for you, it can always be changed. Just let me know and I will advise you on how we can do this.

Upon enrolment, we do advise our families that statements are emailed weekly and we ask that you check the amount due for debit and dates are correct. If you feel there is something wrong or need to change a payment amount, enter a payment plan, etc, I cannot change a debit on the day it has to be done minimum the day before. Please keep this important information in mind.

Let's work together to keep your account up to date at all times here, one less stress for you in a world of ongoing things we have to keep on top of. I'm here to help you so please work with me, the absolute last thing I want to do is add to your stress by having to suspend your child/ren.

I look forward to working together to get ALL of our Footprints accounts at the enrolment agreement level of 0.00 balance owing at all times.

Magic Mike Show 

Are you ready for some magic ?

On Thursday March 12th at 10:30 am we will be hosting a show 'Magic Mike'. We have not had this show at this centre as yet and are looking forward to a magical show. 


Friday 28th February, 2020 will be the last day that you will be able to access your child's daily reflections on our Facebook parents page. If you have not done so already, please download the Educa app and accept our email invitation for you to be linked up to your child's profile so that you will not miss out on this information. If you have not received an email invitation, please let myself or your child's educators know so that we can resend a new link to you. We will still have our main centre Facebook page, however, the daily reflections and photos will now be found in the Educa app.

Nursery and Junior Playground Renovations 

​The Nursery and Junior Playground renovations has been taking a little bit longer than we anticipated to be finished - in big part due to the wet weather we have been experiencing. Works are slowly taking place as the weather allows and we look forward to revealing our new play areas to you as soon as we can. Thank you for your understanding during this time of construction.

Staffing update 

We will miss you Miss Sally

Miss Sally, sadly has left our Footprints Family to go and be at one of our sister centres that needed her expertise. We are sad that Miss Sally has had to leave us, however know that she is going to somewhere where she is much needed and still within our KAL family. We wish you all the best Miss Sally. 

Till next month,

With a smile :-)



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