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Footprints Sunnybank | July 2019 News

 Dates to remember:

Monday 8th July - Friday 12th July  ​Naidoc Week activities
​Thursday 11th July  ​Naidoc Show with Showtime Stars
​Friday 19th July Pyjama day - supporting kids in foster care 
Tuesday 23rd and Thursday 25th July​Class and Individual Photos
​​Wednesday 14th August​Centre Closed - Ekka Show Holiday
​Friday 16th August - SAVE THE DATE ​Centre's 10th Birthday Celebration/Party

Important information about the dates to remember: 

Photos :   Envelopes for orders and payments are now available in your family pockets. Please return to the centre by Monday 22nd July.

Centre's 10th Birthday Celebrations:    Footprints will turn 10 this year on the 17th of August. We are hosting a birthday party open to all past and current children and families on the afternoon of Friday the 16th of August. Please keep this date free in your calendars and more information will be available soon. We cant wait to celebrate with everyone ! 

From the Nursery & Toddler Rooms:

 We recently welcomed a new friend into the Toddler room. Welcome Micah, it has been great getting to know you and fostering your growing interests amongst new friends.

We have also welcomed some new friends in to the Nursery room, welcome Declan and Yulia. The Toddler have been enjoying helping their new friends in Nursery settle into their new environment here at Footprints, spending a few days with them showing them all our favourite activities.

At the beginning of the month we also said goodbye to Xena, Zoe, Malakai and Michael who have now officially moved to the Junior Kindy room. It is great to see how quickly they have all settled into their new room and are making connections with new friends.

Over the past few months our interests have changed significantly in the Toddler room.

  • -Picture recognition, we love pointing out pictures in books, toys and posters and naming them using our developing vocabulary.
  • -The peg boards have sparked an interest, using them to expand our knowledge of colours, creating patterns and being creative.
  • -Over the past week or so there has been an increased interest in group story reading, especially Australian themed books.
  • -Animals. Animals have also become an interest with a few children naming the animals they find around the room. To help us expand on this interest the role play animals are becoming a more regular feature in the room.
  • -Counting, our interest in counting has also explored in the last few weeks with some children counting toys as they explore and helping count during group time.

As more 2nd birthdays approach please be aware that we LOVE celebrating and any chance to enjoy cake but please remember due to allergies (yes, we do have a few allergies in the room) an ingredients list or packaging needs to be brought in with the cake/s.

Please remember to keep packing jumpers and spare clothing due to temperatures and accidents that may occur across the day.

Until next time, Miss Bernadette, Miss Alison and Miss Sally.

​From the Junior Kindy Room:

Welcome back to July's edition of the newsletter from our Junior Kindy room. Firstly, we would like to welcome Kyden and his family to the Footprints family and the children who have recently moved up to the Junior Kindy room from the Toddler room - Zoe, Malakai, Michael and Xena. I hope the parents are feeling comfortable and are feeling it easy to place the children's belongings and finding the room welcoming. Miss Rupa and Miss Dana have labelled the lockers and where the nappies are being placed, if any concerns regarding anything don't hesitate to ask Miss Rupa and Miss Dana. We also have wished all the best to Pierre and Lola as they have moved up and joined the Senior Kindy room.

The children in the Junior Kindy room are doing great with their counting and colour recognition at the moment. Each week the children are busy focusing on a colour. Over the last few weeks they have learnt about colours blue, yellow, red and orange. They are also showing great cognitive skills by counting how many friends are in the room and also, they have made new friends and they help them during the day to help them settle and make them feel comfortable in the room. We are also doing great with the Auslan signs that Miss Dana has been teaching the children. A great way for them to be practicing what they are learning is they sign to Miss Dana if they want to go to the toilet or they need to communicate with her.It is great to see the children being confident to do this.

Another great achievement that is happening in the room is toilet training; the children are encouraged to go to the toilet when they need to. We also have received some positive feedback from the parents about toilet training, we really appreciate the feedback and we have added the feedback to the programming. Our weekly programming has been done as children's interest during the day, and the children are also given opportunities to choose the activities which they want to play with, we also encourage parents to give some feedback about the weekend or they want the educators to extend on with their children's interests - we love to add onto our programming. We will also be doing some awesome activities for NAIDOC week and we hope to see you all here on Thursday for the show and that you enjoy the afternoon tea samplers that the centre is leaving for parents each afternoon during the NAIDOC week.

If any question regarding to your children or about the room or anything don't hesitate to ask Miss Rupa and Miss Dana we are here to assist you.

Thank you

Miss Rupa and Miss Dana 

From the Senior Kindy Room: 

Wow it is now the middle of the year and so now it won't be too long till Christmas. How the year has gone really quick – it's crazy isn't it.

First like to welcome our new friend that has joined the Senior Kindy room her name is Maddison welcome to her and her family. We have also had two friends from the Junior Kindy room that have moved up to our Senior Kindy room - welcome to Lola, Pierre and their families.

Our friends in the Senior Kindy room are still having fun with their practicing their writing skills and are getting really confident at it, they are also showing awesome jobs with their number, shapes, colour and letter recognition skills. They are doing so well, that they are able to tell you what their name and their friends names start with. Fantastic work Senior Kindy am so proud!

We will continue on with this learning and further it with different ways of tracing of their names to help get them ready for the Kindergarten room. We will also be having our fun PJ day and Naidoc week activities complete with show to help us learn the meaning of it.

A friendly reminder to parents to please do not forget to pack spare clothes as the weather does change or sometimes our friends may have accidents. Also, there are also some of our friends that need new sunscreen as they are running out, so please if you could check with me to see if your child's sunscreen needs replacing that would be great.

Thank you till next time,

Miss Catherine 

From the Kindergarten Room:

Welcome to the Winter month of July in the Kindergarten room, which brings about some changes and excitement for the next six months ahead. We said goodbye to Miss Aparna and we eagerly await the arrival of Miss Aman at the end of the month. Miss Sally has been spending time in the room with Miss Amandeep, helping us to establish some new routines, as well as guiding our development of social skills such as respect and responsibility.

As it is nearing time to go to school, we have been focusing this month on our writing skills, especially writing and recognizing our name. We have even been exploring what our friend's names start with, and familiar objects, connecting our emerging knowledge with something tangible.

A spontaneous discussion that occurred was the difference between adults and children- what adults can do that children cannot, and it was very interesting to hear the different suggestions. Did you know that children cannot drive helicopters?!

This has been the foundation for our sense of belonging- belonging in our family, in our Kindergarten, in our house and in Australia. Which formed the basis of our NAIDOC week celebrations where we immersed ourselves in the Indigenous cultures of our land. Here we discovered how they lived, how they told stories by using art and music, and how we can appreciate many cultures as we grow.

Please Remember:

*If you are sending your children some extra afternoon tea, please only send:

cheese, yogurts, fruit/salad

* Spare clothes are essential for those unexpected accidents that may occur

* Water bottles 

Happy Birthday

Celebrating birthdays in the months of June and July:

Neha- June 10

Ayaan- 30 June

Jenny- 6 July

Cleo- 13 July

Rehnoor- 27 July

Keep Smiling - Miss Sally and Miss Amandeep



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