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Footprints Sunnybank | July 2020 News

July 2020 News 

No Pay - No Stay

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all managing to keep warm, safe and well during these cold bits we have had of late ??

Last week saw the reintroduction of CCS and family payments on accounts. I just wanted to take a quick minute to remind you the importance of ensuring your account is up to date at all times, as per your enrolment agreement.

Statements are emailed each Monday and I ask that each family checks their statements to ensure they know the amount payable and when.

IF debits are dishonoured, I will be following them up immediately to work with you to make up this payment to avoid suspension of care. Reminders that statements have been  

Accounts must be one week ahead, and payments missed MUST be paid by the end of the week to ensure that account is not suspended the week after until payment is made in full.

Please work with me to help you keep on top of this. I don't wish to inconvenience families with suspension, however it has now come to it as Head Office is now implementing a no pay no stay rule due to families within the centre that have not kept up their enrolment agreement and as a result have accounts that have accumulated debt. This will be enforced immediately. No pay no stay.

 Thank you to those families, who each and every week ensure that their accounts are up to date. Your vigilance with this is greatly appreciated. And I thank everyone in advance for their co-operation and understanding.

Closing time reminder

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that the centre closes at 6:15pm sharp. It would be appreciated if you could ensure that you are here prior to this time to collect your children, giving yourselves time to sign your child/ren out and collect them and their belongings, to be out prior to 6:15pm.  


We have now had our class photos taken and the proofs have been checked over with the photographers, so soon should be in the printing stage and before too long in our hands to give out to you. We will let you know when the photos have arrived at the centre for collection.

Upcoming Public Holiday reminder 

The EKKA as we know has been cancelled this year due to COVID-19, however the public holiday has not. The only change is that this year the public holiday has been changed from the Wednesday to the Friday.

Therefore the centre will be closed on Friday 14th August, 2020.


We have had a few more new families start with us over the past few weeks. I want to welcome you all to our Footprints family and hope you all enjoy your time here with us. 

Happy news for Miss Rupa 

It is with pleasure that I can share some exciting news about Miss Rupa with you all. 

Miss Rupa is expecting her first child !!!!!!!! 

I am sure you are all happy to share in our BIG CONGRATS to both her and her husband on their news that they are expecting. Miss Rupa is due in November and we cannot wait to meet her little bundle.

Congratulations Miss Rupa from all of us here at Footprints.

Till next month, stay safe.

With a smile :-)




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