Hi Everyone, I hope you are all keeping safe and well ?

Firstly, here are some upcoming dates for you to be aware of:

Dates to remember: 

Date Event
Friday 23rd JulyPyjama Day
Wednesday 4th AugustNational ATSI Day, celebrate your culture
Wednesday 11th AugustCentre CLOSED - Ekka Public Holiday
Thursday 26th and Friday 27th AugustCentre Class/Individual photos will be taken (information and payment envelopes coming to your family pockets soon)


A big Footprints welcome to all the new children and families that have joined us in the past month, the centre is just growing and it is amazing to have so many come and join us and help make each day special. Thank you for choosing us and entrusting us with the care of your children. It is beautiful to see the centre thriving as it is.


At this point in time, the renovations are due to begin in the centre on Thursday 22nd July. Starting with our Kindergarten Room and Senior Bathrooms. We cannot wait for the work to get started and see the centre looking fresh and rejuvenated. We will keep you posted as to what is going to happen when as things progress. Keep an eye out for information in EDUCA and around the centre.


We have set up the QR code for Check in Qld. The code to check in is available at the front door and at the kiosks. Please ensure you are doing your bit to help the contact tracers by signing in and out. We have seen this in action and all appreciate all that ARE checking in. Lets all do our part in keeping our community safe.


Please remember it is a legal requirement for you to sign your child in and out of the centre each and every day they attend.

This information is submitted to CCS each week. 

It is also important if we should have an emergency and need to evacuate we need to able to account for every child/person in the centre.


 Also as part of keeping safe and being mindful of spread of germs and ensuring that we account for everyone in the building during emergencies we have a paperless visitor sign in and sign out system - using QR codes. 

All visitors will be asked to use this to sign in and out. Parents do not need to do this, please just do the Check in Qld one. This one is for visitors to the centre - e.g. enrolment tours, extra curricular services, professional services etc.


Staff have been very mindful of COVID, since COVID has started. Next phase of doing our part to help stay safe is staff vaccinations. Staff are underway with getting their vaccinations when they are invited to do so by QLD Health, after registering their interest.

Some staff are fully vaccinated at this stage, and some are first vaccination in and others are still waiting for their invitation to book an appointment. 

So you can be assured, once staff are fully vaccinated, we will include the sticker, you can see in the photo here saying 'I'm COVID-19 VACCINATED' on their wall photo.  

We hope you can appreciate all efforts that staff are undertaking to help play our part in keeping our centre safe.


When your child is going to be absent, just like the schools, we ask kindly that you either call the centre or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know that your child will be away. This is greatly appreciated when done as it helps us to plan children and staffing as we are a ratio based industry and it is vital that we have correct staffing at all times. It also helps when families are asking for an extra day and as some rooms are full we need to know if there will be an absence to be able to help out families needing an extra day.

Alternately if you are going to be dropping your child in later than 9:30am, please let us know either by calling or emailing. Again this assists us with planning of staff and children. Children really should be dropped off no later than 9:30am to gain full benefits of educational part of their day. Routine is important to children. 

Everyday we are calling parents to find out if your child is coming in or not, this is taking educator time away from the children, which is disappointing and more often than not we are not getting through to parents.

When your child goes to school you will have to be letting them know of your child's absence, this is getting you into practice for this. 

Please get into the habit of contacting the centre if your child will be absent or late.


Miss Glenda will be on leave from & including Friday 23rd July 2021 and will return to the centre on Monday 2nd August, if you need any assistance during this time - please see Miss Catherine or Miss Sinead and they will do their best to help you until Miss Glenda's return.


Miss Rupa will be returning from Maternity leave on Tuesday 7th of September. We are looking forward to having her come back ! We hope she has enjoyed her time at home with her baby, but we have missed her ❤


On Thursday 8th July, as part of NAIDOC week celebrations, the centre held a NAIDOC show with Showtime Stars. The children enjoyed the interactive show and had great fun learning through song and dance. 

Check out the photos of the children having fun !


As mentioned above in our dates to remember - centre class and individual photos are coming up. These will be taken on Thursday 26th and Friday 27 August.

IF your child does not attend on a Thursday or Friday, you are welcome to bring them in after 9am to have their photo taken.

Information about pricing and payment options will be placed soon in your family pockets, please keep checking them for this info and avoid disappointment of missing out.

We have booked the services of Border Studios for our photos. 

Till next month, stay safe.

With a smile 😊