Footprints Sunnybank | June 2020 News


Hi everyone and welcome to another month's newsletter.

We have had a busy last few weeks with families returning after their COVID-19 breaks as well as happily welcoming many new families. We are excited to see the centre looking busy again. Welcome to all our new families and we hope you enjoy your time here at Footprints.

Payments resuming 

As you would be aware by now, payments for child care is resuming next month. The first week chargeable is the week beginning 13.07.2020, I have placed a letter in each of your family pockets to update you on when your family's payments will begin again. I hope this has helped you to be prepared and know when to expect your first payment to be debited. Statements will be emailed, so please as always, check your statement each week when sent and particularly have a look at the amount due to be debited to ensure that you have the correct funds to be debited, or if you feel that the amount is incorrect, please email me and I can look into it for you.


Our individual/class photos are upcoming - Wednesday the 8th and Thursday the 9th of July 2020. As we are being mindful of COVID-19 practices, if your child does not attend these days and you wish to bring them in for their photo, please contact me and I will give you an allotted time for you to come in and have this done. Thank you for your understanding with this. Final payments for photos are due by Thursday 9th July at 9:00am.

Mail a hug campaign

Some very lucky recipients have received a mail-a-hug from their loved ones here at the centre. We were pleased to receive your emails with photos of you and your hug, thank you for taking the time to do this. We have enjoyed seeing those come through and it gives us a smile to know that we were able to put a smile on others faces too.  

Labelling items 

As we have a number of children attending the centre and children can have the same items, it is highly recommended that you label all of your child's items. From sheets, to drink bottles, to clothing. This way we can always ensure that we are able to return the correct items to each child when they get separated. If items are not labelled it is harder for us to return them to the rightful owner.

Sanitisation stations 

Please remember for everyone's safety and hygiene we have placed sanitisation items at the front door and kiosk areas, you have your choice of which items you wish to use to enter the centre. Please use these to help minimise the risk of germs being spread. 

Changing of contact details 

If ever any of your contact details change, or those of your listed contact people it is vital that you let us know as soon as possible. 

Spontaneous moments 

In an extension from a request from a previously attending child to have a hug from a baby, the kindergarten and nursery classes had a combined shared activity morning. The babies loved hosting their Kindergarten friends and had a ball sharing activities throughout the morning with them. The Kindergarten children have already requested to do this again one day soon. its lovely when classes come together and the children get to experience being around others which is the focus of Quality Area 2.1 in the EYLF.

'2. Children are connected with and contribute to their world

  1. Children develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities and an understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active community participation'

Till next month, keep safe.

With a smile :-)