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Upcoming dates to be aware of:

​Friday 15th March - Wear Green 'Luck of the Irish' dress up fun for St Patrick's Day
Thursday 21st - Harmony Day - wear own cultural clothing or anything orange
​Tuesday 2nd April - World Autism Day - wear odd socks
Thursday 18th April - Easter Afternoon Tea - 3:00 pm - all welcome
​Friday 19th April - Centre Closed - Good Friday Public Holiday
​Monday 22nd April - Centre Closed - Easter Monday Public Holiday
​Thursday 25th April - Centre Closed - Anzac Day Public Holiday

Photos of what we have been up to this past month: 


This month we would like to welcome Charlotte and her family to the room and we look forward to building relationships and friendships with her as she grows with us.

Balls have been very popular in the room, which help us to develop our hand-eye coordination, gross motor and fine motor skills as we roll, catch, kick and chase. The children are gaining confidence in their physical abilities and forging friendships as they are beginning to play together, building friendships.

 Our focus this month:

We are exploring our senses this month by introducing experiences for the children to discover. We would love if you have any natural items at home that we can incorporate, such as seed pods, shells, gum nuts etc.

Sensory experience develop our sense of wonder in our world around us.

 Friendly Reminders

  • Please provide for your child each day
  • Spare clothes
  • A hat & sunscreen
  • Sheets and a light blanket
  • Bottles & formula/milk (pre-measured)
  • Dummies/comforters
  • It is very important to sign your child in and out each day.
  • Please make sure you name all of your child's belongings, so they don't get misplaced.
  • Remember our upcoming dress up events - wear green on Friday 15th March and Orange on Thursday 21st March.

Thank you,
Miss Sally

 Welcome to another newsletter from the Toddler room.

Miss Alison is still currently on leave, recovering, we look forward to her return and getting the chance to catch up with her.

Group time: We are loving group time together, we love choosing a place to sit along the wall in book area, resting up against the pillows or sitting on them. As the weeks go by, we have seen more and more involvement in group time, from finding our friends during roll call to completing actions to correspond to the songs were singing to helping count the Monkeys in 5 Cheeky Monkeys to suggesting songs and actions to go along with the songs (e.g. the Wheels on the bus go …). Group times have become a favourite part of our day with everyone joining in together.

We have also been starting to look at shapes. During group time we have enjoyed signing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, where we practice forming a diamond with our fingers as well as through our artwork and puzzle solving. We have been focusing on drawing our own shapes within our artwork, by either free hand drawing, copying pictures or tracing pre-drawn shapes. We will continue to focus on shapes while introducing colour recognition as we make conscious decisions on colour selection.

As more and more of the Toddlers are beginning to show interest in body parts we will also start to focus on learning to name different body parts through songs and activities.

If there is anything you wish for us to include/focus on in our development, learning and group times, please come see Miss Bernadette to discuss.

Easter: Easter is fast approaching. We will be holding an Easter afternoon tea in the Toddler room on Thursday 18 April. More details to come. Parents and siblings are welcome to join us for an afternoon filled with lots of Easter activities and fun. Add this date to your calendar.

Until next time, Miss Bernadette

 Dear Parents

Welcome to our March newsletter

Firstly, we would like to welcome Bruce, Aviraj, Paul, Lola and their families to our Footprints family. We hope you enjoy your time with us. It has been great so far with our new and existing friends in the Junior kindy room - Alexandra, Amelia, Finn, Alissa, Jaimaya, Zahara and Pierre. This month Nihal has moved up to the Senior Kindy room and we had to say good-bye to Alessa and her family and wish them all the best.

The children have loved getting to know our new friends in the room and we look forward to building strong relationships and getting them familiar with the educators and our room routines and expectations. We have been enjoying our group time sessions and our learning wall, we have been focusing on colour and shape recognition and also counting. We also have been learning Auslan signs with Miss Dana; our friends have been having a great time developing their communication skills by doing show and tell during our group time.

We have been exploring with our sensory capabilities such as, play dough, kinetic sand and paintings. Our friends always have fun exploring with the sensory activities. We also have some children show a lot of interest in the home corner food items, they role play and enjoy serving each other showing great communication and sharing skills.

We are also doing great with our toilet training; the children are encouraged to go to the toilets when they are due to go and some of them, they think it's fun going to the toilet and turn it into a social event.

Could we please request to the parents if you could please provide some spare clothes, hats, water bottle, sunscreen and also nappies as the center doesn't provide nappies in the Junior Kindy room as it's our toilet training room and everyone is at different stages with their training, and please label your children's belongings so that its easier for us to return items back to their correct owners.

If you have any concerns or anything regarding to your children you can always feel free to come and talk to me or Miss Dana, we also have a parent communication book on the locker (shelf) please do feel free to write a message to us.

Kind regards,

Miss Rupa and Miss Dana 

 Welcome all,

March already ? What a fun start to the year we have had so far, which seems to be going so quickly…. we would like to welcome our new friend Nimrat and her family as well as Nihal – Nihal who has moved up from our Junior Kindy room - to the Senior Kindy room.

Our friends are showing great progress so far with the learning of the alphabet and are starting to learn what their names start with. We are also getting better and developing more confidence in being able to trace letters and numbers which our friends are enjoying practising.

We also had fun with the dentist show were our friends learned all about taking care of their teeth and what a dentist does to help us.

Just a few friendly reminders to parents about afternoon tea, we are only allowed fruit, yogurt either vanilla our fruit flavors not chocolates, as well as if parents could please remember to pack your children spare clothes undies, and sheets.

Senior Kindy will continue on with practicing with writing and letter and number recognition skills to help them to get ready for school, as well as getting ready for upcoming Easter celebration time. We have a couple of dress up events in March, please see our events calendar for what and what days.

If parents have any concerns regarding anything please feel free to speak to me anytime, I am happy to help.

Till next time,

Miss Catherine 

 This month at Kindy we have been practicing our name writing skills, one to one correspondence and using words to communicate, this month we also successfully started our show and share activity with "Clark" our class mascot , the children have been very excited to take him home over the weekend and speak about their activities at home with "Clark'. We are ensuring that each child gets a turn taking our class teddy bear home, but we are following our class rolls to ensure each and every one of us gets a turn.

We also had the dentists visit us with his tooth fairy this month, we took the opportunity to extend the children's earning about hygiene and germs.

The children are learning a new letter each week which we practice through art activities and drawing.

Everyday we practice our phonological skills with Jolly phonics and name writing skills , the children are given opportunities to socialise through free play and pretend play opportunities which they enjoy immensely. We are working on our manners and etiquette as well as our turn taking and waiting skills.

At Kindy we start educating the children to cooperate with others and negotiate their roles during play. We do this by providing them with the opportunity to interact and participate in group play as well as showing and encouraging them to interact and show empathy and respect towards others.Throughout their experience here we also teach them how to respect their environment. We do this by using recycled materials and allowing the children to assist in growing and caring for gardens.

Three Tips for a great start to school

1) Recognises own name. Can say First and Last name.

2) Engages in writing like behaviour using scribbling or strings of letters. Attempts to write own name.

3) Listens and responds to simple oral questions, instructions and requests.

Thank you,

Miss Aparna and Miss Amandeep.



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