Hello and welcome 

Hi everyone and welcome to another edition of our newsletter. What a month, getting through all the public holidays was hard work wasn't it 🤣  Now its back to the normal Monday - Friday for a bit now. Routines are back in place, yay.

Firstly I want to say a big welcome to the new families who have joined us since our last newsletter. We are excited to have you all as part of our Footprints Family and hope you enjoy your time here with us 💖

Footprints 2021 Refurbishment 

As you are all probably aware, there has been talk of refurbishing the inside of Footprints since we have done the playgrounds, I am happy to say the time is coming - sooooooooooon !!!

The owners have engaged the builders and we have been busy submitting the paperwork to the relevant authorities for approval. This has now been submitted,  we are just waiting for the approval.

A tentative start date is scheduled for the 28th of June, this is pending approval to start. As soon as I know a more confirmed date, I will be sharing this information with you all. 

During this time there will be some changes to things at times - for example -

* which classroom your child will be in 

* entrance to Footprints will temporarily change

* sign in and out kiosks location will temporarily change

* fencing and sheeting will be in place in areas of work reducing our access/classrooms will be closed

* for one week during these works we will be asking families to bring food as the kitchen will be inaccessible whilst it is being refurbished. What to bring etc will be explained/notified closer to the time.

I promise you will be given plenty of notice as to when things are happening and information will always be visible and at hand for you to refer to.

As always if you have any questions etc, please don't hesitate to ask.

Exciting times ahead as we move Footprints forward with a new fresh look.

Did you know we have a referral program 

We encourage our existing families to share an enrolment incentive with their friends, family and associates. For each family you introduce to the centre we offer an enrolment incentive for both our referring family and the new enrolling family.

When you have recommended someone to check out our centre and they go ahead and enrol their child/ren here, please tell them to ensure they mention on the enrolment form that you have recommended them (where it asks how they have heard about us). *Once this has been mentioned on the enrolment form and they have been at the centre for 6 weeks and both you and the new family are up to date with their fees, both YOU and THEY will then receive 2 weeks free child care fees !!

2 weeks free child care fees for just recommending someone to come and join our amazing Footprints Family, its that simple !

If people are thinking about needing child care, tell them to come to Footprints Sunnybank, meet the educators and ask any questions they like, see us in action and we can go from there.

Spots are very limited.

We hope taking advantage of this offer helps our current families have an opportunity to reduce the financial responsibility of child care payments for two weeks, simply just by having someone start at our centre - from your recommendation.

Remember, they have to advise on the enrolment form - how they heard about us, ( YOU ), be in attendance for 6 weeks with their fees up to date and then YOU and THEY will receive 2 weeks free child care fees.

Allowable absences reminder 

I know I mentioned this in the last edition of the newsletter but feel it is important to keep this message fresh in everyone's minds.

Each child is given 42 allowable absences per year, this includes your holidays and public holidays as well.

Once you go past the 42 allowable absences, you will be charged full fees for days that your children do not attend as Centrelink will not pay CCS for these days.

If you have a medical certificate for those days (once you are past the 42 days) - please bring them in as I can send them through to head office to adjust this.

Please see screen shot example below of where to look on your statements to keep up with how many days your children have had off. See the yellow highlighted information. 

 Statements are emailed each week 

 Also a friendly reminder that statements are emailed each week. Parents are asked to check these, especially if you have a debit due that week, please check to see the amount that is coming out and ensure that you have the funds available so that you do not occur a dishonour fee or risk being suspended. Accounts are to be one week ahead at all times. We will work you to ensure this is always happening. If an amount looks wrong to you, please get in touch straight away - best way is to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know if you feel something is not right and we can look into this for you.

A story from space 

On Wednesday 19th of May, all children through the centre participated in the National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) which is an Australia-wide group reading and literacy event, where schools, libraries and other institutions gather children of different years to listen together the same chosen picture book at the same time.

The NSS event has been held by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) since 2001. Ever since its inception, the aim of NSS has been to promote the value and fun of books, reading, and community story time activities, as well as the work of the featured author and illustrator.

2021's chosen book is Give me some Space! by Phillip Bunting; a story about Una who dreams of a life in space. But, how will she get there? Will she succeed in her mission?

We got the chance to listen to a real life Astronaut Shannon Walker (PH.D).

Here is the link is you are wanting to listen to the story at home with your child/ren.

Check out some photos of our classes enjoying this story time session as well as follow up activity fun.

Staffing update 

JUNIOR KINDY - Miss Lily, the assistant in the Junior Kindy room has chosen to step down back to a float position due to health and family reasons. As a result Miss Victoria is now taking on the assistant position in the room.   

Till next month, keep safe.

With a smile 😊