Footprints Sunnybank | May 2022 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the May edition of our newsletter.

The past month has seen us keeping busy with new enrolments which has been wonderful to see.

A big welcome to all our new families.

With this increase, we would like to remind our current families that if you are thinking of additional days for your child, please act soon as we are filling up spots.

Please also remember our enrolment promotion, if you have friends of family looking for/needing care and they mention your referral on their enrolment form - both YOU and THEY will receive 2 weeks free fees after they have been in attendance for 6 weeks.

We enjoyed celebrating a mothers day afternoon at the beginning of the month. We loved hosting everyone and enjoyed having your company. It was such a beautiful afternoon. Thank you to all who attended.

The TV in the front foyer has been replaced and now we can enjoy the welcoming photos of what the children get up to during their day here at the centre, as we arrive. 

You can also see in the slides who the responsible persons are for the day, should you need any                                              assistance if the office is unattended. 

If your child is going to be absent, please either give the centre a call on 

07 3423 8663 or send a quick email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This really helps us with staffing and planning classes for the day when we know if a child is going to be absent. It also will save us having to give you a call to find out and interrupting your day. 

Please call or email before 9:30am. 

Please also remember to sign your child in and out each day they attend, this is for safety and legal purposes. We understand parents get busy, however it is something that has to/needs to be done. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

As we are approaching the end of the financial year, some families might start to be affected by the 42 allowable absences being cut off. 

Please keep an eye on your statements as the absences are shown on there to help you keep a track. Once you are at 42 absences (which are covered with CCS), each absence there after needs evidence for us to be able to claim the CCS for you on your behalf. Below is a snippet from The DESE website -

 Additional absences

Families may be able to get additional absences once they have used their 42 days in certain circumstances.

These circumstances are:

  • the child, their carer, their carer's partner or another person they live with is ill (a medical certificate must be provided)
  • the child is attending preschool
  • alternative arrangements have been made for the child on a pupil-free day
  • the child has not been immunised against an infectious disease and the absence occurs during an immunisation grace period (a medical certificate stating that exposure to the infectious disease would pose a health risk to the child must be provided)
  • the child is spending time with a person other than their usual carer as required by a court order or parenting plan (a copy of the relevant court order or parenting plan must be provided)
  • the service is closed as a direct result of a local emergency
  • the child cannot attend because of a local emergency (for up to 28 days after the emergency), or
  • the child's carer chooses not to send the child due to a local emergency (for up to seven days after the emergency).

Families must provide evidence where specified above. 

Once you go past the allowable absences and if have no evidence full fees are payable, please be aware.

Till next month,

Keep safe,

With a smile 😊