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Footprints Sunnybank | November 2019 News

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Hello and welcome November ! Can you believe that it is only another 7 more weeks now until Christmas.

We have had such a busy and exciting month here at the centre - the biggest excitement for us all has been the new Senior Playground, we are so happy with our new play space and enjoying every moment we get to spend out there.

​Out with the old ..... 

​And in with the new ....

Dates to remember: 

​Friday 6th - 6:30pm - Centre Christmas Party  ​Wednesday 1st - Centre Closed - Public Holiday
​Wednesday 25th _ Centre Closed - Public Holiday​Friday 24th - 5:00pm - Kindergarten Class of 2019 Graduation
​Thursday 26th - Centre Closed - Public Holiday​Monday  27th - Centre Closed - Public Holiday

From Nursery: 

Our focus this month:

This month we have been exploring the basic concepts of cause and effect, which the girls have discovered with many of their favourite toys. This helps us to develop our cognitive skills as we investigate how to make things move, how to make things work, and what happens when they do. 


Where has the year gone? Welcome to our November newsletter from the Nursery. It has been a busy couple of months in which we have welcomed Millie and Ariella to our room, forming relationships and friendships with everyone.

As one year olds, we are very hands on as we discover new things, so Miss Sally has introduced us to some new sensory experiences. Finger painting was very interesting as we were unsure at first of this new cold and slippery stuff between our fingers, but it didn't take long for us to be painting sensory masterpieces with our hands. We then progressed to brush painting in which we had the opportunity to use our developing fine motor skills and coordination to manipulate the brush. So many of our toys and experiences help us to develop these skills, gaining confidence in our abilities. .

We had lots of fun celebrating Halloween with the centre, and we are feel so secure with Miss Sally that we didn't mind that she has scary makeup on for dress up day! We even had visitors from the other rooms as they visited for Trick or treat.

We continue to develop our skills each day and have definitely grown since we started in the room. It is hard to believe that the year is nearly over (and we will not mention how close Christmas is!)

Friendly Reminders

  • Please make sure you name all of your child's belongings, so they don't get misplaced.
  • Please provide for your child each day

Spare clothes

  • A hat & sunscreen
  • Sheets and a light blanket
  • Bottles & formula/milk (pre measured)
  • Dummies/comforters
  • It is very important to sign your child in and out each day.

Keep smiling

Miss Sally & her girls (Yuna, Yulia, Millie & Ariella)

From Toddlers: 

 Where has the year gone? Please be sure to add Friday December 6 to your calendar, on this evening we will be celebrating Christmas together with our Footprints family, more information will be available soon in family pockets.

If you have not yet applied for holidays between now and the end of January please get in and apply, we also require to know the number of children present over this period due to needing to know in regards to documentation required for the Junior yard to have its refurbishment completed.

Over the past two months we have welcomes two new families to the Toddler room, welcome Malik and Bailey. Malik and Bailey are setting in well and making new friends. It has been great getting to know our new friends, helping them to establish friendships and connections within the room as well and witnessing their personalities and interests develop within their new environment.

The interests in Toddlers room have continued to grow and change, at the moment there is a major interest in animals, we are currently focusing on farm animals as we sign Old MacDonald during group time, recreate farm life through role play opportunities. We have also begun making our own farm display, using various painting and craft techniques to build our farm. Last week we started by making the grass using roller paint brushes, this week we move forward and begin on painting the farm houses.

As the year begins to wrap up please be aware that children's artwork and displays will gradually be removed from the walls to make way for Christmas artwork and displays, all artwork will be handed out to parents/guardians as they are completed for you to take home and enjoy.

With the warmer weather now upon us please be sure there are appropriate clothing packed in your child's bag as we will be unable to offer spare clothing.

Also, spare sheets and water bottles/cups, we do not have a big supply to offer children when they are forgotten, please be sure to pack these items daily. For health and safety purposes we do not offer spare hats or sunscreen, these are to be supplied by parents, so if you are yet to bring in, please do so.

FRANKLYN and ZED, if you have any special plans please come let Miss Bernadette or Miss Alison know so Franklyn or Zed (our classroom friends) can join you on your adventure.

Until next time,

Miss Bernadette and Miss Alison

From Junior Kindy: 

 Dear families

Welcome  – wow, how fast has this year gone, we cant believe we are already in November. One more month to go and we will be welcoming 2020.

Firstly, we would like to welcome our new friends Henry, Ashton, Walter, Anneka'Lee and Dharm to our junior kindy room and their parents to the Footprints family and also a big hello to our existing families; I hope you all are doing well. Now that summer is fast approaching we have seen some lovely sunny days! But along with the change in weather we often find that we need a bit of a change in clothes. So we would like to remind parents to make sure that their children have a variety of clothes in their bag that caters for the varying weather patterns.

Our group time are always fun and educational as it helps the children to learn and also the children are given opportunities to do show and tell and also sing and role play being an educator – this helps the children to feel a sense of belonging and also they establish and maintain respectful, trusting relationship with other children and their educators. 

We have also been focusing on different colours each week, and to extend on the children's interest we have been exploring different activities – the children also get chances to explore their sensory capabilities using different colours of paints. Recently we have also done some nature painting – painting with the leaves. The children had lots of fun and its good for the children to get them involved in the nature around us.

Dramatic play is one of the popular activities in the junior kindy room, the children work as a team and enjoy role playing, patting each other to sleep, and we also have some children who are very interested in the dolls. We are also teaching the children how to dress and undress the dolls as it helps with their fine and gross motor development. On the 31st of October we did some fun activities for Halloween and want to say a  big thank you to the parents who took time out of their day and got their children dressed up for Halloween.

As we are not too far away from Christmas, we will be organising some Christmas parties for the children and also the children's artwork and observations folders will be ready to take home and it will be great to see what your child has done throughout the year.

If you have any concerns regarding your children or anything don't hesitate to come and see the junior kindy staff.

Kind regards,

Miss Rupa and Miss Dana and Miss Sinead

From Senior Kindy: 

 Hello everyone,

Wow its November already! One more month till Christmas and the New Year period is upon us, what a fun and interesting year it has been for the Senior Kindy room, meeting new friends and new educators. As well as our new and fun  play ground that has been built for our friends to enjoy. We have also had fun celebrating our friends birthdays, dress up days like Halloween, where our friends had fun with trick or treat time and showing off their cool and creative costumes.

Our friends have also been showing how helpful they are when our new friends have started and helping them settle in. We also would like to thank our parents for their support and working with us through out the year.

Senior Kindy friends have had a fun year learning and continued to learn to practice their letter & number recognition skill, they have showed excellent ability to write their 3 letter words that help them learn to spell as well.

Just a friendly reminder to parents that as the weather is now warming up, we ask that when you are packing spare clothes that can they please be cooler clothes for them. For example t-shirts and shorts. Please also pack extras of everything in case our friends have any accidents throughout their day here, we appreciate your co-operation with this. 

From Kindergarten: 

Morena, Nihao, Bonjour, Guten Morgen, G'day -

We have had such a busy past month with two big exciting things happening - 

* We have a new ECT - Miss Monique.

* Our new playground has been finished and we have been having a wonderful time enjoying exploring our new play space. 

Over the past month through interactions, teachings and activities Miss Monique has been getting to know us all and us her. Miss Amandeep has been a big help in facilitating familiarity for all within the room. We have been excited with the learning that Miss Monique has been sharing with us.

During this past month too, we have seen the Kindergarten begin to undertake their Prep orientations, with this brings the realisation that it is soon time for our Kindergarten children to graduate and move onto the next phase of their educational lives - Prep and the school system. We have been having discussions about our orientations and what to expect when going to Prep. Our Kindergarten children are keen to begin their new adventures, while we are happy and excited for them all, we are also sad as it means they are moving on from us. However we know they are more than ready and cant wait to see photos of all the Kindergarten children in their school uniforms. As mentioned earlier in the newsletter our graduation ceremony will be held on Friday 24th January here at the centre at 5 pm. Please keep this date and time noted in your diaries as it is a special event for all involved with the Kindergarten.



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