Hello, thank you and 2022 re-enrolments 

Hi Everyone and welcome to another edition of our newsletter. 

I would love to start off by saying thank you to all our families for your patience during our renovation process. It is taking a little longer than planned due to material and labour shortages, but we are getting there. It has been exciting to see it all take shape.

I would like to extend a big welcome to the new families that have started with us over the past month, we are continuously getting busier and busier and are looking at hitting the ground running in 2022.

On that note I would like to remind parents to complete your 2022 re-enrolment forms. ALL families are required to complete this online form and submit, if you haven't done so already can you please do so ASAP. 

This lets us know if you are intending to change your days, increase your days for 2022 and prepare classes accordingly. 

It also allows you to let us know if you intend to take holidays over the December/January period. Helps with planning the roster for this time period as of course, all staff have families and would love to have some time off during this period and we need to ensure we have enough staff here to take care of the children who aren't having holidays.

Also on this form is a part for the families to advise when their children are leaving - more so, those who are heading off to Prep in 2022. We need to know your finish dates so we can begin the process of finalising accounts, we don't want to be over charging unnecessarily. If you fill this out now, this is will ensure that you have given us plenty of notice as remember when ending care, you need to give a minimum of 2 weeks notice in writing. Knowing when you are finishing up helps us to plan extra days for children that are enrolled in the centre and wanting extra days as well.

So please, if you haven't already done so, please jump online and complete your 2022 re-enrolment forms. First in best dressed for the days - so to avoid missing out on the days you want/need please get filling out now😊 

Link for re-enrolment form for 2022 -              (if you cant click on it to open, copy and paste into your browser). 

Dates to remember: 

 Thursday 28th October

Friday 29th October

Wednesday 3rd November 

Thursday 4th November

Friday 3rd December

Friday 17th December 

Halloween dress up fun day (come dressed up as whatever you like)

Centre Closed - Public Holiday

Centre Diwali Celebrations (come dressed in bright colours)

Kindergarten Graduation photo shoot

Children's Christmas Celebration

Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

Kindergarten Graduation photos: 

If your child does not attend Thursdays, you are welcome to bring your child in to get their photo taken.

Each child will receive a complimentary 6X4 photo.

If you are wanting to order more, ordering process information will be given on the day.

More information to come in regards to the ceremony, but please keep the date mentioned in dates to remember section free.

Busy staff 

This month has kept staff quite busy with a number of training sessions to attend.

The beginning of the month saw some staff needing to update their first aid/CPR.

Then we had a workshop with Robert Ah Wing, Aboriginal consultant with ACCCO. We have been busy putting together our RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan) and learning how to embed Aboriginal learning into our everyday teaching/learning. This was the second and third installment of workshops we have undertaken with Robert.

Have you seen/heard our acknowledgement of country that has been created during this process ?

Another workshop was held for our group leaders to look in depth into programming and our new programming format was rolled out at this workshop.

Then we all got busy making sure we were up to date with our fire training. 

Always working hard to ensure we are up to date and in the know.

Footprints and Sustainability 

At our September staff meeting, Miss Bernadette was challenged to present a workshop on Sustainability. (Each staff meeting, staff members take it in turn to present a topic of interest).

Miss Bernadette in turn, challenged the staff to come up with new sustainability ideas (not been done before at Footprints) and implement them. Over the past month, the rooms have been busy working on coming up with a project and working on them with the children.

Here is some examples of what we came up with:

Front of the centre staff - Glenda, Tracy and Catherine: Recycling water from the bain maries (the water baths we use to heat the food we get from KGF)

Toddlers - Felicity, Gurpal and Wendy: Loose parts recycling station

Senior Kindy - Bernadette and Alison: Propagating plants and sharing

Kindergarten - Monique, Eseta, Maggie and Amandeep: Juicing the left over fruit from morning tea/afternoon tea

 Please once again, if you haven't already, jump online and complete your 2022 re-enrolment forms.

Till next month, keep safe,

With a smile 😊