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Footprints Sunnybank | September 2020 News

News from the office: 

Firstly I would like to say a big welcome to all our new families and children that have started, the centre is feeling vibrant and busy which is fantastic to see.

I hope you are all feeling welcome and settled. Please remember, if you have any issues or concerns please do let us know, we are here to help.

CARPARK - A friendly reminder to parents to be safe in the car park. Please drive slowly in and out of the car park and be mindful of others walking around, driving in out as well. Parents we encourage you to hold your children's hands as you walk through the car park for safety reasons as children can be unpredictable and at times are not always aware of their surroundings.

DROPPING YOUR CHILD OFF TO THE CENTRE - Parents, please when bringing your child to the centre, could you ensure that you are dropping your child off to an educator. Please do not leave them in a classroom alone and leave. We need to know your child is here in order to care for them. We have some families that are dropping their child off and leaving them in a room with no educator and are finding the children by chance as we go into the room, I cannot stress the importance of making sure you take your child to an educator and making sure that they are aware that your child is here.

STAFFING - We have welcomed some new staff over the last couple of months, Miss Victoria (float educator), Miss Helen (float educator) and most recently Miss Maggie (2nd ECT). Please feel free to introduce yourselves to these educators and help them to get familiar with yourselves and your children.

This month we celebrated another milestone of an educator - 10 years service, Miss Dana. Miss Dana was excited to receive her 10 year plaque and a big congratulations from us all here at Footprints. What an amazing achievement.

We have a post on our Centre Facebook page and Educa message page, if families would like to leave a message of congratulations for Dana.

Fun fact - did you know that Footprints now has 5 educators that have been here at the centre for 10 years or more. Wow !

CHANGES/ADJUSTMENTS TO BOOKINGS - Please remember that any changes or adjustments needed to be made for bookings need to be in writing. We have a form located in the blue drawers in the front foyer you can fill out or simply email your needs to me and I will be happy to assist, I cannot make any changes for you unless I have it in writing. 

WEATHER AND CLOTHING - Now that the weather is getting warmer, please ensure that your children have cooler clothes to change into as the day gets warmer. A friendly reminder also to please ensure your child has a hat here everyday that they attend.

AFTERNOON SNACKS - With the afternoon snacks, we are asking parents to limit the snacks to 3 items per child. Space is rare in our fridges now, as with more children we need to prepare more morning teas, lunches and afternoon teas and do not have the space to fit lunch boxes etc for snacks. Please keep it to a minimum of no more than 3 snacks per child. If they don't need to go into the fridge we have baskets for you to place the snacks into, please ensure the snacks are labelled with your child's name.

Till next month,

Stay safe, With a smile :-)




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