April News!

Hello and Welcome! 

Hello and welcome to our latest edition of Jellybean News! The month of April has certainly flown by, who can believe we are nearly at the end of those 4 day working weeks! No more long weekends until October. 

Are you aware that Jellybeans has a Centre Facebook Page? We encourage all our Family and Friends to follow this page to see highlights of the Centre.  One of our most recent posts was Miss Julie sharing an Anzac Story for the Children on Anzac Day. Please feel free to like and share our Centre Page. 

Next Friday we will have Breakfast on the Go as our way of acknowledging our Wonderful Mothers for Mother's Day! Please feel free to help yourself to the table of goodies that will be in the foyer. 

Just a quick reminder about Centre Fee's, if you have changed Bank Accounts or Credit Card details please be sure to let me know. We need to have current details in the system at all times, this will ensure that your payment does not decline and you do not receive a dishonour fee. 

Until next Month xxx

April Birthdays! 

Rubab turns 2!

Please join me in wishing the following Educators and Children a very Happy Birthday! They have all celebrated their Birthday in the month of April.

Miss Carla, Miss Mila, Ella, Kali, Nicholas, Kelsey and Rubab.

Just a quick reminder if you would like to celebrate with a Cake here at the Centre please ensure it has the following details on the packaging: Expiry Date, Date Made, Ingredients. This will help us ensure that no child is exposed to any ingredient that they are allergic to.  

 Carpark Safety!

Safety First!

Please ensure when using the Centre Carpark that you are cautious of vehicles that are moving around you, especially when reversing. 

When Children are moving around the Carpark, please hold their hands, please do not let them run freely around as this can be quiet dangerous. 

Children should not be left in the Carpark unattended regardless if you are just dropping off. This is against the Law and it can have implications for the Centre. If you see a child unattended please let me know. 

New Educator - Miss Abigail 

Welcome Miss Abigail!

We are pleased to announce we have found a new Lead Educator for our Junior Kindy Room. Miss Abigail has her Diploma in Children Services and will join us from the week beginning the 9th May. We look forward to working alongside Abigail and seeing the new and exciting learning that she will introduce in our Junior Kindy Room. 


Please Sanitise!

As we are all very much aware Covid is still very rampant in the Community, and Jellybeans is always on the look out for ways to prevent cross contamination. One of the few things I have noticed of late is children touching the KIOSK Sign in and Out Tablets and the Door Keypad. I kindly ask that we all refrain from encouraging anyone other than the Adult that is Dropping Off or Picking Up from handling these items. Once you have signed in or out please use the Hand Sanitiser located in the foyer to sanitise your hands. 

Our Families are asked to ensure that they keep up to date with the recent changes to Covid Isolation, but please keep in mind if your child is sick or unwell they should not be here at the Centre.