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April News

Welcome to our April Edition of Jellybean News!

​Hello and welcome to our newsletter for April. One will soon start asking where has this year gone. Over the past few weeks we have had a few new families join our Jellybean Family. We certainly hope that you guys enjoy your time here with us. Please remember to check out our Centre Facebook Page for random updates and exciting things your child has had the opportunity to participate in during their day here at the Centre. Over the past week we have welcomed a few new Educators to Jellybeans. Please join us in welcoming Miss Ruby and Miss Navneet to our team. Both of these ladies have their Diploma in Children Services. On another note please join us in wishing Miss Maree a Happy 40th Birthday. Lastly just a friendly reminder we are closed next Wednesday the 25th April due to Anzac Day and again on the 7th May for Labor Day. 

Nursery 2 News

Firstly I would like to say a big welcome to our new friends Lewis, DJ , Myla and their families who have joined us from Nursery One.

It was sad to say goodbye to Marika, Jackson and Neveah who have moved to Toddler 1 but at the same time it is rewarding to know that they are ready to move on and achieve their next milestones.

I would like to say a big thank you to Lilly and her family for making a donation to our room. We have been able to purchase some new home corner toys as well as some dolls and carry baskets which the children are really enjoying playing with. We also got some fantastic new musical instruments which are very popular with the group. They really enjoy dancing and making music.

Over the past month we have been busy doing a lot of art work to help celebrate St Patricks Day, Harmony Day and Easter.

At the moment we are encouraging the older children in the room to sit at the table instead of using highchairs. We are also encouraging them to spoon feed themselves during mealtimes.

It is great to see some of the children who haven't started to walk yet now taking their first steps. Their smiles are amazing when they realize that they are actually walking. 

Until next time......... Miss Margaret & Miss Nittaya

Nursery 1 News 

Hello all and welcome to our Autumn Newsletter for Nursery 1.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new children and their families that have started with us recently. We are very keen to build a fantastic relationship with you all.

We would like to say a big Happy Birthday to our one-year-olds Stephan and Louis.

Our babies are all looking magnificent and growing up very quickly on a daily basis. Each day we are amazed at what our babies are achieving, progressing from crawling to walking, growing confidence, independence and being able to hold their milk bottle. We have noticed the Nursery children have come a long way with their self-help skills these past months.

This month the educators have been focused on Nursery Rhymes, music and language development. They babies enjoy both listening, singing to nursery rhymes and making their own musical sounds. We will also do a Creative movement. It is a great help their physical development by encouraging them to move along with a song. Music is one of the creative ways to tap into a baby's imagination and artistic side.

Thank you for your ongoing support and allowing us to care of your little ones.

Take care, from Jasmine and Pam

Puzzle Play in Nursery 1

Cake Stall 

Donations so far

We are excited to announce that we have been invited to host a Cake Stall at Kidz Magic's Ladies Night on the 20th April. To help make this night a huge success we are seeking donations from our families that we can sell at our stall. So for those of you that are very artistic in the kitchen please bring in your baked goodies by 10am on Friday. Miss Margaret has kindly offered her time to cook for those of you that may not have the time, again please drop your ingredients off to the Centre by 10am so Miss Margaret can commence her Master Chef Classes. Please come along and support two amazing Centres on the 20th April, the night commences at 6.30pm. 

Welcome to the end of the first quarter of the year, time is moving so fast!

Firstly we would like to welcome our new babies Nevaeh n Jackson, Marika and Chelsea all from Nursery 2. They have all settled in really well and are enjoying their days exploring, talking, playing and making friends.

At last we are getting outside more often now as the weather has improved and we can move about more freely exercising our large muscles.

Our language is improving as we love our stories, animal, shape and colour flashcards. Not to mention our most favorite songs Baby Shark, Jellyfish, If You're Happy, Wheels On The Bus and a new one Angry Red Crab. We are all having so much fun watching, talking, repeating and making actions.

Painting and artwork is exercising our fine motor, social and cognitive skills. We love collage and shaking glitter and looking at our sparkly results.

Next we are looking at remembering our Anzac's and of course our dear Mother's on their special day of the year.

Myself and Miss Sein look forward to many more days of laughter, learning and play with your children.

Of course if you wish to discuss any matter about your child please do not hesitate to speak to us.

Yours in care

Sharon n Sein

Welcome to the Toddler 2 Room, we have had a  busy couple of months with helping children settle into the room. We have welcomed Archer, Noah, James, Frida and TJ to our room. I am pleased to say that the children have really done a great job of settling into the group.  As the children are gaining confidence, we are now seeing some interesting and funny personalities. The children are developing socially and working on building friendships with the other children in the group, which is great to see. We have had so much fun looking after the worm farm and keeping a close eye on the vegetable patch. If you have some spare time please feel free to come and spend some time in our room with us.

Miss Maree and Miss Carly 

We have had such a busy year already, celebrating Australia Day, Harmony Day, Waitangi Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter.  Over the coming weeks our celebrations will continue as we have Mother's Day and Anzac Day coming up. If you look around the room, you will see all the wonderful artwork we have done while celebrating these days.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Easter, we had an egg and spoon race, which the children loved.They were very co-ordinated and were able to walk up and down the veranda without dropping their eggs off the spoon, they were all very clever.Then the celebrations began with lots of delicious party food for us to eat, thankyou to everyone that supplied food for our party.

The children have really enjoyed pretend shopping, using play food and shopping baskets in our shop. Everyone enjoyed walking around the room with their shopping baskets after choosing the food they wanted to buy. Some could even identify the different products they had brought and placed in their basket.

The children love home corner play. To further enhance their interest we had a play morning tea with play cakes and tea set with teapots full of water. Everyone had so much fun pouring water from the teapots into their cups and drinking like they were playing adults having a morning tea with their friends. We also made some delicious cakes and pasta using playdough with the home corner toys.

Over the coming weeks we will be concentrating more on our colours, counting and shapes. We started today by mixing colours using food colouring and eye droppers to see what the different colours make when mixed together, everyone loved this activity.

Our vegetable garden is coming along well. We have little tomatoes growing on our tomato bush and we are eagerly waiting for them to ripen so we can pick and eat them.


Veronica and Shaileen

Hi and welcome to the Kindy newsletter, in the room we have been currently doing activities that have been associated with the Commonwealth games which have been held down the Gold Coast and broadcast on the television. Some of the children's favourite sports have been swimming, running, climbing and kicking balls!

Make sure you have a look at our "Aussie" supporter photos on the photo wall as you walk into the room. We also have the children's heads on the athlete that they chose to colour in on the Commonwealth games wall.We had lots of fun taking these photos and doing the art work to show our support.

Our next theme that we will begin to focusing on is Dinosaurs as the children have become very interested in some of our dinosaur books that we have been reading at group time. They also enjoy playing with the dinosaurs in the sand trough. It will run for several weeks with lots of individual and group activities planned and some amazing creative experiences for all to enjoy so stay tuned and look out as the kindy room turns Jurassic!

If you are unsure about your child's toileting needs whilst in care or would like to start toilet training, please feel free to talk to either myself or Cristina about the process.

If you have any concerns or questions, please come and discuss them with either myself or Cristina as we will be glad to help.

Miss Pedeta and Miss Cristina

Lets start with a big hello from everyone in the Senior Kindy Room!

We haven't had a lot of play outside due to the rain, but yay the weather has started to change so we are able to enjoy some beautiful Brisbane days outside. The children have enjoyed participating in their  own working bee just outside our side door. As we all know Autumn brings a change of season and the leaves are falling and landing in our yard. The children are all very eager to assist with sweeping them up. We are also working on creating a mud pit, where we can enjoy getting messy and exploring our sensory development. Senior Kindy has started some Yoga in the mornings as it is a great way to start our Kindy day. Some of the children are starting to remember the moves without looking at the Yoga Clue Cards. Please feel free to join us for our Yoga session. 

Hello again from the preschool room.Firstly, a big welcome to our new families who have joined us since our last newsletter.The children have been very busy since I wrote last.We celebrated St. Patricks Day and Harmony day.We discussed the significance of each day and to reinforce the learning we completed craft activities, looked at photos and read through books.

We had an interest in dinosaurs, so the children looked through books to learn the names of the various dinosaurs and of course T-rex was the favourite.The children enjoyed using the dinosaurs' figurines with playdough, waterplay, wood clippings, rocks and wooden blocks.We then went on to celebrate Easter. The children enjoyed decorating their Easter baskets, playing with our Easter theme sensory boxes and reading various books.

Finally, if you have any ideas or would like to come in and share any of your skills please do not hesitate to let us know.

Miss Carla, Miss Alena & Miss Zoe

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