August News!


Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome to our latest edition of Jellybean News! For those of you that have recently joined our Jellybean Family, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you all and we hope that you enjoy your time here at the Centre!  

Photo Day has been and gone, we hope to have the Photos back early next week! For those of you that have paid for your photos we will let you know as soon as they arrive. 

Just a quick reminder about carpark courtesy, please be mindful when moving throughout the carpark of Children, Cars and Doors. 

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time!" 

Staff Milestones! 

Over the past month we have had the following Educators achieve the following Milestones! Please join me in thanking them for the wonderful contribution they bring to the Centre. 

Miss Shaileen - 15yrs of Service

Miss Cristina - 12yrs of Service

Miss Nittaya - 10yrs of Service 


Book Week 2022!  

Monday is the commencement for Book Week Celebrations! To ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in Dressing Up we will run our event across the whole week. I can't wait to see everyone dress up, I wonder what Characters we will see?

              22/08/22 - 26/08/22 

Memories of Book Week 2021!


The following Educators and Children have all celebrated their Birthday during the month of August. From everyone at Jellybeans we hope that you all had a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends. Happy Birthday! 

Miss Pedeta, Khadija, Harvey, Anna, Jake, Melissa, Kiki, Harlo, Brielle, Mabendo, Amelia, Ivy.  

August Birthdays!

Early Childhood Educator's Day! 

The 7th of September marks Early Childhood Educator's Day! This is a day where we like to stop and say thanks to those that work in the Early Childhood Industry, especially those that work at Jellybeans! 

 I often see stickers that say: Without Trucks Australia stops! One could ponder where would we all be without the magnificent team at Jellybeans! 

Sometimes we become so busy and caught up that we forget to stop and say thanks or even show just a little bit of appreciation for the outstanding work the Educators do. 

So over the coming weeks I would like to collate some special words of thanks that we can display for our Educators to remind them of the wonderful and amazing job they do. 

You can either jot something down and leave it on my desk, pop through an email or bring something in for the Educators to enjoy. 

I look forward to reading your words of thanks!

A simple "Thanks" can make someone's day!