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August News


 Hello and welcome to our August edition of Jellybean News! We have certainly had a fun few weeks here at the Centre. We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new families that have recently joined us, we hope that you enjoy your time here. As most of you are aware the Centre has limited places available and sometimes we may not be able to offer extra days. In the event that you need an extra day please send me an email and I will do my best to accommodate the days required. If your child is going to be absent please let the Centre know at your earliest convenience, this includes holidays and sick days. I would just like to remind everyone about the importance of arriving by 9.30am each day. Unfortunately we have several families that arrive after 11am each day which sadly limits the time the children can interact with the morning activities. Please aim to have your child here at the Centre by 9.30am. 

Book Week Celebrations! 

Over the week starting the 20th August we will be celebrating Book Week at Jellybeans. Please feel free to dress your child in their favorite character from their favorite book. The children have all enjoyed the cut out that was kindly donated towards the Centre. Please feel free to take your own photos with your children but please be mindful that the prop does not get damaged.


 Multi-cultural Food Day!

Ross making his spring roll

​A special thanks to these wonderful Educators for cooking up a storm to share with their fellow Educators. Each Educator was encouraged to prepare a dish that represented their ethnic background. Such a variety of food was prepared that tasted wonderful! Ross from Revolution Learning enjoyed prepping his very own Traditional Vietnamese Spring Roll. 

Our wonderful Educators who prepared this fine meal!

Farmer Week News! 

Miss Cindy, Miss Shaileen and Miss Julie

Wow! What a week this has been! The children and Educators have all participated in Farmers week this week dressing up and donating $5.00 towards the Farmers. So far we have raised over $200 with our donations. This will be donated towards a farmer in need. Miss Veronica has taken some beautiful photos of the Farmers all dressed out, so please keep an eye out for these. 

Date Night News! 

Our Date Night raised $350! This is being donated to a Farmer in need who resides in Charleville. They have requested some IGA vouchers that they can utilize within their own community, which will support someone in need once again. A special thanks to the wonderful Educators that assisted with the night and those families that allowed us to watch your little cherubs. We can't wait to do it again.  

Marc and Crystella all set for Date Night!

Nursery 1 News! 

Miss Ruby and Iris dressed for Farmer Day!

Welcome to Nursery 1 room newsletter!!!

We would to like to introduce our new friends, Giovanni, Joshua, Levi, Manaia and Summer. We hope that you enjoy being part of our special family.

The month of August has been very eventful in the Nursery 1 room, with the EKKA in particular. The children have been exploring and learning through various planned and spontaneous activities relating to the EKKA & farm animals. We also came to the centre dressed as a farmer for celebrating 'Fiver for a farmer appeal week'.

Our little children were enthusiastic learners, they enjoyed reading and listening to the different stories each day such as "Old Macdonald had farm", "Spot goes to the farm" and "The three little pigs."

The children have also been able to participate and develop skills in various areas around the room including indoor and outdoor play. Most babies are confident on their feet and are very eager to use the walkers to move around.

We would just like to give a friendly reminder to pack spare clothes for your child and clearly labelled all your child's belongings.

Nursery 1 room would like to wish all our fathers a very happy father's day!!!

Thank you for entrusting your little ones to our care!!!

Yours Sincerely,

Jasmine and Ruby!!

Nursery 2 News! 

 Hello from Nursery 2. Another month has flown by and we have said goodbye to Georgia, DJ, Lewis,Anh,Stephan and Myla who have moved to the Toddler rooms. It is great to see them having fun in their new rooms. We would like to welcome Finn, Maddie, Connor and Jace from Nursery 1. A special welcome to Zayana and Nathan who have recently joined our room. The children are having fun exploring their new room and investigating all the different toys and activities provided as the children reach their various milestones.

A big thank you to Leah and her family for sharing some of their cultural dances, songs and musical instruments with us during Naidoc week celebrations. The children and staff all thoroughly enjoyed the performance. We have also been busy doing craft activities to celebrate Naidoc week.

This week has been Farmer Week. As well as helping to raise some much needed funds to help the farmers we have dressed up as farmers and enjoyed a variety of farm related songs stories and art and craft activities.

At the moment even though the mornings are still quite chilly the days are warming up so please send a change of clothes along so we can change the children as the day warms.

Until next time Miss Margaret and Miss Nittaya

 Hello Toddler 1 Parents

Welcome to the end of Winter. Soon the beautiful days of Spring will be upon us.

At the moment we are focusing on Father's Day and learning just how special our Daddies really are. We will also be highlighting our cultural heritage through works of art and songs. 

Recently we explored some aspects of India through Mandela painting and meditation pose painting. We celebrated Maori culture with a song, I Saw A Taniwha and counting to 10. The children are enjoying these activities and trying their best to copy some of the actions and words.

Next the focus will be aspects of Spring as we move into the warmer weather...bugs, weather and flowers.

Our focus in Toddler's is to assist the children in functioning independently, explore their environment, manipulate equipment, enhance their rapid developing language skills and build on mind and body development.

Once again if you wish to ask any questions regarding your child please do not hesitate to speak to us at any time.

Yours in care

Miss Sharon n Miss Sein

 Firstly, I would like to say a big welcome to all our new families who have joined us recently. The children have all settled in really well and are enjoying exploring the room and forming new friendships. The children have been very busy exploring our "under the sea" theme through books, songs, puzzles and art. They have enjoyed using the sea animal figurines with waterplay, shaving cream play and playdough. We will soon be moving on to our "community helpers" theme.

We are also encouraging the children to develop their self-help skills, language skills and fine-motor skills. Self -help skills are encouraged through self-feeding, washing hands and packing away toys. The children love listening to stories, counting and singing songs especially "wheels on the bus" and "slippery fish" this encourages the children to further develop their language skills.

It's been a pleasure getting to know all the children and families in Toddler 2 while Miss Carly has been on holidays, also thankyou to all the parents that participated in Fiver for a farmer week. If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please feel free to talk to either myself or Miss Maree.

Kind Regards

Miss Cristina and Miss Maree

 Welcome to Junior Kindy August Newsletter.

We cannot believe the year is almost over and all our children have grown and matured so much since the beginning of the year.

We have been very busy these last few months.The children have enjoyed our cooking days, making chocolate cakes and icing biscuits especially eating the finished product for afternoon tea.

Our gardeners are enjoying watching their seeds grow into little plants, our plants are growing so well and hopefully not too long in the future we will have a flower garden.We make sure we water the seedlings twice a week to help them grow.Please feel free to go with your children and have a look at our plants outside Senior Kindy room.

We have been continuing with learning our colours, shapes and counting and we are very proud of how well your children are coming along with these.Every day we read books, sing songs and recognise cards, play matching colours and counting blocks. The children enjoy this and it is a great way to learn through play.

Over the coming weeks we are going to begin to write our names by tracing over their name made with dots.If time permits you could start this at home so your children get a lot pf practice and soon will be able to write their own name,

Veronica and Shaileen

 Hello and welcome to the August newsletter, we have been having so much fun with our "Under the sea" theme these last few weeks enjoying books, songs, flash cards and art activities programmed around this.

We have been creating lots of different art works using a wide range of materials which can be seen hanging around the room while also trying to and represent different sea creatures in their natural habitat.

This was done through open ended play where we incorporated plastic penguins sitting on ice, seals laying on sand and crabs hiding in shells not only where habitats explored children also got to use their sense of touch during play. Children felt the sensations of cold, rough, smooth and vibration during this experience.

The children have shown a great interest, enjoyment and curiosity in this topic and all have shared own knowledge and information about their family's interactions with the sea and the animals that live in or near it.

Don't forget book week next week with the theme for 2018 being ''Find your own treasure'' which will have our room incorporating pirates into our under the sea theme just for a bit of fun.

Just before I sign off I would just like to remind everyone to please bring a suitable hat for outside playand sheets for your child to rest on whilst at kindy as this will allow your child to have a much pleasant day.

Until next time

Pedeta and Hayley 

 We have welcomed so many new friends into our room over the past few weeks, we look forward to getting to know you all and being apart of the next journey in your life. As a room we have adapted to our flexible routines and are encouraging the children's self help skills. To coincide with this we have also been supporting children to use their words in conflict resolution.

I would like to thank the Preschool educators for letting us enjoy some play time throughout the day in the Preschoolers yard it is always a wounderful thing when we are able to explore different areas of our yards.

Our names have been very important, we are looking for letters that are the same as in our names, also we have been tracing numbers, the alphabet and our own names, clever we are, the children have been doing a fantastic job achieving this. Winter is almost over and the children have become curiously asking questions about the cold and how it is becoming hotter So one of our topics for the next few weeks is the weather and the days of the week we have displayed some activities in the science area that represents our knowledgeable minds we look forward in the interest and discovery these topics have to offer.

Always look forward to seeing your babies everyday

Miss Julie and Miss Steph

 Hello again and welcome to the August newsletter,

The pre-schoolers have been very busy looking at our beach/ocean theme.We discussed things we do at the beach and what lives in the ocean.You can see the children's art work displayed on our beach wall.We then went on to look at animals that live in polar regions, we also discussed what clothes we wear in the cold.The children looked through information books to get a better understanding about the polar regions.

We had a visit from the Inala library.The children listened to three stories, then completed a sloth colouring activity.The children were also informed on what they can do at the library and they can become members with help from mum and dad.The librarian informed us we can borrow not just books, but DVD's, games and much more.

This week we had a visit from Belinda and Gecko who showed us various objects they had collected from nature and discussed their outback story.The children also participated in a meditation session with them.

Finally, as we head into the last couple of months of the year we will be very busy in the preschool room so please look at the preschool door for important notices. Two important notices at the moment are the parent teacher interviews and which school your son/daughter will be attending (please fill this out).

In the coming weeks I will be sending out the parent part of the transition statement for you to complete. I will also be sending out order forms for our Picasso Art Show held later this year.If you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and have chat.

Until next time

Miss Carla, Miss Alena, Miss Zoe and Mr David

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