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August News

Welcome to Our Latest Edition of Jellybean News! 

The starting touches to our Entrance Garden!

Firstly lets extend a warm welcome to all of our new families that have joined us over the past few weeks. We certainly hope that you enjoy your time here at the Centre and make wonderful new memories that you will look back on in the years to come. 

As most of you are aware there have been quiet a few minor changes occurring around the Centre, it feels like Christmas. It's amazing how a few simple changes can make a huge equipment, window tinting on the Carpark side of the Centre, hanging pots on the Nursery Veranda and some new planter boxes with pots of colour added just to mention a few things. If you have any suggestions on changes we could implement please feel free to let us know. 

On Friday the 30th August we will have a "Breakfast on the Run" for our Families to celebrate Father's Day! Please be sure to grab something on your way in or out on Friday Morning. 

Wednesday the 4th September is Early Childhood Educator Day! This is a day where we recognise and celebrate the work of Australia's Educators in the Early Learning Sector for their wonderful contribution to the Wellbeing and Healthy Development of the young children in their care. It's a chance to say, "Thanks!" So with keeping this in mind I would like to encourage all of our families to either bring a plate for the Educators to share, write a few words of thanks in our Educators Book located in the foyer or even surprise the Educators with a special little memento. 

Educator News! 

Happy Birthday!

Firstly we would like to wish Miss Pedeta who celebrated her Birthday in August, a very Happy Birthday! We know that you had a wonderful day as you had the opportunity to spend it with us! Happy Birthday Miss Pedeta! 

On another note Miss Maree has decided to move on from her position here at Jellybeans, her last day will be the 6th September. From everyone at Jellybeans we wish her all the best! 

We are super excited to announce Miss Xinh will be taking Miss Maree's place as the Assistant in the Senior Kindy Room. Miss Xinh has worked as a Casual for us over the past 12 months and also completed her Student Placement with us whilst she was studying her Diploma. From Parent Feedback we have received I believe Miss Xinh will be an asset to our Jellybean Team. Please help us make Miss Xinh feel welcome! 

Miss Xinh

Nursery 2 News! 

Nursery 1 News! 

 Hello to all our lovely parents and families!!

Wow, we are already almost at the end of winter!! Time surely does fly!

First of all, let us welcome our new friends Ava and Charlie and their families to our Nursery 1 room. We are thrilled to walk this amazing and meaningful learning journey altogether.

A Big HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to Harper, Kikiope and Harlo who celebrated their birthdays during August. We all hope you had fun and enjoyed your special day!!!

Our babies have made so much progress, and we will continue to do it over the coming months. We will further develop by extending on individual strengths and by focusing on individual weaknesses.

Most of our older babies are displaying knowledge of routine and confidence with simple self-help skills such as holding their milk/water bottles, feeding finger food by themselves and walking confidently to the bathroom without holding hands.

Our Nursery Educators are supporting the babies with their development especially with their Gross Motor Skills, we will encourage children to climb on the bikes, tricycles and in the cars. We have lots of new and different varieties of cars, bikes and tricycles for the children to ride on.

We would just to give a friendly reminder to pack spare clothes for your child, please ensure your child's belongings are clearly labelled for easy identification. 

For safety and hygiene reasons, please ensure you take your child's bedding home daily. This will help assist to ensure that the items are being laundered weekly. 

Thank you for entrusting your little ones to our care, Jasmine and Ruby

Our new planter boxes!

Welcome to the Toddler One News. Firstly I would like to welcome Dante, Hailey, Manaia, Jonathan and Weston to our room. I am so pleased of how well they have all settled in. It is so good to have you in Toddler One. As it is getting warmer I do ask if you can please remember your children's hats so they can enjoy a sun safe play outside.

This month we are going to be focusing on Science/Cooking experiences in Toddler One. If you have any recipes from your culture you would like to see us cook please feel free to let me know. We will also be celebrating Book week and getting all dressed up to celebrate all the amazing books out there, We will also be doing a lot of activities based around book week.

Toddler One would also like to thank Cindy for getting us all new toys for the room, All the children really enjoy playing with the new variety of toys.

Just a reminder if you could go on to the EDUCA site and fill out your child's All About Me section, If you do not want to do it on the website please feel free to come see me and I can hand you a hard copy.

Miss Hayley and Miss Sein

Cooking Time in Toddler 2
Group Time with Miss Nav

Hi all and welcome to another newsletter for Toddler Two. We would like to start off by welcoming the children who have recently started in our room, Amelia, Keely and Marake. We are so happy to have you join our room and have enjoyed getting to know you all over this time.

Group time is a time for the children to learn and exploration their imagination and language skills. Over the past couple of weeks, we have introduced sound books to group time. The children have enjoyed these books being read, listening to the different sounds each book made and matching each sound to the animal and object. Songs are also another enjoyable part of group time and one of the children's favourite songs to sing in 'Miss Polly'. As soon as the song is started all the children join in by doing the actions and singing along with the educator.

Over the last month we have introduced cooking and food tasting into the weekly program. We have recently cooking chocolate cake, damper, blueberry muffins and had a rainbow tasting plate. The children have enjoyed seeing the process and making different recipes, from putting the ingredients into the bowl and then mixing them all together. The rainbow tasting plate helped the children explore their taste buds and try different foods. The children are enjoying all of these cooking experiences and will continued over the coming weeks.

Over the last couple of weeks, our room has recently had some new toys introduce and the children have really enjoyed the sensory blocks with the different colours. Each day you will see the children going over and picking the blocks up and looking through them. The children have also enjoyed building with them and lining them up in a straight line. It is exciting to see the children explore in their environment like this.

Until Next Time,

Miss Steph and Miss Nav

Happy 3rd Birthday Hudson!
Abigail all dressed up for Book Week!

Welcome to our Junior Kindy Newsletter. We would like to welcome the Toddlers that have moved to Junior Kindy. They have settled in very well.

We cannot believe it is the end of August already. We have had such a great year watching your beautiful children blossom from Toddlers to little people. In just a few short months they will be leaving our room and moving to the next stage of their lives and we are happy to have been part of their development.

We are very lucky to have been given lots of new toys and we have had so much fun playing with these. We also have new educational toys to help with our counting, colour and shape recognition which we have been practicing on a daily basis. Everyone has improved so much being able to recognize colours, shapes and counting to 10. We have also been learning to say our names and also our friend's names.

Everyone has kept our flowers growing beautifully by watering them every week. They also love when I dig up the worms and they get to watch them wriggling around.

We would like to thank Hudson's Mum for sending some delicious cakes for us to celebrate his 3rd Birthday. Also thank you to everyone for being on board with taking sheets home and bringing them back every day. You have all done very well with this request.

Lastly a big thank you to everyone that participated in Book Week, you all looked amazing! 

Veronica and Shaileen

Kindy Room all dressed up for Book Week!

Hello and welcome to the August newsletter, we have been having so much fun with our "Transport" theme these last few weeks enjoying books, songs, flash cards and art activities programmed around this.

We have been creating lots of different art works using a wide range of materials which can be seen hanging around the room that the children have enjoyed doing whilst at Kindy.

We will begin our new theme "Spring" within the next few weeks as the children have shown a great interest, enjoyment and curiosity at the newly planted flowers outside our room and always love to water the garden using the watering cans.

In this topic we will share our own knowledge and information about gardening and why it is so important to our lifestyles and how we can grow food to eat.

Just before I sign off, I would just like to remind everyone to please bring a suitable hat for outside play and sheets for your child to rest on these need to be brought in and taken home each day.

Until next time

Pedeta & Cristina

Spencer enjoying the Colour Sorters
Eva and Aminata enjoying their time on the mat

Spring is around the corner, how the year is flying by.

The Preschool 2 children have been interested in activities which include counting, texture, colour and shapes.

We are so excited about receiving our new furniture and we are really enjoying our new toys it has been a fantastic experience to share with the children.

I would like to welcome our new families, we are grateful that you chose our Centre to help nurture your child's learning.

As we are getting closer to the end of the year I have noticed great skills developing, our name tracing has improved so much more then the last newsletter, social skills and knowledge of what is happening around us. Watching the children build with the different types of blocks has been a lot of fun joining in with building and having conversations about what they have built is very rewarding.

Over the past few weeks we have implemented the following:

# Rest Sheets need to be taken home daily

# For children that require milk during the day, this needs to be supplied in a sipper cup or normal drinking cup

# If your child requires a sleep nappy, please supply a Pull Up Nappy that your child can pull up and down

Thank you for your cooperation and I hope you enjoy the last couple weeks of winter.

Miss Julie Miss Maree xx
Caritas using the Dinosaur Counters
Annalise and Evie playing with the ponies

Hello and welcome to our August Newsletter the children have been busy completing our beach wall. We also celebrated NAIDOC Week and discussed the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture. The children were very excited to come dressed up for Book Week as their favourite superheroes and book characters. Soon the children will have a visit from Bug Kids to talk about environmental/sustainable factors and the role insects play in the environment.

The children have started preparing for the mini Picasso art show. I will be handing out the prepaid forms for parents interested in purchasing their child's artwork and attending the night. Just a quick note for parents unfamiliar with the art show the children complete 2 pieces of art which the parents  pre-purchase prior to the show, and they are displayed for everyone to see on the night. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see me.

Until next time

Miss Carla, Miss Alena and Mr David



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