February News

Welcome to our February Edition

Firstly we would like to take the opportunity to say a big hello to all of our new families that have recently joined the Jellybean Family. We hope that you all enjoy your time here at the Centre. Here at Jellybeans we strive daily to help your child create beautiful memories that hopefully they will look back on in years to come.  

Toddler Rooms

From everyone in the Toddler Rooms we would like to extend a warm welcome to you all. We certainly hope that you are all enjoying your time with us. As you can see from our gallery of photos we have been really busy over the past few weeks. The children have all enjoyed participating in the various art and craft activities that Miss Sharon and Miss Maree have programmed for us. We have enjoyed some outside play however over the past week our time outside has been minimal due to the extreme heat with have been experiencing. Hopefully the weather will cool down over the coming days so we can venture outside again. 

Miss Sharon, Miss Sien, Miss Maree, Miss Carly 

National Pancake Day.......13th February

Across the Centre the children enjoyed cooking up a storm and celebrating National Pancake Day. Everyone was very eager to help stir the mixture and sit back and watch the bubbles appear.........We knew the Pancakes where ready to eat when those bubbles appeared! 

Miss Stephanie assisting the children with mixing the Pancake Mix

Medical Conditions

If your child suffers from Anaphylaxis  or Asthma now is the time to update your child's Action Plan. These Action Plans need to have the correct documentation attached to each plan, therefore it will be necessary for you to make an appointment with your family Doctor to get the Action Plan updated. If your emergency contact details have changed please see Cindy immediately. These Action Plan are displayed in your child's room, in the staff room and placed in your child's individual file. 

 As this is the first newsletter for 2018 Miss Nittaya and myself would like to welcome all the families who have joined us in Nursery 2.

All the children are settling into their new room and are having fun exploring all the activities in the room. At the moment dancing to Wiggles music is certainly a favourite.

As you look around the room you can see that the children have been busy doing some very colourful art work. Using paint brushes helps the children to discover colour and to help them develop fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination.

For the children who are not quite walking we have been encouraging them to develop gross motor skills by using the walkers and holding onto the educators hand.

We have set up a home corner area in the room and this has become a very popular activity. This is great for helping to encourage role play, social skills and language skills and also encourage imagination.

If you have any concerns about your child please feel free to have a chat. I work Tuesday to Friday. If I am not there when you drop off I will be there in the afternoon when you pick up as my shifts alternate with Miss Jasmine in Nursery1. Miss Nittaya works Monday to Friday. Miss Lucia fills in for me Monday.

If you have any suggestions in regards to activities for the room I would love to hear from you

Until next time Miss Margaret and Miss Nittaya

 Hello all and welcome to the monthly newsletter for Nursery 1.

As you expected we are having a busy time at the beginning of the year, however we have welcomed all our new friends with a big nursery smile.

Over the past month or so we have been focusing on the development of our fine and gross motor skills. We provided children with a range of relevant experiences to extend these skills.

We have also encouraged them to do rolling over/back, crawling around and walking practice with walkers. Through such activities children are developing their gross motor skills.

Over the next few weeks we will learn about multi-cultural experiences by reading the Lunar New Year stories, singing/ learning different language songs and doing some Lunar New Year's day arts and crafts activities.

In addition, we would like to give a friendly reminder, please label all your child's belongings and pack spare clothes.

Thank you for entrusting your little ones to our care, Jasmine and Chrystal.

Hello and welcome to the first newsletter from the Junior Kindy Room. We hope that you are enjoying your stay with us. For those of you that may have some spare time please feel free to come and spend some time with us in the room. If you have any special talents that you may want to share with us please let us know so we can book a time for you to come and spend some time in the room.  We would love to have some special helpers. We thoroughly enjoyed icing biscuits with Miss Shaileen and were very eager to eat them. As you can see from the art work around the room we have been really busy with our art and craft. Over the coming weeks the Junior Kindy children are going to start replanting some new plants in our vegetable garden. If you have any plants or vegetable seeds at home that we can use please feel free to bring them in.  

Miss Veronica and Miss Shaileen 

 Hi and welcome to our first Kindy newsletter for 2018.

Wow the weeks are beginning to pass by very quickly as we approach the end of February everyone is beginning to find their place within the room rekindling old or forming new friendships with peers.

As well as familiarising themselves with the rooms routine, this helps build resilience and foster social and emotional skills within the children as they find their place within the room.

Or main focus throughout the last few weeks have been colours, Australia day, Waitangi day, Valentine's day, Chinese and Vietnamese new year.We are looking forward to celebrating St Patrick's Day, Harmony Day and Easter.

We have created some beautiful art works which are displayed around the room using a variety of materials, techniques and colours. So make sure when you come to pick up your child please have a look around the room to see what fabulous artists we have here.

Please don't forget to label your child's so the staff can keep track of who owns what within the room and bring in 5 to 6 nappies/pull ups each day your child attends.

If you are wishing to start your child's toilet training wearing cotton underpants, please talk to staff as we are more than happy to help support your child in this transition.

Please remember to bring a hat and drink bottle each day so that your child can enjoy the full day care experience when playing outside as their health and safety is important to us.

On another note Miss Aimee has resigned from her position here at Jellybeans and has taken up a position at a Centre closer to her home. We are in the process of finding the right person to take Miss Aimee's spot, temporary Miss Carly has been assisting us in the room. 

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to come and discuss them with either Cristina or myself as we are quite happy to help you, until next time Cheers

Pedeta and Cristina 

 Welcome to the wonderful month of February with Valentines Day over and Chinese New Year fast approaching there is definite love and celebration in the air.  During this month the children have been learning all about colour- finding, naming and experimenting with mixing two colours together. We are learning our room rules, daily routine, and focusing on our independence. We have seen a huge improvement with our toileting at the moment. Although a few of us still need reminding we are slowly getting there. 

Each morning when you arrive please ensure that your child selects their name tag and places it beside their bag. This helps when relief Educators are in the room as bags are easy recognised when they have a name tag. It will also assist your child with name recognition. 

We have attached some photos of the children participating in various activities throughout the past few weeks we hope you enjoy these special moments just as much as us. 

Enjoy your month

Miss Julie and Miss Steph 

Welcome to our first newsletter with the Pre-School Children. Firstly I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as the Pre-School Teacher. My name is Miss Carla and I am looking forward to getting to know you all over the coming months. Currently I work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between the hours of 8.30am and 3pm. The days that I don't work Miss Zoe works in the room alongside our Assistants, Miss Carol and Miss Alena. Above the children's lockers you will find a Parent Communication Book. If you have any concerns or messages please feel free to jot them down and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am in the process of fine tuning the Room Routine and have noticed that a few of the Pre-School Children do not arrive until well into the morning session has begun. For your child to benefit from the entire Program they need to arrive at the Centre prior to 9am. We do understand that some mornings can be chaotic however when your child starts Prep in 2019 they will be expected to arrive at school by 9am. 

So over the past few weeks we have discussed Australia day and all about me. The children have enjoyed participating in group discussions and different craft activities. As February marks the start of the New Year for Chinese and Vietnamese Cultures, we will be implementing various cultural activities into the curriculum around these Asian countries. The children will have the opportunity to explore these cultures through stories, art and craft, food and various other activities. 

The children enjoyed helping Miss Zoe make Pancakes for National Pancake Day. We learnt about measuring and pouring wet and dry ingredients and how to crack an egg. Some of the children even shared stories from when they have made pancakes at home with their families. Cooking is a great way to spend quality time as a family creating special memories. Over the coming months we are going to try and implement more cooking experiences with the Pre-School children, so if your child has a favourite recipe they would like to share please feel free to bring it in. 

We are excited that some of our new resources have arrived, it's like Christmas in February. We would just like to remind everyone about the importance of not removing resources from the room and taking them home. In the event that your child has taken some Centre Resources home please encourage them to return them on their next day of attendance. Lastly our light box is a big hit with the children and everyone is very curious as to how it works, please do not allow your child to play with the on and off switch as it is very sensitive. 

As most of you are aware Miss Cindy has found us a few Pen Pals from around the world. A letter has been distributed to each family as we need permission to send photos of the Pre-school children with our letters we are writing. If you have not yet returned your permission slip please do so. So far our list of Pen Pals are from West Yorshire England, Smithfield Rhode Island and Greece. By communicating with children from around the world we will be able to learn about different cultures and have a better understanding about the world in which we live. 

Until next time

Miss Carla, Miss Alena, Miss Zoe, Miss Carol